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UFO Depiction
Photographer, Aviation Experts Stunned by Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object

04-19-14 - While snapping pictures of wildlife in Wichita, Kan., a couple months ago, amateur photographer Jeff Templin noticed something strange streaking across the sky. To this day, he’s still not entirely sure what it was. His photos have since emerged on the Internet — and they are spurring an array of theories. All that is clear is the alleged photo shows a triangle-shaped aircraft with two exhaust nozzles. “Anyone that was looking up would have seen it. You don’t usually see military or even civilian aircraft’s jets that leave contrails making those kind of severe departures off of the given route... ,”

UFO Depiction
Mystery of Inverness Marina UFO Solved

04-19-14 - THERE was a lot of head scratching in the vicinity of Inverness Marina this morning with the sudden appearance of what appeared to be a UFO. Baffled members of the public watched in amazement as the machine, looking like some giant flying insect, hovered over the yachts at their moorings before soaring into the sky at high speed. But a couple of phone calls from the editorial department of the Highland News soon elicited that it was, in fact, an unmanned photographic drone. It is from the range of Stratos Unmanned Aerial Systems...

UFO Depiction
Egg-shaped Object Observed in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

04-19-14 - My daughter and I were taking a break from raking the yard and were sitting on the concrete stairs outside our door facing backyard. My daughter noticed the object first. I looked up; saw a plane traveling one way and daughter pointed out the other object which was in a different location than the plane itself. When I noticed what she was pointing at, it looked like an "egg" with a straight line of travel, not bobbing or swaying. The object moved in a straight line at a slow pace, was hard to focus on because of the bright day. It was an egg-shaped object, white in color...

UFO Depiction
Large, Red Object Witnessed over Shelton, Washington

04-19-14 - I was on the back deck of my home facing looking west. I thought I was seeing a very large, red meteor falling rapidly from upper atmosphere on slight angle to SW skies over Hwy 101. It went from tiny to huge within 6 seconds. It APPEARED to be "crashing" over Hwy 101. By the time it was directly over the tree line it was distinctly a very large (no relative measurement), very bright red, round orb; pulsing with rhythm. It appeared like a solid red glowing 'marble.' As I said, I thought it was crashing because of the speed it was 'falling.' There was no evidence of a crash though.

UFO Depiction
Blue UFO Caught on Video in the Netherlands

04-18-14 - Rijnmond TV News in the Netherlands is reporting on an interesting UFO video captured by a man in the town of Maassluis. The object appears to be a large lens-shaped blue object and has no apparent means of propulsion. Maassluis is a few miles south of The Hague, in an area surrounding Rotterdam called the Rijnmond. It is at the mouth of the Rhine River. The UFO video was captured by Maassluis resident Dick Smits at approximately 3:00 pm last Friday. According to Rijnmond TV, the object hung silently in the air for a long time before disappearing in the clouds.

UFO Depiction
Unknown, Bright, Round Object Reported in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

04-18-14 - On the evening of March 30th I went outside to relax in the hot tub. The sky was clear and I was looking at the stars and what appeared to be Jupiter in the east. When I turned to look to the south there was a bright round light in the sky, roughly 22 to 30 degrees above the horizon. I noticed it because it wasn't there a few minutes before. At first I didn't think there was anything unusual as there is a fair amount of air traffic around here, but as I watched it seemed to be not moving. The light was bright white, like an airplane landing light and as I watched it got...

UFO Depiction
Rudloe the New Roswell? Residents Baffled after Strange Lights Appear in Sky

04-18-14 - Residents in Rudloe have heralded the estate “the new Roswell”, after several people reported seeing a strange object in the sky last Sunday. Jo Collier was among those who saw a burning light in the sky shortly after 8 pm, and likened it to the infamous UFO incident in New Mexico in 1947, which sparked numerous conspiracy theories. She said: “I was at my mum’s in Rudloe and my other half came running up the road shouting there was something falling out of the sky. “It was like this big orange glow, absolutely huge, and the tail was bright, bright orange.

UFO Depiction
Cigar-shaped Object Flies High over Morgans Point Resort, Texas

04-18-14 - I was driving my vehicle on the way to the store. I had only traveled 2-3 blocks from my home when I noticed a large cigar-shaped object in the sky traveling in a southeastern direction. The weather was clear with no cloud cover. The object appeared to be silver in color, and it was very high in the sky and appeared to be miles away from my location. What caught my attention was both the very high altitude and the speed of the object. It appeared to be much higher in altitude than a conventional aircraft, and it was traveling at a great speed.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Aerial Object Caught on KLKN Weathercam in Nebraska

04-17-14 - In April of this year, the KLKN weather report showed what they called a 'peculiar' light in the Nebraska skies. The object was seen by residents and reported to the station, which directed their 'towercam" to the UFO. The object was in the eastern horizon, and according to the station's weatherman, it was very high in the sky. He ruled out the possibility of it being any type of weather device. The object, as you will see, is acorn-shaped with black parts running horizontally across the object. The object seems to hover, or very slowly move, as the station watched the object for quite some time.

UFO Depiction
1964 - Two Alien Craft Land in Berlin, New York

04-17-14 - Was the double landing of UFOs at New Berlin, NY a repair mission - or something else? A woman steps out onto her porch on a cool autumn night in 1964. Looking up, she sees what appears to be a shooting star fall onto a hillside opposite her, 2/3 of a mile away. Strangely, she sees another "falling light" which she watches descend from the sky in a vertical manner, but then it stops before it reaches the ground. It then starts to move horizontally along and above a creek bed that runs parallel to her road. As it comes closer, it becomes "intensely bright" and starts to emit a "low humming noise."

UFO Depiction
Interested in a UFO Sighting? Head to Bali

04-17-14 - Fireballs (regarded as UFOs in some communities) are dropping from the sky in droves. From Texas to Bali, Indonesia, the so-called fireball phenomenon is occurring more frequently. At least, in recorded terms. From YouTube to Facebook, videos of unidentified flying objects are being posted from various parts of the world. Most recently, a fireball was sighted in Bali, Indonesia, as reported by balidiscovery.com. "Hundreds, if not thousands, of residents of the Bali arts community of Ubud experienced a supernatural phenomenon when a giant fireball moved across the community on Monday night, March 31, 2014."

UFO Depiction
Triangle-shaped UFO Reported in Gilmer, Texas

04-17-14 - I and my fiancé were fishing on Lake Gilmer in an evening tournament. I felt an odd sensation that made me look up. We are in a flyway from the Dallas area airports and there were several airplanes in the area. As I scanned the skies I saw a star like object that looked somewhat triangular in shape that was traveling at a high rate of speed with no flashing lights. I told my fiancé to take a look due to the speed. At that time we were both looking at it and it disappeared. We both got chills and started scanning the skies when we saw another object just like the first.

UFO Depiction
Stardust Conference Center Roswell, NM

Legendary Clifford Stone will be hosting this event "Paths to Contact" April 25 - 27, 2014 for 3 days and 3 nights! - 11 speakers / Contact Fieldwork. The authors of the book "Paths to Contact' are going to Roswell to share their experiences of Extraterrestrial Contact. These experienced contact workers will also take us under the stars for contact protocols training that once learned you can take them anywhere and practice them for yourselves. For more info and tickets please visit http://stardustconferences.com/ - We really hope we see you there! Don't miss out. Limited seating available. The book is available at www.amazon.com.

UFO Depiction
Woman's Close Encounter with Mystery UFO in Pembrokeshire Village - Photo Taken

04-16-14 - A YOUNG woman from a small north Pembrokeshire village believes she had a close encounter early this morning (Tuesday). Elyse O’Neill from Wallis, near Woodstock, was standing outside her house at around 6.45 am when she saw an unidentified flying object hovering over a large tree near the bottom her garden. “I ran inside the house to get my phone, but there wasn’t enough battery left to film it, but there was enough to take pictures, so I started snapping away,” she said. Elyse, 26, described the UFO as being the size of a car and was 'spinning around like a topper.'

UFO Depiction
1974 - Alien Contact with Small Boy in Texas

04-16-14 - When I was approximately 7 years old, which would be around 1974, we were living in a mobile home park in Mission, TX. We had just moved to this mobile home park as my parents had just sold the property we lived on. The park was huge, probably 20 to 30 acres and it had just opened, and there were only 2 or three other homes in the whole park, spaced far apart. The park was surrounded by orange groves so it was relatively isolated. I believe it was called the Trade Winds Mobile Home Park. I don’t know if it still there as I haven’t been back to Mission since I left in 1991.

UFO Depiction
Disc-shaped UFO Witnessed in Virginia Beach, Virginia

04-16-14 - I was letting my dog out the back sliding door, which faces directly West. She went out and I stood there with the door open looking up at the sky; there were a couple commercial airplanes and the only reason I was really watching them was because they were leaving trails behind them, one closer to me than the others. I was focused on the airplane that was closer; it was headed East toward the ocean, (which I live about 10 miles from) when out of nowhere a grayish, flat disk-shaped craft came from the south and was headed right for the airplane. I thought at first I was going to witness a mid-air collision...

UFO Depiction
UFO Sightings up Since January in Sudbury, UK

04-16-14 - Since January of 2014, there have been several UFO reports that were sent in to me via e-mail which were then posted onto my website, noufors.com. And on March 12, 2014, a 36-page report produced by Ufology Research said that Canadians reported the second largest number of UFO sightings last year. Many respectable UFO groups and organizations such as the National UFO Reporting Center (nuforc.org) have catalogued hundreds of thousands of cases of these unidentified aerial objects for several decades, and continue to do so as the number of reports increases from year to year.

UFO Depiction
Who Is In Our Skies? We Are! By Diane Tessman

04-15-14 - A few more days now until the John Burroughs, Jim Penniston, Nick Pope book of “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” is available to all of us. Most of us are aware that the concept of human time travelers might be involved in the book since several of those who experienced "Rendlesham" have written on this before. "Future humans" have been my personal theory for many years and in 1979, I wrote a featured article in the MUFON Journal explaining why I believe this. Underpinning my reasoning as to why this might be so, is indeed my personal experience as a child...

UFO Depiction
1973 UFO – The Schenectady Flying Saucer

04-15-14 - It was a saucer shaped object, perhaps two or three football fields in diameter - Who knew a simple shopping trip would involve a flying saucer? It was the later months of 1973, the Christmas shopping season is in full swing. A very pregnant Carol and her sister Louise decided to drive from Amsterdam to Schenectady to do some Christmas shopping. So with Carol’s toddler son in tow, the three of them were off to go holiday shopping at the Mohawk Mall. As it was late in the year and it was already dark before the two women reached Schenectady.

UFO Depiction
Man Watches Star-like Object Manuever over Lansing, Kansas

04-15-14 - I was outside smoking and looked at the stars like I always do. I noticed one above the horizon that was oscillating very strangely (not like the other bright stars). When I decided to keep my eyes on it that's when it started to move around. At first I just assumed it was an airplane since they normally fly in or out of that direction, but it wasn't coming closer or moving in the typical fashion I normally see the airplanes fly. A little in disbelief, I leaned against a wall just to make sure it wasn't my eyes playing tricks on me, and I even used the top part of my fence as a gauge to see how far it moved to and from the top of the fence.

UFO Depiction
The Real Truth about the Cattle Mutilations in Dulce, New Mexico (off-site)

04-15-14 - "If the government went to local ranchers and purchased cattle to use for testing purposes, the first question any rancher would ask is, "Why are you testing my cattle?" And more importantly, "Who contaminated them?" The government has a long history of incompetent decision making, but they are smart enough to avoid a lawsuit, especially when the evidence shows that they created the contamination in the first place (in this case in Dulce, New Mexico), i.e. Project Gasbuggy (underground detonation of nuclear device 22 miles southwest of Dulce on December 10, 1967, which apparently caused radiation leaks in the surrounding environment).

UFO Depiction
Outer Space and Inner Soul (off-site)

04-15-14 - Outer space has been lodged in my soul since my youth. This lead me to write the first edition of UFOs--God's Chariots? in 1977. In more recent years, I've invested considerable academic energy in the dialogue between science and religion with a special focus on astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). One thing I learned is that SETI scientists and UFO researchers do not attend the same barbeques. Rather, they sneer at each other in each oath heir's absence. Each accuses the other of not being scientific enough. I find this curious, but not boring.

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