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UFO near Plane
2 Pilots and 2 Passengers Watch UFO near Plane

08-16-18 - On January 4th, 2018 my husband and I were on a private jet flying from Seattle, Washington to Lakeland, Florida. There were four people on the flight; the pilot, the co-pilot, my husband and myself. There were multiple small screens in the cabin that showed a map of the U.S., the planes location, flight path, altitude and air speed. About 1:00 pm we were flying over Wyoming. Our altitude was 45,000 ft and air speed was around 520 mph. The sky was a crystal clear blue and we seemed to be the only thing in the sky. I was sitting in my seat on the left hand side of the plane looking out of the window when something to my upper left hand side field of vision caught my eye.

UFO in Thunderstorm
Stationary Light Seen in Colorado Rain/Hail Storm

08-15-18 - UFO Report June 18, 2018. I live in Brighton, Colorado, and tonight I was home on my front porch which faces west watching a heavy rain and small hail storm at about 9:45 PM, which occured about half an hour after the first heavy hail storm which contained literally golf ball and larger sized hail, which I have heard of and seen pictures of, but never in person until tonight. While observing the completely overcast night sky to the west, I saw a single white light at about a 35 Degree elevation directly west of my location. It didn't pulse or flash or change color. It didn't come closer or move further away or up or down or to one side or the other.

UFO over Philippines
Possible Alien Mothership above Philippines Caught on Video

08-10-18 - ALIEN hunters have been put on high alert after a huge UFO was apparently seen hovering around the clouds in the skies above the Philippines. Mysterious halo spotted in the sky over General Santos City. Popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring posted on his blog that an alien space ship was trying to camouflage itself in the clouds. The photo shows faint clouds with a rainbow light scattered through the atmosphere.

UFO Captured on Photograph over Beech Island, South Carolina

08-01-18 - I was out taking pictures of the night sky and stars with my camera. I set my camera to do 30 second exposure. I looked down to check my camera and as I looked back up the object was just there. I looked back at my camera to see if I could see it in my camera. I could not see it; it was gone. The picture before it was not there, and the picture after that it is not there. I only got one picture; that's how fast it was.

UFO near LAX
Three UFOs Videotaped from LAX-bound Plane

07-29-18 - Flying to LAX, I noticed the bright lights out the window. Did a second take cause I first thought it must be a reflection. Used my iPhone 10 to record it and could tell almost immediately it was in fact an actual object(s). The lights would go in and out of the clouds, change elevation and location from my particular viewpoint. I’m assuming it took place over Nevada based on the time. If you look closely, a...

UFO over Great Britain
Horseshoe-shaped UFO Caught on Video and Photograph over Dartford, Great Britain

07-28-18 - Dartford, Great Britain - 06-02-18 - I was sitting in my garden in southeast London, near the M25, when I noticed a light in the sky. I initially thought it was a star, but after looking at it through my binoculars I realized this wasn't the case. Through my binoculars I saw the object close up and it was a distinctive horseshoe shape. While looking through the binoculars I saw the object twisting and turning, plus I’m convinced I saw two red lights at the end of each 'arm' whilst it was turning.

UFO over Netherlands
Triangle UFO Photographed over Spaamdam, Netherlands

07-24-18 - I was in the middle of a playing field of a Footgolf playground in Spaarndam, The Netherlands. It was a beautiful summer afternoon with nice clouds. I took two pictures of the sky and horizon. The time between the two pictures was not more than 2-4 seconds. At the time all of us (8 persons) and other people in the field did not notice anything. When I was home I looked back to some photos of that day and noticed something odd in the second picture of the same event.

UFO over Indiana
Unknown Flying Object Videotaped over La Porte, Indiana

07-15-18 - I was driving my work truck heading west towards La Porte on West 400 South. As I came out of the trees I saw a reflective object about 200 feet up or so moving very slowly. I approached the intersection of West 400 South and Long Lane. I observed and began recording at that time. I wasn't sure what I was seeing, but it was very abnormal how slow it was moving. It was fairly large as you can see in the video and also very shiny and reflective and made no noise, It looked like a shiny egg or pebble. It moved very close to the high tension...

UFO on Highway
1963 - Family Encounters Aliens on South Dakota Rural Highway

07-14-18 - My family was driving home on county highway 312 traveling north in a 1950 two door Hudson. A bright light flew over the car. It landed in front of the car on the highway. The car immediately stopped running and the headlights went out. My father immediately became angry, and being a WWII vet, he said: "I will see what they want," and angrily left the car and charged over to the light. A few minutes later he came back and in a subdued tone said to my Mother, "they want you." My mother said "no way, they are bullies."

UFOs near Moon
Is This a UFO Taking off from the Moon?

07-13-18 - The astronomer showed in the video, the UFO takes off from the moon’s surface. The network is actively discussing the video of the private investigator who said he witnessed the flight of alien ships. The man shows in the video several UFOs taking off from the moon’s surface. several UFOs. The astronomer admitted that did not expect to see such an amazing sight. He just watched a satellite of the Earth, when by chance a group of objects that moved in the direction of the moon. The video of the UFO was posted online, where it caused serious controversy among users. Someone accused the author of fraud.

Alien Being
Close Encounter of the Third Kind - Alien Being Seen in Oregon

06-26-18 - This investigator has over 30 years of looking into crop circles, cattle mutilations, ufo sightings and other cases including a search and rescue of a missing woman in Eastern Oregon. But this is my first hand report of a 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind'. This incident comes by a phone call to my spouse on the late evening of 6 June 2018 at about 9:30 pm, she received a call from her son. He is a former US Army veteran, former police officer and currently a security guard at a local casino. Watching my spouse's face as she was talking to her son, was a look of concern. She handed me the phone and said, "You need to hear this!" As I listened to her son, he was sincere about what they saw and encountered.

UFO Triangle
Unidentified Lights Observed over Georgetown, TX by Former USAF T-38 Instructor

06-23-18 - My wife and I were in the middle of an early morning walk on June 15, 2018, in Georgetown, Texas (Old Historic District, near Annie Purl Elementary). As a former USAF T-38 instructor pilot, I'm sensitive to aircraft overhead. At 5:05 a.m., I noticed a solid light heading from the north-northeast to the south-southwest (roughly a heading from 020 to 200 degrees, based on compass reading). The light was about the intensity of a satellite, but not following the normal north-south path of previously observed satellites. We heard jet engines at altitude (higher than airliners approaching Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

UFOs over London, England
UFOs Videotaped over London, England

06-19-18 - I was watching television in the living room after dinner. I heard my neighbor shouting to me to come outside. They were unable to make out the strange objects in the sky because of the angle from their backyard. Finally getting a good luck, we thought at first we were seeing something with LED lights, or maybe birds or bats. We ruled these possibilities out as they just didn't match what we were seeing. These objects were moving all over; they were swarming, rising, falling; almost like birds but...

UFO over Burley Woods, Great Britain
UFO Photographed over Burley Woods, Great Britain

06-18-18 - We were walking in the New Forest woods with our dog Alfie and I was taking a series of photographs as we did our walk. In this particular shot I called out to my partner at the time that I had captured his hat in the photo, so I was not looking into the sky and neither was my partner. I was taking a picture of the tree of which the next photo shows the recess in that tree where I stood and rested my back and my partner sat on the ground beside that tree. When I got all the pictures home and up loaded them onto my laptop from my camera I observed the object. I showed my partner and questioned him about any noise at the time.

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UFO over Swedish Lake
Swedish Residents Film UFO Pumping Water from Lake Malaren

06-16-18 - The residents of the Swedish town of Strangas Karina Lindquist and her buddy Mike witnessed an amazing phenomenon. Witnesses said that went after midnight to walk to Lake Malaren, reports Esoreiter. However, where they waited at first some disappointment, and then real fear, bordering on surprise and admiration, because they suddenly saw a large, glowing yellow object hovering over the pond and started to him a mysterious beam. Friends immediately realized that this “flying saucer”, pumped from the lake water, and captured it on camera phones. After returning home, the witness immediately posted a film clip on the Internet.

UFO over
Possible UFO Photographed over Washington State

06-15-18 - I was out back of my house around 9 or 9:30 smoking a cigarette by myself. I took a picture of a star (which I do frequently) then I went inside. The next day when I was looking at my gallery on my phone I saw the circular object in the picture. I did not see the object at the time I snapped the photo. You can see patterns on the object. This is just really weird. I have pictures on my phone with pictures taken before and after image. I just thought this might help you guys.

UFO over Texas
Unknown Flying Object Photographed over Perugia, Italy

06-14-18 - I got this picture from a friend of mine. He took a picture while was walking in the countryside, just a few people live there because it is a hunting reserve. Once he got home and reviewed his photographs, he realized that something weird was on one of the pictures. There is no way to know how long the object was there. He reports he heard no sound, and saw no anomalies, nothing at all. It looks like a UFO to me.

UFO over Texas
Triangle UFO Reported over Lubbock, Texas

06-12-18 - At 12:25AM I was using my small spotting scope to look at objects such as Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky. I first saw the object east of Saturn at the time. Object could just be seen as three blinking/strobing lights that were red, green, and white. At first glance I thought it was a airplane with strobing lights. I soon became aware this was not the case. As an amateur astronomer I had clear reference points to track the object and knowledge of satellite activity and meteors.

UFO over Michigan
UFO Photographed over Allen Park, Michigan

06-08-18 - I was with my brother as we were leaving the shopping mall. As we proceeded, he spotted a triangular and circular shaped object hovering above the store. We started driving towards it to get closer and it started to fly fast toward the south as it was disappearing. A few seconds later, it would reappear! We tried to get video of it, but we couldn't record so we took a lot of still shots; as many as we could before it disappeared again.

UFO over Portugal
Possible UFO Photographed over Portugal

05-30-18 - I was at work after Prenoitar, (spending the night) in this town (Vila little de Aguiar-Portugal). This morning, we get ready to start the service, changing the advertising panels by the road. While on a break, I took three pictures in the position from right to left, my attention was aroused by a cloud-shaped line by the mountain and below the level of it. In the middle from the valley, I shot 3 to 4 photos. On the last already on the left side appears the object, which I only detected later...

UFO over California
Unknown Object Videotaped Moving over Ocean in California

05-29-18 - I was eating lunch in my car, overlooking the ocean and from my peripheral. I saw this large matte-black object enter from the atmosphere. I questioned if it was some kind of large bird, or if it was a plane, but it was really large in size, tear-drop in shape, no reflections, made no noise, and noticed it was moving smoothly at a steady 45 angle trajectory. It was going straight into the ocean and actually at a really fast pace.

UFOs over Gainesville, Florida
Six Unknown Lights Observed over Gainesville, Florida

05-18-18 - 2 of us were walking and playing with our dogs when we both suddenly noticed these lights in the western sky. They were reddish orange, and very bright. They were way above the tree line in an open area above the golf course. We took pictures with our phones after a few seconds of watching, and called out to neighbors to come see. The lights suddenly went out as if they were just turned off. One of the lights seemed to have a slight spin to it. They appeared to be like...

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