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Clearest EVER ‘alien UFO’ Photo Snapped by NASA Mars Rover

06-27-17 - A CRYSTAL clear photo apparently showing an alien spaceship has sent the internet into meltdown. NASA’s Mars Rover has snapped a picture that appears to show a UFO on the surface of the Red Planet. The high-definition image shows the rocky landscape of Mars, with ripples etched in the surface by the wind. But right in the middle of the photo is an object that looks completely different. It appears to have a smooth, possibly metallic, exterior – and what look like lights. There is no denying it looks just like a stereotypical spaceship.

UFO over Ocean
How to Prepare for the Oncoming Alien Threat

06-27-17 - Aliens are out there. The sheer number of planets in the galaxy makes that a virtual guarantee. But more than that, mounting evidence seems to suggest that they may already be here. And while we know they exist, what we don’t know is what they want with us. There are many plausible explanations. Perhaps we’re the first civilization they’ve encountered and they want to study us pre-contact. Maybe we were put here by them in the first place as an experiment. They could be planning to contact us at the right time or even planning our destruction. No one really knows for sure.

UFO over Oshawa, Canada
Oshawa Photographer Captures 'Unidentified Flying Object'

06-25-17 - OSHAWA — Wildlife photographer Ken Rice was out shooting photos on Saturday when something unusual suddenly appeared in his camera lens. He says he’s never seen anything like this and has no idea what it is. “It came out of no where, this thing,” said the Oshawa resident, who was at the marsh area near the General Motors of Canada headquarters on Colonel Sam Drive at about 7:45 p.m. on June 17 when he noticed the object off in the distance. “I was walking back to my car and I just saw something pop out of nowhere...

UFO over El Paso, Texas
Cylindrical UFO Hovers for over 1 Hour, Caught on Photo

06-25-17 - On the drive back home from Mexico, my father and I noticed the UFO in the sky. My father took multiple pictures because he has the new iPhone with a good camera. The object hovered in the same spot for a good time; approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Also we did not notice any other objects but in one of the pictures you can see 2 more objects that looked like transparent discs that at first glance look like clouds but are too perfect in size and shape and are obviously trying to cloak themselves to no avail...

UFO Depiction
Possible UFO Sighting Videotaped in New York

06-19-17 - The footage, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, featured what appears to be mysterious lights flying above the trees in a NY suburb. According to the video description, the footage was taken at around 4:30 a.m. from a driveway. The video’s uploader has not claimed that the strange object was of alien origin. Instead, the witness has simply stated that the object, whatever it might be, looks distinctly like a UFO. The video has also been shared on Reddit since being uploaded to YouTube, and so far, it has captured the interest of alien enthusiasts...

Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell was Pilot Who Reported Phoenix Lights

06-19-17 - As seen in the video, after the BBC interviewer read an account of a UFO report which came from a pilot flying his son into Phoenix on a private plane, Russell said, "I was the pilot.” Russell said he and his son Oliver were approaching and he "saw six lights over the airport in absolute uniform in a V-shape." "I was just looking at them and I was coming in, we were maybe a half mile out," Russell continued, and his son asked him what the lights were. "I kind of came out of my reverie," Russell admitted, "and I said, ‘I don’t know what they are.’

UFOs over Night Sky
Man Has No Memory of UFO Photo on Cellphone

06-14-17 - The post stated that the owner of the picture had found it later the next day, but when he checked the details, the image in question had been taken at 22:51:22, which would have been impossible because he was sleeping by that time. At first glance the image is pretty boring, showing just two bright, inconspicuous lights that could belong to anything. Big deal, right? Another user, Runner_one, decided to bring up the gamma in order to get a better look at what was happening in the darker sections of the image, and that’s when things got a whole lot more interesting...

UFOs over Colorado
Three Dark Objects Move over Parker/Aurora, Colorado

06-14-17 - Three darker objects werre moving and spotted between approx. Parker/Aurora (perhaps Smokey Hill area) area over E-470 from person in Parker/Franktown – video and video screen captures available. Every so often, objects would rotate and project beam of light. Perhaps 10-15 miles away from viewer. Objects spotted and perhaps 10 mins total observation. Speculation the objects were there before viewer spotted them initially. Objects initially appear to be somehow connected as they undulated together in the sky as if they were connected, but later...

UFOs over Toronto
Video of UFOs Hovering over Toronto before ‘Disappearing’

06-12-17 - A HUGE alien spaceship was filmed eerily hovering over a major city, conspiracy theorists claim. In the remarkable footage – filmed above Toronto in Canada – four giant bright lights are seen in the night sky. The furthest object to the left slowly moves above the skyscrapers and houses and is thought to be a helicopter. But the three other lights remain in the same position for several minutes. Alien enthusiasts SecureTeam10 posted the clip to their YouTube channel yesterday (June 10).

UFO over Arizona Desert
Train Passenger says Six UFOs were Beaming Light to Earth

06-12-17 - Traveling by train through Apache County in the Arizona desert, the witness allegedly saw "six hovering, two-story objects beaming light to the ground level." A child of the woman who reported the astonishing sight filed the account to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world's biggest organisation dedicated to alien research and investigation. The report said: "My mother was traveling through the Arizona desert via train, on her way to Texas..."

UFOs over Idaho and Colorado
UFOs Caught on Camera over Idaho and Colorado

06-08-17 - I was a front-seat passenger riding on HWY 70, a few miles northeast from Copper Mountain, CO. We exited onto 190, near the Vail Pass Rest Area to take photos of the snow and the semi-frozen lake (Black Lake). As we approached Black Lake on the service road, I began snapping photos of the lake. 4 passengers in our vehicle proceeded to exit the vehicle and take additional photos of the snow in the area and also Black Lake...

UFO Captured during Baltimore to California Flight
Video - UFO Captured during Baltimore to California Flight

06-07-17 - On or about 3 hours into a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, I noticed three very bright lights hovering outside and a distance from my plane. I captured this event with my iPhone camera. I was very excited to see this happen and glad I got some footage. The bright lights were visible from 30,000 feet, about midway through my flight. The unknown object is clearly seen and appears to be lit across its front view.

Deathbed Confession on Roswell
CIA Agent's Deathbed Confession on Roswell

06-07-17 - AN ALLEGED former CIA agent and military officer gave a shocking deathbed "confession" in which he claimed to have seen living extraterrestrials and alien space craft secretly stored in the mysterious Area 51 US Air Force base. Former CIA employee calls Project Blue Book a 'fraud' He was sent in to Area 51 on a research mission to report back to President Dwight Eisenhower, who warned of an alien invasion. The claims were made in a video interview in which the 77-year-old man could be clearly seen, but he was not named.

UFO over Prague, Czechoslovakia
UFO Videotaped over Prague, Czechoslovakia

06-07-17 - WITNESS STATEMENT: It was April 9 (Sunday) 2017, about 20.15 pm, when I went out in a blockhouse apartment on the third floor to the balcony. The moon was beautifully lit and it was quite big. It was a bit cloudy but a few stars could be seen. When I looked in the sky, I was interested in the body that floated above the panel housing estate at Rohácova Street in Prague 3. I was fascinated by the blink of many red lights. At first I thought it was a helicopter, but it did not blink so much. The red lights were very clear, there were more than 10...

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UFO over Bermuda Triangle
New Form of UFO Filmed in Bermuda Triangle

06-06-17 - Boqueron, Puerto Rico (June 6, 2017) -- A new type of UFO has been discovered, and filmed multiple times, in Puerto Rico. One researcher, Joshua P. Warren, thinks it may be a living organism, so he calls it an "Organic UFO," or "OUFO." Leaked Homeland Security footage, captured in 2013, shows one of these strange, slightly saucer-shaped, objects flying around the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico at...

UFO over Bristol, UK
UFO Footage Fuels Suspicion Bristol is Extraterrestrial Hotspot

06-05-17 - Mobile phone footage has emerged of 'UFO' activity over Hanham. Footage has emerged of a ‘UFO’ over the skies of Bristol – fuelling long-held suspicions that the city is a hotbed for extra-terrestrial activity. Mobile phone footage recorded last week shows a triangle of unidentified lights flying over the skies of Hanham. The light made ‘no noise’, according to Mike Westlake, who filmed the bizarre spectacle, and...

Aliens in Northern Uruguay
Uruguay: Aliens in Northern Uruguay After Blackout?

06-05-17 - Several lights were seen in the skies over Salto during the massive blackout that affected - and affects - a considerable part of northern Uruguay's territory, according to statements made by residents of Salto, Constitución, Belén, and part of Bella Unión as well as Paysandú. Strange lights were seen forming the shape of a triangle, holding their position for far longer than a helicopter or aircraft would, adding to this the fact that the lights were considerably bright and were separated from each other by a broad distance, according to eyewitness statements.

Black Triangle over New York
Black Triangle with Yellow Lights Seen over New York

06-05-17 - I was driving and noticed an object hovering in the sky. It was black, triangular, and appeared to have a white or yellow light on either side of it. The lights were static and not flashing. The object did not move except for periodic lateral sways that were not that dramatic. I pulled into a parking lot to stop and get a better look. With my eyes on it the entire time, I parked, and when I emerged from the car, it was just gone. No sign of it at all in any direction.

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