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‘I saw an alien hitch a ride on the Space Shuttle,’ says NASA Veteran

03-30-15 - A veteran NASA employee says he saw a nine-foot-tall alien hitch a ride on the space shuttle – and watched the event when it thought no one was looking. UFO sites have seized on this as CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE that there is a vast, global conspiracy where our leaders are in league with aliens. Others are less sure. Clark C. McClelland makes the claim in a video recently unearthed by paranormal news site Inquisitr. He claims to have worked at NASA for 35 years, including work on the Apollo missions – and in his favour, no one has stepped forward...

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UFO Authors Return to Hart Canyon 67 years after Alleged Aztec Saucer Crash

03-30-15 - Authors and UFO researchers Scott and Suzanne Ramsey returned to Aztec last week from their home in North Carolina to continue work for an expanded and updated edition of the couple's 2012 self-published book "The Aztec Incident — Recovery at Hart Canyon." After conducting more than a quarter of a century of research, the Ramseys — Suzanne Ramsey is from Farmington — once again traversed the sandstone mesas of Hart Canyon, 8 miles northeast of Aztec, to examine the area where believers say a UFO crash landed 67 years ago.

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Two Witnesses Shaken by UFO Sighting in Texas

03-30-15 - My son and I were driving in the car the afternoon of 3/28/2015, and suddenly a brilliantly chromed, round object in the sky caught our eye at the exact same time. The sky was light blue without any clouds, so there wasn't anything else in the sky but this round chrome object. The object just hung there in the sky. We asked each other if the other one had just seen that, and we both confirmed to each other that yes we had. We had never seen anything like that before...

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Video Footage Shows UFO Being Transported Near Area 51, Nevada

03-26-15 - A UFO was allegedly captured mid transfer on a deserted road surrounded by police cars near Area 51, Nevada, on Saturday, March 21. The footage seemed to have been shot by amateur UFO hunters who were trying to remain inconspicuous as a motorcade with a semi-truck towing a silver-looking, disc-shaped UFO drove down a dark road. The video has become quite popular since its internet debut, and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views in just four days. However, not much information has been provided...

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Unknown Object Caught on Photograph in Austin, Texas

03-26-15 - I am a professional photographer and amateur astronomer that works at the New Jersey Astronomical Association Observatory in Voohees, New Jersey. I was taking pictures of my son and because I am a drone flyer I saw an object in the sky moving rather quickly across airport grounds. Because I thought that this object was a security drone I snapped the picture and didn’t really look at it for weeks. After finally looking at it to compare to my drone I noticed that it was not a drone at all. It had 4 dome-like structures and a...

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Peru - Dr. Anthony Choy Releases Video of Extraterrestrial Being

03-25-15 - "A strange humanoid UFO was captured maneuvering through the skies above the Peruvian city of Puerto Maldonado earlier this month. The footage was posted on March 15 by Dr Anthony Choy, an investigative journalist and radio producer and host of the radio program Viaje a Otra Dimension (Journey to Another Dimension). Choy, who is also the National Coordinator of the Peruvian Association of Ufology (APU), has reportedly been influential in forcing the hand of the government of Peru to release secret UFO documents."

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Where is the USA on Disclosure?

03-25-15 - In July 2014, some four months before France and Chile held their historic meeting to collaborate on UFO research, the founder of the non-profit National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena made a compelling case in Paris for standardizing procedures. Last month, NARCAP’s website posted a video of Dr. Richard Haines’ 25-minute pitch, and it’s definitely worth a look. “The emphasis on methodology is essential,” the retired NASA scientist told his audience, “and we should’ve been doing this 20 years ago.”

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UFO 2015 Sightings Enough to Prove Alien Existence

03-25-15 - A world beyond Earth might actually exist. Lifeforms which are more intellectual than ours may have been visiting the Earth centuries. The never ending search for concrete evidences of the truth behind Alien and UFO sightings remains to be a mystery, but a very in depth and interesting phenomena we all have secretly dream of unraveling. Several UFO sightings have been reported this 2015 and the signs and evidence are becoming quite very clear. There is something living beyond Earth's atmosphere.

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UFOs and Pursuit That Followed — Leaves Family ‘Gobsmacked’ in Lancashire, England

03-24-15 - A British family, out for a pleasant afternoon picnic, were left rubbing their eyes and pushing their picnic pleasantries aside when a wild and unexplainable UFO scene unfolded in the sky above. In fact, the mother in the family was so shocked by the picnic UFO episode that she was left “gobsmacked.” This latest UFO event to occur in the general area of Lancashire, England, joins a long list of others, but this UFO sighting especially stands out because it also included an aerial pursuit and a British Ministry of Defense helicopter.

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Unknown Objects Witnessed over Salt Lake City

03-24-15 - I was out enjoying some exercise when I noticed a series of large, bright, spherical, red-orange lights floating south over the mountain/valley. There were 3 in an obvious triangle formation, and a 4th floating West on this side of the mountains. The triangle slowly grew in size and shifted, increasing the angle until they formed an arch in coordination with the 4th. As this happened, the lights grew brighter until they were illuminated a golden color. During this process of lining up, there were many planes...

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ISS to be Abandonded Ending Space Program (off-site)

03-24-15 - NASA C hief Bolden gave Congress a reality check and scolded them for their poor judgment. Congress from 2009 to 2014 has not allocated sufficient funds to NASA and as a result may have made the costliest biggest mistake of the century. The Space Shuttle was retired under President George Bush and Congress has not supported an “AMERICAN Alternative” but a Russian one. Americans could have had good paying jobs to help build the space rockets needed for NASA but Congress opted to pay millions to Russia for tickets to the ISS.

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Gorokan Family Sees Hovering Sphere: Takes Video

03-23-15 - UFO close encounter of an eerie kind as Gorokan family sees hovering sphere of light. What is this UFO over Gorokan? IT WAS bright, swerving and dipping at an incredibly high speed. And then, suddenly, it disappeared without a trace. For teenager Josh Elton and his family in Gorokan, in the Central Coast, this brief sighting in the sky was enough to make them wonder if they had seen a UFO. “We were just sitting on the lounge last Thursday night, about 7:30, and my younger brother and I saw what we thought was...

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Retired Moline Officer Recalls the Day the UFO Paid a Call

03-23-15 - Bill Fisher still vividly remembers the strange, bright, silvery object that appeared to be hovering over the Mississippi River on the afternoon of March 9, 1967. Mr. Fisher, then a Moline police officer, had just parked his three-wheel patrol motorcycle on 16th Avenue across from Sacred Heart School, where his son William Jr. was a student. Others saw the object, too, including neighbors, several students and a couple of nuns. Mr. Fisher retrieved an 8mm movie camera from his police trike and got some footage.

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Triangle UFO Reported over Burbank, California

03-23-15 - I was driving on the 134 fwy Westbound coming up towards the Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA, overpass. As I was looking through the Studio side of Burbank, where the Disney building is, I saw the non-reflective deep black triangle hanging diagonally, further on over the 134, not as far as Cahuenga Blvd, but well beyond Pass Ave. In the sky it was at about an angle of 9 o'clock. It seemed to be stationary. It was rotating around its lengthwise axis, but remaining mostly diagonal...

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Disc-shaped UFO Photographed over Ruta Sur Cerrito, Mexico

03-21-15 - Day - March 19, 2015 12.30 pm approx. I finished my lunch after a morning of work and I had a few minutes to shoot pictures on the Ruta Sur Cerrito. I spotted this object clearly from the patio of my casa. I had taken about 150 pictures and I started to go over them to see what all I had. The object I captured on photo is not conventional, has considerable size and was flying a route from south to north. Photo is somewhat fuzzy, object perhaps is circular (ovoid) and has in the top center of what appears to be...

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National Alien Abduction Day: Retiree Traces UFO Landing

03-21-15 - Children dressed up in alien masks at Hutchins Street Square on Friday afternoon and science fiction fans were set to enjoy a showing of Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” It was a way for the City of Lodi to celebrate National Alien Abduction Day. The reason: Lodi has its own connections to aliens and spaceships. Lodi, in fact, was the site of one of the first documented claims of attempted alien abductions in the 1890s. Col. H.G. Shaw, a Civil War veteran and journalist, wrote of his first-hand experience in The Evening Mail...

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Triangle UFO Hovers over Stillwater, Minnesota

03-21-15 - Triangle with white lights - I saw 1 hovering triangle craft about 500-1000 feet above ground, about the altitude a single engine air craft would fly for good scenic views. The craft was silent. Triangle had 3 bright white lights and 1 red flashing light. Red light was in the center. I had a better view of the craft as it came toward our car then the driver. The white lights were flashing in a sequence/chase. White lights were on each corner. I could clearly see the craft and know it was not military or commercial/private.

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Unknown Object Witnessed over Kenosha, Wisconsin

03-20-15 - To start off, I'd like to add I had no prior belief in aliens or UFOs, but once I saw this hovering over the lake, my whole perspective changed. Two of my friends and I decided to go down to the beach to smoke. While we were smoking my friend noticed that out on the lake there was this bright star that looked way larger than any star I've seen. As I looked at it, the object began to come towards us and that was the moment I realized that this is a UFO. My other friend, when he saw the UFO as well, bolted out of the scene...

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