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Video Captures Mysterious UFO Popping out of Nowhere

10-07-15 - WATCH: Stunning footage captures mysterious glowing UFOs pop out of nowhere. Shimmering multi-coloured orbs cropped up in the dusk sky above Colorado, US. The video shows a glowing ball stationary in the sky before another similar UFO appears a few metres away.The spectacular objects then start moving away slowly to the right of the shot. “Crazy I am still seeing these, they kept popping out of nowhere.” There have been regular sightings of similar glowing orbs above the mountainous region in Colorado. An eyewitness said: "Crazy I am still seeing these, they kept popping out of nowhere. "Crazy!"

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Multiple Unknown Objects Reported over Philippi, West Virginia

10-07-15 - At approximately 7:05 PM ET on Sept. 11, 2015, in north-central West Virginia (near Philippi, WV), while relaxing on my back deck and watching aircraft fly over my area from a lying position with a pair of 8x42 binoculars, I observed a total of six (6) round or spherical objects near the zenith, moving in a Northeast direction. I first observed two (2) objects and after slowly scanning the area nearby I saw four (4) additional objects. I observed all six (6) for approximately 5 minutes before my view was obscured by the roof of my house. The six objects moved together in a fairly uniform configuration that changed only slightly during this period. When I lost my view, I...

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Cluster of Lights over Wenatchee, Washington Makes Incredible Maneuvers

10-07-15 - At exactly 12:56 am on Sept. 14, 2015, I was letting my dogs out for their final run. I looked up at the sky and noticed a cluster of "approx." 20 hazy white lights. I tried to count them but they kept rapidly changing formation. This cluster kept pulsating, interchanging and dancing around each other as it moved fairly quickly through the sky. Its direction when first noticed, was heading west then south then east. It eventually faded out when it went into the edge of a cloud cover. The area that I observed it in was clear sky. As it moved through the sky it would form somewhat of a circle then split into 2 different clusters, then somewhat of a line and at one point looked what formed a...

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Fast-Flying Object Leaves UFO MUFON Researchers Baffled

10-06-15 - The skies over Long Island, New York lit up with a rather unusual object that has left UFO researchers baffled. An eyewitness who captured the oddity, said: "I noticed red an blue lights hovering I stopped and watched for a little bit to see if it was just someone playing with a toy but then the object went higher into the air and started to move pretty fast. "I then took out my phone and started to record for as long as I could till my phone died." In a video posted on YouTube last week, a fast-moving shiny object is seen zooming across the skies. The footage was captured in April and reported to MUFON, an organisation dedicated to the study of UFOs.

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The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Romania: The Haunted Forest Where the Unthinkable Happens

10-06-15 - There is a forest in Transylvania, Romania that may be the most haunted in the world. So many mysterious occurrences have been reported from the veil of thick greenery that it has earned the nickname as being Romania’s “Bermuda Triangle.” The forest first gained its ominous reputation when a biologist named Alexandru Sift photographed what appeared to be a disc-shaped UFO while on an expedition. That was in 1968, and the forest has only created more mysteries ever since. Its real name is the Hoia Baciu Forest, but it is better known for the paranormal mysteries that it seems to attract, than for its beautiful—if eerie—foliage.

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Mystery Lights In The Sky Leave Everyone Guessing

10-06-15 - Mar Vista High School Sophomore Garret Conder was watching the Chargers game with his family on Thursday night, Sept. 3, when at approximately 8:10 p.m. his older brother Robert Peraza yelled from outside “You guys got to see this.” Conder described what happened next: “We all ran outside. It was the most credible piece of UFO evidence I had ever seen. In the south east sky it was a diamond shaped object. Goldish-yellow lights. Very bright, not blinking like aircraft lights. I’ve never seen anything like it. My jaw dropped. I was flabbergasted. The lights were in a weird formation, flying above and below each other. Then the lights blinked out one at a time.”

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Coconut Grove UFO Videotaped by Australian Family

10-05-15 - A family in Darwin, Australia, witnessed a glowing flat disc-shaped object flying in the skies over their home. Quintin Theron and his two children, 14-year-old Kyle and 8-year-old Georgia, were at the pool of their home at Coconut Grove when they saw the strange light which they initially thought was a shooting star. The 40-year-old father filmed the alleged UFO sighting on Monday at 6 p.m. The kids yelled that they were seeing a shooting star. But Quintin replied, "That's crazy. It's too early and it's too bright for a shooting star." Kylie said it was probably a meteorite, but Quintin thought it was a satellite "that had its life... "

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UFO and ‘Potential Aliens’ Sighted by Villagers in India

10-05-15 - Villagers have been left stumped after a claiming to have seen UFO and a “humanoid figure.” The unidentified figure was spotted by agricultural workers in Kanagal village in Periyapatna taluk of Mysuru district at around 2 pm on Thursday, as they worked in fields. They said the figure came towards them from a red spacecraft that emerged from the clouds. It allegedly took off just seconds after landing and there were flashes and sparks around it. Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said: “Sightings of flying people are not uncommon and such sightings have occurred long before the interest in flying saucers or aliens... ”

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Syracuse Couple Witness Gray, Circular UFO

10-05-15 - On Sept. 28, 2015, a couple from Syracuse witnessed a gray, circular UFO. Ethan and his wife, Shemlynn, were driving on Interstate 81 south and were about nine miles south of the Watertown exit. The couple said that the sky was overcast, with little sunlight still out. “All of a sudden, Shemlynn pointed out a gray mass in the sky,” he said. “The UFO was circular shaped, and it came twisting out of the clouds for about 5-10 seconds, then receded.” Shemlynn said that when the UFO came out of the clouds, it seemed unstable or like it was experiencing turbulence. “The UFO had was making an almost twisting motion.” she said.

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UFO Spotted over Houston; Caught on Video

10-02-15 - A Houston man shot a video of "strange lights" he saw about 2:30 a.m. on March 30, 2015. He reported the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in May. Six months ago in the middle of the night, "strange lights" hovered over Houston for two hours, changing shape a few times before disappearing into the early-morning sky, a witness said. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), posted it on its website as Case #65255. It happened about 2:30 a.m. March 30, according to the write-up the witness submitted to MUFON with his video. "At first I thought it was a star, but then I noticed that it was changing color," the witness said.

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Two Unknown Bright Lights Observed over Everett, Washington

10-02-15 - On the morning of 9/14/2015 @ 6:00am, I let my cat out (which I do every morning), I looked directly toward the eastern sky, towards a well-known plane manufacturing co. I saw a very bright light (directly above this plane manufacturing co.) that did not move, and up a little higher and more southeast, there was another bright light, slowly moving upwards. At first I thought it was stars, since it was still a little dark outside, but the sky was clear, except just below the "first bright light," was a "chemtrail" or should I say exhaust trail from a previous plane. So I asked my boyfriend to come and check this out.

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Low-flying Craft Seen over Sandown, New Hampshire

10-02-15 - I was lying in bed playing with my phone before I went to sleep, and the second I shut the phone off, outside my bedroom window coming up over the trees was what appeared to be a craft. I could not make out the shape of the body of the craft but this had a cluster of lights, white and then ones that seemed to change with multiple colors slowly pulsing - orange, greens, blues, reds, the lights were flying pretty slowly to the side above my house. It seemed too low for a plane, it was way above the tree tops but seemed low, when I watched it pass overhead, I grabbed my phone and tried to shoot video of it through the window and that’s when I noticed what appeared to be...

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Flight Attendant on SWA Flight 3357 Captures UFO on Video

09-29-15 - I was flying on SWA flight 3357 on Sept 26, 2015 and had just taken off out of St. Louis to Florida. About 15-20 minutes into our flight I noticed what I thought was another plane and all of the sudden whatever it was did a 180 without losing altitude or speed. I can only see two contrails but no object. I was shocked as I'm a flight attendant and have never witnessed anything like this before and my husband also saw it and he flies every week for the last 25 years and has never seen anything like it. I have shown many others, commercial pilots included, and they also have no idea what it could have been. The stills I have included are stills...

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