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UFO over Massachusetts
Unknown Aerial Objects Videotaped over Worcester, Massachusetts

11-30-17 - I went to the store and coming home noticed in clear view in a westerly direction of a constellation-like formation. I star gaze regularly so it caught my attention because I have never seen this before and at this time. It is within our hemisphere, not in galaxy (I believe anyway). The objects were shaped like a V. I think between 6-8 objects... white orbs. I pulled to the side of the road to get a better look and took the video. I was around the corner from home. I called my brother to come out and see!

UFO over Belmont, Australia
Possible UFO Photographed over Belmont, Australia

11-24-17 - My husband was in the bathroom when I walked in. I glanced up through the high window and noticed what I thought was a blurry star, then another and another. As I leaned forward I noticed the lights were shaped in an arc. I said to my husband that it was odd. This is when he looked up too. He too remarked it was odd, so I got my phone and took a couple of pictures. I thought they weren't very clear so went outside and took more. The lights were stationary and there was no sound. I felt no different as I initially thought they maybe have been from the...

UFO over New Mexico
Unknown Object Caught on Photo in Shiprock, New Mexico

11-24-17 - When driving to New Mexico, we stopped to take a picture of ship rock mountain. We took 3 pictures in a row and ran back to the car. It was cold out and windy. Not until later did I notice this; that the pictures had an object in them. Attached are the pictures, whick I tried to enlarge. This is the first time I've ever been witness to a UFO sighting. I hope you find them interesting. Shiprock (Navajo: "rock with wings" or "winged rock" is a monadnock rising nearly...

Photo of UFO over California
UFO Hunters on High Alert after Sighting over California

11-09-17 - A video uploaded to YouTube by the channel SuspectSky appears to show a UFO in the skies above California. The footage was captured in Rowland Heights, just east of Los Angeles, California, and shows a small white craft being followed by a larger craft. The two objects, in the clip titled ‘Large Black UFO with Another Leading Object Seen in California’, appear to be moving over a mountain range and were spotted on October 24. The man behind the camera, who took the footage when he was driving, says in the video: “If it is an airplane, it is moving very quickly... "

Photo of UFO over a
Rectangle UFO Caught on Photo over Las Vegas

11-09-17 - Very strange UFO rectangular shape with eroded surface observed in the sky over Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, reports Rus.Media. Ufologists are studying the images to really say about the alien ship. Witnesses saw a strange unidentified flying object in the sky over Las Vegas on 29 October 2017. Some of the witnesses that were driving and suddenly saw in the sky unidentified rectangular object. Eyewitnesses say that a UFO was very far away from them, but looked quite large. Some people got out of their cars...

Photo of UFO over India
UFO Caught on Video over Pradesh, India

10-26-17 - Once again in Kullu, Himachal, Pradesh, India. I spotted second UFO early in the morning, right before sunrise on October 26. 2017. It seemed to appear from out of nowhere and had a white and red light. I'm not sure about any noise, but I'm assuming that it had some. Something is happening here, but I don't know what. The dogs started barking at the same time I saw the object. I will be happy to witness the object again, and hope to catch it again on video.

Photo of UFO over Cumbria
Does Video Show a UFO in Skies over Cumbria?

10-19-17 - A glowing light beams brightly through the darkness as it appears to slowly glide across the Cumbrian night sky. The striking sight causes at least one person on the ground to pause, wonder - and film the object as it cruises above. Posting on YouTube, identifying themselves by the title Space Bound, the spotter poses the question: Is this a UFO? For those tempted to scoff, Cumbria punches above its weight when it comes to sightings of UFOs and potential alien visitors. Did a UFO crash on the fells back in the 1950s - giving the county its own Roswell Incident?

Photo of Cylinder UFO
Cylinder-shaped UFO Reported over Olmstead Falls, Ohio

10-19-17 - I had gotten up to go to the washroom. I heard a louder than usual plane go overhead. I live near a major airport. I looked out the window to see if the plane was OK. Instead of a plane I saw a cylinder shaped object to the northeast. It was stationary and was shimmering red and green. There was no solid coloring although UFO was whitish silver. It was an upright cylinder and looked like it was floating. I realized I needed to get a picture so my kids would believe me, so I went back to my room to get my cellphone.

Photo of UFO over Ontario, Canada
UFO on Video over Ontario, Canada

10-12-17 - We were at a friend's house for Thanksgiving in the background with 20 people including kids. I initially had something catch my eye in the south east sky around 1,000 feet at an angle of around 50 degrees to the ground. We initially thought it was maybe some silver balloons as we could see three round shiny objects. It became apparent that it was actually one object triangular in shape with three bright lights. The object hovered and moved around slowly making no sound at all. We could see this object move behind a cloud and then back again. It began to climb...

Photo of UFO over Katy, Texas
Strange Lights Appear over Grand Parkway in Katy, Texas

10-12-17 - A person who was driving along Hwy 99 Grand Parkway north towards I-10 and Highland Knolls shot video of several unidentified lights in the sky. In the cellphone video, three lights can be seen flying in close proximity to one another before a fourth light emerges. The driver was headed home around 8:20 p.m. on Sept. 18 when the lights appeared. For more than a minute, the driver kept his cellphone's camera trained on the lights in the sky. "There is no airport in the area," the eyewitness said. " ...Flickered in and out, then one disappeared as another flicked into view."

Photo Taken in Argentina
Police in Argentina Take Photograph of Alien Being

10-02-17 - Police were called to reports of strange behaviour in Corrientes, Argentina, where they supposedly snapped the other-wordly being on a mobile phone. Terrified teenagers alerted the authorities and reportedly pointed them towards the alien in a park. The creature then fled into a nearby river where officers lost track of it, Express.co.uk reports. But things might not be entirely as they seem. Debunkers have already branded it a CGI hoax, saying it is an edited version of an alien shown in the ET film Signs, starring Mel Gibson, or a still from Spanish alien horror flick Ovni.

Photo Taken
Unidentified Flying Object Reported over West Virginia

10-02-17 - My girlfriend asked, "What's that?" and I replied, "A helicopter," as we'd heard a helicopter in the vicinity a little earlier, but then we realized there was no sound. The object was hovering with red/blue/green lights flashing and a white light that looked like a spotlight. It changed positions, and seemed to 'aim' at us from a stationary position, then looked as though it flipped upside while at the same time turning around in a complete circle and then began to drift effortlessly forward. Oh, that's a drone," I said, even though it was much bigger than any I'd ever seen.

Photo Taken over Brazil
Two Similar UFOs Photographed over Brazil and Saint Lucia

09-27-17 - For two days, two very similar UFOs were photographed over Brazil and the island state of Saint Lucia. It is also interesting that according to eyewitnesses in Brazil after the appearance of a UFO in 15 minutes, an air force helicopter was seen circling in the area where the UFOs were observed, and 20 minutes after the appearance of a UFO over St. Lucia in that area, a military helicopter appeared. Goiania is a city and a municipality in Brazil, the capital of the state of Goiás. Part of the Mesoregion Center of the State of Goias.

Orbs and UFOs
Oval-shaped UFO over Oakesdale, Washington

09-27-17 - On 08/02/2017, at approximately 1143 pm, I went outside my house to turn my sprinkler off for the night. After I had done so I could hear a very loud hum. I looked to the sky facing southwest and I could see 20 to 25 white lights going in a clockwise motion across the sky. The lights were attached to something very large and were blinking in the clockwise sequence around an object. The area that these lights covered took up most of the horizon. The area around the lights was totally blacked out, you could see no stars or the moon at all.

Photo Taken over Devon, England
Unknown Flying Object Photo Taken over Devon, England

09-19-17 - I was sky watching looking through my binoculars facing east when I spotted an object that was very high up in the sky. My binoculars are high magnification and without looking through them I would have never seen this incredible object. I watched the object move across the sky and it appeared to be rotating as it moved. It was really hard to determine the shape of the object at first, but as I watched I could see that part of the object was pointed while the other part was more rounded. I would have to describe this object as...

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Triangle UFOs
Black Spheres Seen, Possible Abduction in Pearland, Texas

09-19-17 - I'm turning to you so that maybe someone else has had a similar experience and can help me, because I feel like I'm going crazy. I live in Pearland Texas, a suburb of Houston. A few days ago, early morning of the 12th of September, I awoke with with strange visual (what I at first thought were hallucinations or that I'd been possibly drugged. The ceiling appeared to have swirling colors of pink and a greenish blue. I looked to my right and saw something in my bathroom. It was small, I thought maybe a squirrel or raccoon had gotten in the house.

UFOs over Vallejo, California
Unusual Object Caught on Photo in Vallejo, California

09-16-17 - I was taking some pictures of these really dark, mean-looking storm clouds one day in about the middle of Feburary this year 2017. I live in Vallejo, California and at the time I took this particular photo I was living in an RV park across from the Veterens Building and Vallejo had lots of stormy weather in Feburary. Anyway I was watching TV and the power went out. It wasn’t raining yet, but I got up and was looking out my window and saw that it looked like it was getting ready to pour any minute, but the clouds were dark and scary looking...

UFOs over Rhode Island
UFOs like Jets Fade into Thin Air over Charlestown, RI

09-16-17 - While enjoying a brief stay at East Beach in Charlestown, RI, and lying on my back looking up at the clear blue sky, I spotted what looked like an airliner or B-52 shaped plane with fuselage, two wings, and four jet pods (2 on each wing). I didn't notice the 'plane' approach but only noticed it as it materialized overhead. I would guess the altitude to be 15k feet up. The craft caught my attention by virtue of 'bright lights' attached to the ends of the four 'jet pods'...the fuselage and wings had a translucent texture about it. It seemed, somehow, 'fake' to me.

UFOs over Oro Valley, Arizona
Three UFOs Videotaped over Oro Valley, Arizona

09-13-17 - Oro Valley, Arizona - 09-03-17 - While driving on Tangerine Road, I saw three lights. I pulled over to watch them for about ten minutes and took video. To the natural eye, the objects had a glimmer of red and blue. They flew near Tangerine Road and Copper Spring. Several of the objects appeared to land or almost land a couple of times. Their flight characteristics do not match any craft that I know of.

UFOs over Scotland
Old UFO over Photographer's Head Discussed

09-13-17 - THIS bizarre picture is the base of a “UFO” snapped by a photographer as it hovered over his head, it is remarkably claimed. UFO from below: This could be the bottom of a flying saucer, says Malcolm Robinson. The "craft" was reportedly photographed by a man, who had to "bend over backwards" to get it in sight above an oil refinery. The extraordinary image was revealed to the audience at the Outer Limits Magazine 70 Years of the Modern UFO Era conference in Hull by UFO investigator Malcolm Robinson.

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