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Mystery over '140ft Glowing' UFO Seen in the Ocean off the Coast of Antarctica

05-01-16 - A mysterious "glowing" UFO spotted off the coast of Antarctica has been baffling people on the Internet. Some thought it could be a whale or giant octopus, while others claimed it was fishing boat or underwater mountain. Tyler, from secureteam10 - a YouTube channel for alien enthusiasts - shared the picture and asked people to "bring some clarity to this situation." He said the image showed "a disturbance as if something is coming up and going back in to the water." He also claimed it "looks like a creature or possible vehicle of some sort." People commented on the YouTube clip with their own theories of what it could be, with some claiming it was a whale or giant squid.

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Army Chief Talks 'little green men,' and Sets off UFO Enthusiasts

05-01-16 - If UFO watchers are to be believed, the Army’s top general just admitted that the military is preparing its young men and women to fight off an alien invasion. "You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’re going to be dealing with it all, and you’re going to be dealing with it simultaneously,” Milley said. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, in an April 21 speech to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ROTC program at Norwich University, talked about the complex world the young, soon-to-be military officers will face.

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UFO Reportedly Spotted at Airport By Sky Harbor Employee

05-01-16 - Late on a Tuesday night at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, an employee was taking trash to a Dumpster outside the air-traffic-control tower when a mysterious glow caught his attention. A massive V-shaped object was hovering off the ground, light emanating from the bottom. “The lights were what I noticed at first … It was very large as it passed beside me,” the witness stated. “I was in total disbelief that it was happening. It made no noise at all.” The reported sighting occurred about 9 p.m. on March 1 at Terminal 4, but was just recently investigated and reported by the Mutual UFO Network witness report database.

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'I Was Photobombed by an ALIEN' Father of Two Spots ET Being in Photograph

04-29-16 - Andy Bagnall posed for a picture while travelling home from holiday; When he looked at the photograph he saw an 'alien' on coach behind him. The vehicle was empty at the time after stopping at a service station. A coach passenger claims he was photobombed by a mysterious alien being while taking holiday photographs. Andy Bagnall posed for pictures in front of a National Express coach during a pause on his journey home from an Easter getaway. But when he later had a look at the snaps, taken by his partner Tonia, he saw a creepy presence on the empty vehicle. Spooky: Andy Bagnall spotted an 'alien' in the background of a photograph featuring him.

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Personal 'Smoking Gun' UFO Proof by Columnist Cheryl Costa

04-29-16 - Over the years, various people have asked me what kind of evidence was my personal smoking gun UFO proof. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked this very question by the last person I ever expected: my mother. Out of the blue, she quite literally asked me if I had seen an alien space craft up close and personal. Regretfully, my answer had to be no. Of course, this answer forced another and perhaps better question. She asked if I had some “aha” moment that caused me to have personal UFO proof? To that question I could honestly answer YES! To understand my perspective, I must explain a couple of aspects of my training and background.

'UFO' Spotted Observing Giant Lightning Storm before Disappearing Inside Cloud

04-23-16 - The video, shot in Brazil, shows a towering bank of cloud looming over a city skyline, lit up by brilliant flashes of lightning. This footage purports to show a 'shiny' UFO hovering near a massive lightning storm and then zooming inside. The video, shot in Brazil, shows a towering bank of cloud looming over a city skyline, lit up by brilliant flashes of lightning. Part of the clip, filmed at dusk, also shows a small bright spot hovering outside the gathering storm - by then looking much more ominous - before it disappears inside. It was posted to YouTube by UFO-chasers Secureteam and has racked up more than 40,000 views.

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UFO Spotted above Amazon Rainforest Beams Line of Lights on Satellite

04-23-16 - THE UFO appears to show shiny orbs sticking out amongst the trees and alien fanatics have declared it a sign of a giant spaceship. AN unidentified object has been spotted on satellite deep in the Amazon rainforest, which viewers have deemed evidence of an alien spaceship. The strange object appears to be hidden within the trees, but is just visible on satellite imagery. Tyler, from US based UFO investigators Secure Team 10 explains that a 'cigar-shaped' line of lights or 'shiny orbs' have been spotted by a viewer searching through Google Maps. The astonishing object, which does not appear to blend it with its surroundings, allegedly lies in...

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Unknown Object Reported over North Platte

04-23-16 - A friend was taking me home at around 10:45 PM when he said "Do you see those two lights over there?" He pointed towards the west, or our right, as we were heading south at the time. I immediately saw the two lights and the light that was further south. I could tell one was an airplane as I could see it's blinking lights and could tell it was moving like many planes that fly over our town. But the other light I knew was not normal. It was much brighter and had a bluish white intensity to it. We had stopped and was watching it and honestly at first I was not sure what we were looking at...

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UFO Sighted from ISS Live Stream - 04-17-16

04-18-16 - During an ISS live NASA UStream, an orb-like object appeared just above the horizon. After remaining in the same relative position for awhile, it began to ascend up and out of the UStream camera lens coverage area. Once it left the screen an energy beam shot up from the earth toward the UFO's former location. Gauging by the distance between the ISS and the location of the energy beam, the relative size of the UFO must have been enormous. I am hoping that someone with technical background can determine the location from where the beam was fired based on the time of the sighting...

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NASA Feed Goes Down as Horseshoe UFO Appears on 'ISS live cam'

04-18-16 - Conspiracy theorists are having a field day over the sighting of the strange U-shaped object hovering on the horizon of the the International Space Station. NASA has been accused of an alien cover up after a live ISS feed appearing to show a horseshoe UFO suddenly went down. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day over the sighting of the strange U-shaped object hovering on the horizon of the the International Space Station. They claim NASA 'cut the live feed' after the glowing blue object flew too close to the space station. Some have even gone as far to say NASA's funding should be cut over their "great alien deception."

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UFO Hunter Captures Footage of Unknown Flying Object Close to Area 51

04-17-16 - Conspiracy theorists have been linking the mysterious lights to the nearby Area 51 military base. With its eerie flickering lights and jerky movements, could this mysterious flashing UFO flying over Las Vegas be an alien spacecraft? The man who caught this bizarre footage on camera certainly thinks so, claiming the strange series of glowing orbs are "not 100% machine." Using his night vision camera, Steve Barone captured the video in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon near his home in Las Vegas, Nevada - just an hour drive from the secretive Area 51 UFO zone. After a quiet first hour of filming on April 12, alien enthusiast Steve was stunned to see several glowing UFOs lighting up the night sky.

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Video - Flying UFO: Do Aliens Exist in Austria?

04-17-16 - Video Man captures UFO dance - Two luminous floating figures who appear to be 'dancing' have sent UFO enthusiasts into overdrive. Bizarre footage shows two ‘flying UFOs’ heading towards each other, then merging mid-air before floating away together into the distance. The mysterious footage has prompted conversation about the existence of possible alien life. The video was captured in the small town of Sturm, Austria, was posted to YouTube and has since gone viral. The YouTube channel, UFOvni2012, responsible for the vision upload claims to, “bring unfiltered video, messages and research in the field of ufology.”

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Triangle Encounter in Arizona Canyon

04-17-16 - In a remote canyon in the Cerbat Mountains, while 4 wheeling, we stopped in a valley maybe a mile across and I was looking for game through my binoculars. As the sun set over the mountain top I noticed a distinct pattern on the slope in rear of canyon. As the light changed a bit darker I noticed movement of a very large area of the background. Then distinctly I noticed 2 black winged things that resembled some type of kite one in front of the other. As it continued to get darker a pattern appeared as if almost ancient Mayan / Aztec. There was something large out there and it was now too dark to see and my girlfriend was freaking so we drove out.

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Why Canadians Saw an Increase in UFO Sightings in 2015

04-17-16 - In 2015, Canadians reported more than a thousand UFO sightings, a survey revealed. This meant that residents reported three or four sightings a day. Why did this happen? Every year, hundreds of bystanders claim rare sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the night sky, most of which are unexplained. In Canada alone, there were 1,267 reported UFO sightings in 2015, according to a survey released by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research. This meant that Canadians were reporting three or four UFO sightings per day. This is considered the second highest number since the country's UFO survey began in 1989, but the record-breaking year was 2012...

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Eerie Footage Shows UFO in the Skies near Machu Picchu

04-15-16 - The unidentified flying object was seen by villagers in the town of Pucyura, in Peru. This is the eerie moment a UFO was spotted flying high above the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. The unidentified flying object was seen by villagers in the town of Pucyura in Vilcabamba, Peru. The spooky clip was captured by Raul Puma, reports Cusco. He said: "I filmed it at about 07:30 hours, but the object was flying over the area Habaspata very early. "Sometimes it approached and moved away from where we were. "It didn't emit any kind of sound, and from one moment to another it disappeared into the clouds."

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75th Anniversary of Alleged UFO Crash in Cape Girardeau

04-15-16 - An urban legend in Cape Girardeau is believed to be an alien cover-up and the crash before Roswell. April 12 marked the 75th anniversary of the alleged "Cape Girardeau UFO crash of 1941." Cape Girardeau UFO researcher Michael Huntington said the story dates back to 1941 when a reverend was called to what he thought was a plane crash to read the last rights of the passengers. “The Reverend William Huffman, who was the minister there, was called by the local sheriff to come assist in delivering some sort of last rights at a plane crash. That’s what the Reverend was under the impression that he was going to do. A car arrived at his house which was nearby...

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Two Encounter Unknown Objects in Massachusetts

04-15-16 - Witness report: Driving towards the Village Commons in South Hadley, my friend and I could see two bright lights in the sky that kind of looked like head lights. They were just sitting in the same spot for a very long time. We could see them about a half a mile away. As we got towards the center of the village commons, it looked as though the UFO was now over us. The two lights that we had previously seen turned into three very bright lights. As we were freaking out I had climbed into the backseat of the car and stuck my head out the window. I could see the three very bright lights in a triangle shape and as I was looking at them...

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Metallic UFO Caught on Film over Turkish Sea

04-13-16 - A SHOCKED photographer believes he could have landed the first conclusive picture of a real flying saucer, claiming he snapped a door opening on a silver metallic UFO. "I said vanished because when I tried to take the sixth photo I could not find it anymore." The photographer was using a Cannon 450D digital SLR camera with zoom lens at a hotel in the Turkish resort of Kemer, Antalya, on April 3, and has just made the report. The witness said: "I was sitting and talking with the family. It was a shiny object with strange movements. "We thought it was a helium filled metallic balloon. It moved North first and then came back and hovered above the sea.

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Surges of Light Witnessed over McPherson, Kansas

04-13-16 - Around 8:30 pm on April 8th 2016, me and about 10 friends were cooking out in McPherson, Kansas when we saw a light northwest of the RV park we were staying at. Initially only one person saw it; he said a light appeared and then faded and surged to the west 2 times then disappeared. A period of around 5 minutes passed, then the light appeared again in the same spot which we all saw. This time it came on and then went of (no surging in any direction), then it appeared a significant distance northeast from the original spot and did the same surging effect toward the east 4 times and disappeared...

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Triangle UFO Reported near the 155th Air Force Wing in Nebraska

04-13-16 - A large triangle shape, defined by a series of dim lights moving silently and fast South to North over Lincoln, Nebraska. I was sitting outside at the patio table with my dog sitting next to me. The night was clear, and the stars were bright. I looked down at my dog, her ears were perked up and she was focused on something in the sky off to the south. It was very strange to see her follow whatever it was until she was looking straight up. This caught my attention because it's strange for dogs, or cats to follow flying objects like airplanes, and helicopters. I followed my dogs gaze, and directly over me...

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Husband/Wife Report a UFO Sighting in Greerton

04-13-16 - A Greerton resident's former disbelief in claims of UFO sightings has been changed forever by what he saw above Argyll Road. He was awoken about 12.30 am by a thud he imagined was made by a cat. Jayson saw a greenish light hovering near the Kaimai Range. “I was looking out onto our lawn when I noticed a flickering greenish coloured light moving quickly across the horizon, before coming to a sudden stop in a southwesterly direction, which appeared to be somewhere toward the Kaimai Range, hovering slightly,” says Jayson Hurley. “Finding this unusual, I ran and grabbed my wife who also witnessed this object hovering.”

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