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Alien Ship on Antartica
UFO Hunter Claims Giant Alien Ship on Antartica

05-20-17 - A Russian conspiracy theorist claims these images show the wreckage of a huge alien spaceship which crash-landed in Antarctica millions of years ago. Valentin Degteryov posted images of the UFO, which he claims has gone undiscovered because it is covered with snow, after spotting the dark shape on Google Earth. The UFO hunter, from Nizhny Tagil in Western Russia, says the object is 1,900-feet long. He believes the wreckage has only become visible now because of ice melting on the earth’s most southerly continent. A video posted by Degteryov has attracted...

Unknown Objects Photographed over Los Angeles
Multiple Unknown Objects Photographed over Los Angeles

05-20-17 - I was walking out to my garage and noticed these strange lights in the sky. I ran inside to grab my phone and they had not moved when I returned. I captured a photo, and after sending it to a friend, I looked back up and they were gone. They did not fade gradually or drift off; they were simply there one moment and gone the next. I struggled to find an explanation for what it was, and still do. I'm also of a scientific mind and believe there is probably a logical explanation that does not involve aliens.

UFO near ISS
‘Alien Spaceship’ The Size of a Bus Spotted at ISS

05-15-17 - UFO sightings are on the rise again this year, but alien enthusiasts have recently stumbled on perhaps one of the most convincing UFO videos in a long time. This time, the video was taken by astronauts from NASA, showing a disc-like object “the size of a city bus” getting near the International Space Station and then hurtling off into space. Scott C. Waring, who hosts UFO Sightings Daily blog, published a blog post about the video...

UFOs over Decoy Country Park, UK
Unknown Objects Photographed over Decoy Country Park, UK

05-15-17 - I spotted a UFO that was going vertically up into the sky at great speed. I quickly took two photographs of the object. Then at 1:44 PM I witnessed the same object coming back down vertically heading in the direction from where it had originally come from. I managed to take another two photographs that once again show the object in flight. The photographs were taken on the 8th of May 2017 at Newton Abbot Devon England. Having witnessed many UFO on the same flight path going back and forth it leads me to believe that there must be an alien base...

UFO over Harker Heights
Unidentified Flying Object Photographed over Harker Heights, Texas

05-12-17 - The object was bright and too big to be a star or planet. It was not the moon. Object seemed textured, almost like a mirror ball, and appeared about the diameter of a dime held at arms length in the sky. The object just hovered in the sky and did not move. I heard no sound other than that of traffic, but I don't think the object was close to me. I had the impression it was very large but a good ways off. I watched approximately 10 minutes and then it was just gone. I never saw it move. It just wasn't there anymore...

Scientists Confused after Cosmic Radio Waves Detected from Outer Space

05-12-17 - Amid the debate over the existence of aliens, radio waves coming from an unknown source in the space have yet again left the scientists puzzled and confused. What has added to the mystery about alien life is the detection of the cosmic radio waves known as Fast Radio Bursts. Though the Fast Radio Bursts disappear within a few milliseconds but they are about a billion time brighter than any such things ever observed in the galaxy. On July 24, 2001, the Parkes Observatory received the first fast radio burst Lorimer Burst FRB 010724 (Year/Month/Date format of receiving the signal), Since 2007...

Photograph of UFO over Oregon
Couple Photographs Unknown Lights over Portland, Oregon

05-08-17 - Two witnesses stand outside for twenty minutes, observing three lights in the night sky. The lights appeared to maneuver for several minutes, first forming a triangular pattern, and then arranged into a horizontal, straight-line formation. The primary light on one of the objects appeared to dim, revealing prominent flashing red and white lights. All three lights departed and disappeared from sight, after which one of them returned to the same location where it had been in the sky. One witness captured the photo shown above.

Massachuttes Lights
Wedge-shaped Array of Lights Reported over Woods Hole, Massachusetts

05-08-17 - Two adult witnesses, both of whom are trained research-grade scientists, were sitting outside, admiring the night sky, when one called the attention of her colleague to a formation of rectangular-shaped, somewhat yellow in color, lights, in a phalanx-shaped formation, passing overhead at a rapid rate. Two of the yellow lights appeared to switch positions with one another, after which the formation stopped and remained motionless in position for a short period of time. Shortly after the formation had stopped, the whole cluster reportedly just faded from view.

Depiction of UFO
Blue Light Bursts through Window in Lawrenceville, New Jersey

05-08-17 - A young woman and a male friend were preparing dinner in her kitchen, when and intensely bright shaft of blue light suddenly flashed through the kitchen for approximately two seconds’ duration. The light was so bright that it left the two witnesses “light blinded” for several seconds, following the flash. Brilliant blue beam of light shot into kitchen from window, the flash stretched about ten feet and disappeared in seconds. "Around 9 PM, I was cooking dinner on the stove with my friend. To the left of me was the fridge, and to the right of me is a window on the adjacent wall above the sink..."

UFO over La Jolla, California
Glowing UFO Videotaped over La Jolla, California

05-06-17 - I noticed this glowing object in the sky and tried to film as long as I could, but it grew more difficult as it flew closer to the sun. Even though the sun was causing the object to be very bright, it appears that the object is also creating its own glowing properties. One might think that the craft was in fact a meteor, but it did not appear to move toward the ground. It flew parallel to the ground the entire time I watched it. Could this possible be simply a plane that is engulfed in sunlight? Maybe.

UFO over Paris, France
Cigar-shaped 'alien spaceship' with Flashing Lights Seen in Paris

05-06-17 - The object was spotted near Paris, a resembles a cigar radiating light. It has been posted to YouTube, although the uploader admits it could be a hoax. Conspiracy theorists have compared the sighting to an object spotted in China in 2010 and over the Gold Coast, Australia in 2014. It is unclear what the object is, and the uploader has admitted that it could be a 'full blown hoax.' In 2010, a similar cigar-shaped object was spotted in the sky over an airport in China that caused the airport to shut down.

UFOs Videotaped over West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

05-05-17 - On Thursday April 27, 2017 at approximately 7:30 pm in West Kelowna, British Columbia, I was traveling home with my 3 daughters. My 6-year-old daughter said 'Daddy, what are those flashing lights in the sky?' I was traveling in the southwest direction and I looked up to my left and I noticed several (approximately 6) flashing lights up in the sky that appeared to flashing and what I would describe as dancing in the sky. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of them. I thought they were some sort of flares or even military aircraft doing some sort of exercise.

Bizarre UFOs Witnessed by Many in Florida

05-05-17 - Paranormal investigators are investigating one of the biggest mass UFO sightings since the Phoenix Lights Incident. The Phoenix Lights incident 20 years ago is still seen as unexplained by some UFOers. The National UFO reporting Centre (NUFORC) based in the US has been inundated with witness accounts about a series of UFO sightings on April 25 over parts of Florida. The reports were submitted in rapid sequence by witnesses in multiple locations in Florida.

UFO over New Jersey
V-shaped UFO Photographed over New Jersey

05-03-17 - I was walking through my office park when I saw a craft in the air to the right of the runway. It wobbled up to a height about 500 feet above the runway, then hovered briefly. After hovering, it appeared to get smaller. I photographed the craft with a Nikon D3200 and 200 millimeter lens. It was a clear day. I managed to get a picture during the hovering that is clear. There was no noise from the craft. There was no chatter on the air traffic control regarding planes out of the pattern, balloons, drones, etc...

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UFO over Great Britain
Glowing Discoid Object Sits Still: Photographed over Great Britain

05-03-17 - I spotted this amazing daytime glowing saucer that flew across the sky and then stopped. The glowing saucer was stationary for a while allowing me to take a photograph. I looked on with amazement as it just hung there in the sky. The glowing saucer then flew off at a high speed passing a passenger plane that was in the distance. The photograph was taken 29 of August 2016, 12:37 PM GMT at Newton Abbot Devon England. More information needed...

Unidentified, Flashing Object Videotaped over Beaumont, California

04-29-17 - I regularly film the night sky in my area, using an unattended, tripod mounted full-spectrum 'ghost-pro' camera. Upon review of the night of 4/19/2017, I found I had captured an object that seems to fade into view and slowly moves in a northeast direction; moving so slowly I have to call it hovering. It brightened, then fades away, just as it appeared, it seemed to be under intelligent control...,

The 6 Most Real UFO Stories in U.S. History

04-25-17 - Science fiction movies encourage the true believers and UFO deniers alike. Movies such as Independence Day and even the recent Phoenix Forgotten cast alien visitors as anything but benevolent. Fictional aliens are often dangerous or simply curious, real or make-believe, and their relationships with humans are always complicated. So, we put together a list of a few of the most convincing alien UFO stories and sightings out there...

Sphere-shaped UFO Seen over Cape Girardeau, Missouri

04-25-17 - On Wednesday April 19th, 2017, at approximately 8:16 a.m., in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I was looking to the northeastern sky at about the 10 o'clock position and saw a spherical object traveling from a northern to a southern direction. The object was silver and shiny. I immediately went to Flightradar24 to check for other planes in the area. I snapshot it to document no other planes...

UFO over Great Britain
Glowing UFO Videotaped over Maghull, Great Britain

04-23-17 - My friend and I went out to take some pictures as I'm an amateur photographer. So I set my Nikon D3300 on a tripod and set the iso to 100 and the shutter speed at 30 seconds to try capture stars, but instead captured this. I first noticed this object as I was walking on a field I was going to take pictures on. This immediately caught my eye, but I thought it was just a bright star.

UFO Drawing
Witnesses Describe Triangle UFO over Indiana

04-23-17 - We were headed to take a drive in the country when we seen a star in the sky that was brighter than the rest. Once we were driving around 20-30 minutes, the star became a spotlight that beamed on our car. We turned down the road the light was coming from flashing our head lights at it and it flashed back. After it flashed back at us it tilted forward to show us it was the shape of a triangle. It then came towards us and circled through the sky just above us flashing all sorts of lights in different ways; almost to show us all sorts of ways it can look in the sky.

UFO Depiction
Circular UFO Observed over London, England

04-23-17 - Bright red light, came towards us at high rate of speed (faster than anything conventional I have seen), moving at low altitude (approx. 200-300 feet up), with no engine sound, or trails. Without any sign of slowing down, it came to an immediate stop. Hovered for a about 5 seconds, before shooting off at instantaneous massive speed in a 90 degree angle to its previous flight path, all the time with its red light pointing toward us (it didn't bank or rotate, the front of the craft was facing us at all times...

UFO Depiction
Two Witnesses Report Sighting of Large Triangle UFO over Alabama

04-21-17 - At 11:50 PM, my partner and I walked outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of the asteroid passing by the earth tonight. We walked around to the front of our property to see the full sky without trees. After a few minutes of staring, my partner said, "Look up! There's a UFO!" I looked up and immediately saw what he was talking about. At first I thought I saw a flock of birds flying southeast in a V formation.

Dark Object Filmed as It Crosses in Front of Moon

04-18-17 - AN UNIDENTIFIED object was caught flying close to the Moon by a super-powerful camera lens. The clip – available on report – shows a large black shadow moving upwards across the base of the Moon towards the centre. As the lens zooms in, the tip of the object appears to constantly spiral while the entity continues forward. It is not clear if the triangular, black mark is the object itself or a trail...

UFO over Mexico Videotaped in Traffic Jam

04-14-17 - Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam with little to occupy yourself other than the radio and some pretty ordinary, road-based, surroundings. Now imagine that during one of those long periods of gridlock you happen to spot something that even the brightest minds would struggle to completely explain away. That’s pretty much what happened to Carlos Arriola, a motorist in the city of Morelia, Mexico, who noticed a mysterious flying object high in the sky above where he was driving. Today's smartphones allow...

UFO Depiction
The Most Popular FBI Document is This UFO Memo

04-14-17 - Over a period of only two years, this FBI document has been viewed approximately a million times and is the most popular document on the FBI’s website. It’s only a page long, but it’s gained enough popularity that it has people wondering more about the UFO phenomenon. The FBI document is a memo dated May 22, 1950 written by Guy Hottel, who was the head of the FBI field office in Washington, D.C. at the time. The memo was addressed to former Director J. Edgar Hoover and recorded and indexed in FBI records. You can read the full document on the FBI website here.

UFOs over Los Angeles, California
UFOs Videotaped over Los Angeles, CA

04-12-17 - Submitted by former MUFON Staff Photoanalyst, Jeffrey Sainio, on behalf of the videographer, whose name/number is known to me. Video was submitted through KUFOS member Jong han Seo to me. Video shows 2 disk or sphere-shaped object apparently ascending. One object disappears (except for 1 light which is apparent for a few more frames, and then apparently moves to the lower right. Video 1 is the original submitted video. Video 2 is a brightened version of the above. Video 3_marked.mp4 has a tiny light marked in frames where it is visible...

Sphere-shaped Object Seen over San Tan Valley, Arizona

04-12-17 - I want to start off by saying I have never seen this much activity in the sky over San Tan Valley. I've seen a few things I couldn't explain in the past over this horizon. Went in my backyard to feed dogs and I looked up in the sky like I always do. Saw a bright red "star" in distance, which I thought was a plane heading straight at me. It got bigger as it approached, then stopped in the sky. It hovered over the San Tan Mountains for a while, then directly under it to the right another white light appeared. Slowly drifted north. Then another similar light appeared and did the same.

Roswell Rock
Alleged Roswell "Alien Stone" Inspires Conspiracy Theorists

04-10-17 - The stone, found in the New Mexico desert in 2004, displays a bizarre pattern and allegedly otherworldly magnetic properties. A BIZARRE object dubbed the Roswell Rock has continued to spark conspiracy theories 13 years on from its discovery. The "Roswell Rock" has been discussed in conspiratorial circles again following an online video. It was unearthed near the site of the alleged Roswell UFO crash site in the same state. Discussion of the “extraterrestrial” pebble has bubbled up again after Tyler Glockner, founder of the website Secure Team 10...

Huge, Black Triangle with 3 Lights Seen over Newport News, Virginia

04-10-17 - April 5th, 2017, around 5:10 AM, I was outside our shop at Newport News shipyard, taking a break and talking with a few coworkers, when I noticed something in the sky right above my head, about 250-350 feet. I had just enough time to be able to point and say, "What is that?" and my other two co-workers were able to catch a glimpse of it before it disappeared behind a building. I ran to the other side of the building, which only took me about 10 seconds to get there, to see if I could see it, and it had disappeared. It was heading northeast...

UFO over Spain
UFO Flying Saucer Flies Past Plane in Spain

04-09-17 - AN 'ALIEN spacecraft' was filmed hurtling below a plane as shocked passengers watched on. The baffling clip, filmed over Spain, begins with the mysterious object coming into shot directly below the aircraft. It appears to be diamond-shaped as it travels through the skies. 'What the f***?' the stunned cameraman says, before zooming in further. The craft looks completely flat, but almost as soon as it comes into view, it disappears into the distance. More than 35,000 people have viewed the startling video since it was posted to YouTube on Wednesday (April 5).

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