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Welder at Roswell Crash Site Saw Two Dead Aliens

12-01-16 - A PAIR of dead aliens WERE found in the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer discovered by the US military at Roswell in 1947, it was sensationally claimed yesterday. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has received a report from a retired engineer who claims to have interviewed a welder who "cut open" the flying saucer that reportedly crashed in the New Mexico desert, just outside Roswell, more than 69 years ago. In a detailed report, the engineer – who has not been named – claimed to have carried out the interview in 1970...

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Photograph Taken of UFO over LAX

12-01-16 - I was alone in the jetway, didn't notice anything until hours later when I went over my pictures... like I mentioned I was really trying to capture the airplane at take off, but I thought about it too late and didn't pull my cell out of my pocket fast enough. zoomed in to the 1st picture and noticed the object to the right; Wow!! I thought maybe another plane did the same thing with picture #2, zoomed in and there it was again, only this time it seemed closer. Five days later, I was gazing up...

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Alleged Alien Spacecraft Videotaped over Lombardy, Italy

11-07-16 - An alleged stunning display of advanced interdimensional alien UFO spacecraft technology over Lecco in Lombardy, Italy, earlier this week has left members of the UFO community awestruck, with many enthusiasts saying that the sighting proves that highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting Earth. Other UFO enthusiasts declared that the UFO spacecraft technology belonged to a highly evolved and benevolent interdimensional extraterrestrial species known as the Pleiadians or Nordic aliens.

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UFO X-Files Revealed: MoD Source Admits Government Is Hiding Truth

11-07-16 - Malcolm Robinson, the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations which carries out UFO & Paranormal research has recently revealed that government is not telling everything they know about aliens. According to Daily Star, a source within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed to Robinson that the government is not even telling half of the truth. "The governments of this world - including Britain - know far more than they are letting on, that's for sure," Robinson told Daily Star. As reported by Mail, the MoD has operated...

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Reader Reports Sighting in Austin, Texas

11-07-16 - My name is Brad. I now live in New Braunfels, Texas. The sighting took place in Austin Texas, where I am from. Last summer I was staying at a house on 51st and hwy 183. I believe it was around noon. I was on the back porch talking with my roommate Tony. I was facing away from the house into the back yard (south) and Tony was facing north talking to me. As he was on the edge of the concrete corner of the slab on our porch. He said "whoa, a UFO!" I said something like, "bullshit, what are you talking about?"

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UFOs Filmed Flying in ‘military formation’ over Moon

10-31-16 - An expert says that the craft are flying too close together to be manmade satellites, but others aren't so sure they're alien ships. Two UFOs filmed crossing the moon could be getting ready to launch a military assault, according to an expert in the field. The two dark-coloured ships are shown in stark contrast against a bright white moon, seemingly flying side by side. And some believe that they are striking a military formation. The footage below was posted on YouTube this week by Richard205Maria.

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Disc UFO Photographed over Hawaiian Mountain

10-31-16 - A Hawaiian witness at Waikane reported photographing a hovering, disc-shaped UFO near Kaneoha Bay, according to testimony in Case 79999 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was taking photos near lunch time on October 23, 2016, using the “multiple photos” camera setting. The witness did not see the object while taking photos and only noticed it when reviewing images later. “I noticed one of them was not like the others,” the witness stated.“At first I thought a wood chip was on my lens, but I looked closer and I realized I had spotted a UFO.

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Resident Claims to See Unidentified Flying Objects in Vermont

10-31-16 - Around 8:45 p.m., Clark was in the parking lot of the Lafayette Shopping Center on the phone with her friend, Tiffany Stump, 33, of Williamstown. Clark was facing east when she saw 30 to 40 yellowish orange lights begin to shoot up in the sky from what appeared to be above Walmart on Pike Street. “It looked like fireworks but they were much bigger than that,” said Clark about the shooting lights. After the lights shot up to the sky, Clark said they stopped and began moving down the sky forming what appears to be a chevron pattern.

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Scientists Hear Strange Messages From Extra-Terrestrial Beings

10-26-16 - A new research from two scientists revealed the transmission of strange lights from certain stars which is believed to be a message from aliens. Two Canadian scientists claim to have found the evidence of intelligent alien life, which was published in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Armanno Borra and Eric Trottier, the two astronomers from the University of Laval in Quebec, Canada, studied in detail the stars that were cataloged from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Out of the 2 million stars that were surveyed....

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UFO Sighting - Siolim Goa, India with Video

10-26-16 - Me and my best friend, Askhay Kauthankar aka "Hunter" were at my relatives' place in Siolim Bardez Goa, India and at around 9.p.m. to 10.p.m Hunter spotted 6 or 7 red UFO lights in the sky. They were travelling at normal speed. It looked like a fleet of glowing red, round lights in the sky travelling in a straight line direction. We could not believe it; was our 3rd UFO sighting this year. This was once again a very cool UFO sighting. Siolim is a village in Bardez taluka, and a census town on the central west coast of India...

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US Security Footage Leaked, Showing 'confirmed' UFO Splitting over Ocean

10-24-16 - Strange footage of a metallic sphere hurtling through the sky, plunging into the ocean, re-emerging and then splitting into two was recently retrieved. The video clip had been shot in Aguadillia, Puerto Rico, on April 25, 2013, but the video footage was released only recently by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower, says The Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU). It was an object that was "monitored" by people in an aircraft from the US Customs and Border Protection. "Assuming the video isn't a clever hoax... "

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Charlotte Man Shoots Video Footage of UFOs

10-24-16 - Charlotte, N.C. - A Charlotte man has posted a video on YouTube of what he believes to be a UFO sighting. The viral video was shot outside of the Le Meridean hotel in uptown Charlotte. Videographer's Comments: I always believed in this stuff, just never thought I would have an encounter. It was definitely awesome and a little freaky at the same time. Hopefully I've given you guys something solid to look at and possibly answer questions, even though I had no idea what I was looking at. Craziness. I just hope they are friendly...

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Does Photo from Goodwick Show UFO?

10-24-16 - Is this a UFO in the skies of Goodwick? Could this strange sight, seen in the skies above Goodwick last week, be a UFO? A strange sight was seen in the skies above Goodwick last week, captured by local resident Raymond Putterill. Mr Putterill, 83, decided to take some pictures of the sunrise from his house in New Road on Friday, October 21. He took some photos from downstairs and then a couple more from his bedroom at around 7.40 am. Small holder Mr Putterrill then showed his efforts to his wife who noticed something odd in the upper right hand corner.

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Unknown Flying Object Photographed over Chalice Well Gardens

10-21-16 - Hello, thanks for the reply. The picture was taken in early September 2016, from the Chalice Well gardens, which look up to Glastonbury Tor. I'm sure you know that this is a famous hill in Somerset, with many ancient and mystical associations.I was in the chalice well with my lady when I took the picture on my iPhone. I tend to zoom in and snap pictures quickly and review them later. As I say I didn't notice anything on the screen, but it's entirely possible I wasn't paying attention, or looked away. I only noticed it later when we were looking through the photos.

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Unidentified Flying Object Reported over Sanctuary Point, Australia

10-21-16 - Last Tuesday, October 11, 2016, I was outdoors working in the yard, when I became aware of an object in the sky which was at great height, it was also star bright against the blue of a perfectly clear midday. At first I was inclined to dismiss the anomaly as a plastic bag or balloon, as it seemed to be floating with airy swoops and then, as I trained my eyes on it, I could see that it was cylindrical. It then started to move against the wind from east to west, traveling end over end. A number of strange things happened during my observation.

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British UFO Files Returned to National Archives for Extra Censorship

10-21-16 - Long-buried files about UFO activity in the UK have been sent back to the National Archives for further censorship, despite assurances they would be released. Authorities claim extra sanitization was needed after they noticed sensitive material had been missed which did not have a Freedom of Information (FoI) exemption – meaning it could not be released to the waiting public. A spokesman for the National Archives told German paranormal website Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell that “The National Archives (TNA) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) had agreed a timetable...

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Does Video Show Large UFO over Geneva?

10-18-16 - The sighting of a strange triangular shaped object over Geneva has once again opened the debate on the existence of UFOs. The inexplicable appearance of a flying saucer as big as a plane was observed by hundreds of people in Geneva. It led to speculation about the craft being from some alien civilisation. The craft was seen hovering in the black skies over the La Praille area of Geneva just near a stadium and was witnessed by hundreds of excited onlookers. Many watchers quickly took pictures and uploaded it to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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UFO Sighting in Derbyshire, England Reported

10-18-16 - Myself and 3 of my friends experienced seeing a UFO whist camping out in a old disused quarry overlooking Wingerworth and Chesterfield. It was 1988; I was 15 years old. I have to say it's up there with my kid's birth. I've never seen one since or before. We were all looking out on a summers night over Wingerworth and Chesterfield; it was roughly my 10:30 pm, it was dark. The reason we did this was to see the spectacular lights from the streets, but we were in for a shock; up in the air was a craft of a typical disc shape, self illuminated as though it was light itself.

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