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UFO Orbs Captured on Video near Erupting Calbuco Volcano in Chile

04-24-15 - The Calbuco volcano, one of the most active in Chile, located in the Llanquihue National Reserve in the Los Lagos Region, erupted for the first time in nearly four decades, forcing the evacuation of about 4,000 residents. UFO enthusiasts are claiming that a local news channel covering the eruption unintentionally captured on video a formation of white UFO orbs flying through plumes of smoke into the volcano. The YouTube UFO hunter Dahb00777, who apparently first spotted the UFOs, claims that the white objects in the video...

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Plane Observed Escorting Unidentified Object over Louisiana

04-24-15 - Last night, I and my friends were outside of our housing projects and we saw in increments of 2 vehicles that had one plane that was escorting the other without lights... They made no sound until they were overhead; they were no more than 800 ft. above us slightly more but so close we could get a GREAT VISUAL of them. I went inside to let friends on Facebook know of the calamity that was occurring until my cousin-in-law told me he hears something and go check outside. Once I went back outside the other guys...

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Orb Splits into Two, Drops An Orb over Niagara Falls

04-24-15 - Light resembling a red road flare, slightly flickering, travelling north and meandering. No FAA light, headlights or wing lights. Suddenly it dropped a faint white light that disappeared within one second, then approximately ten seconds later, directly overhead, split into two separate lights, one white, one red, which cruised alongside each other for maybe two seconds before switching color and intensity with each other. Then the white one (original red light) disappeared and the new red light continued north-northeast...

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Professional Photographer Captures UFO over Rome

04-23-15 - While filming an airliner from his home on the outskirts of Rome, a professional photographer captured an unidentified object. The object was not seen as he was filming, but only later when reviewing his film. The object is only seen briefly. UFO researchers are studying the film. It has been covered by Italian news and investigated by the Mediterranean UFO Center (C.UFO.M). The name of the witness has been withheld at this time. According to C.UFO.M, the unnamed witness is a professional photographer who specializes in...

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‘UFO’ Captured on Camera in Hastings by Alan Harding

04-23-15 - A Hastings man has sought the opinion of the Observer’s resident UFO expert after capturing an unexplained phenomenon on camera. Alan Harding visited our Woods House office today (Tuesday, April 21) to ask Malcolm Robinson to look over a series of pictures captured on his camera which appear to show a UFO. Harding, from Hastings, captured the picture while photographing the moons of Jupiter. Mr Harding set up his camera outside his Harold Road home to capture the alignment of the moons of Jupiter...

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Unknown / Unexplained Encounters of the English Gentleman Brian Birch

04-23-15 - I have the pleasure of sharing an ongoing correspondence with a lovely gentleman who lives in England. His name is Brian Birch. Brian is presently 75 years old. Brian lives in England. Brian is a man who lived and lives his life large and full. He has always been active and alive out doing and seeing, not a man who sits about and watches life on a small screen or from his window. Brian is one of those people who lives his life fully. Brain served his country as a Royal Marine which is a distinguished division of the United Kingdom's military.

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Two Witnesses Describe UFO Sighting over New Hampshire

04-22-15 - Stationary golden lights, singles and a horizontal group of four. Bloop/whoosh sound. Thunder of jets diminishes into distance, several stationary golden lights about 100 times larger and brighter than a star. First sight due south, low on horizon, 5 second duration. Second sight about five minutes later in same location and duration. Roar of low level jets overhead. Went outside to deck. Heard a bloop/whoosh sound. Then a third sight to the southeast of a horizontal row of three lights at low level...

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Three Witnesses Observe Chevron-shaped UFO in Illinois

04-22-15 - Shape: Chevron - Duration: 20-30 minutes - Large extremely slow moving craft with red and white lights makes several low altitude passes over Rockford. A large chevron shaped aircraft passed slowly by at speeds too low for a winged craft and there were no rotor noises. The craft flew at an altitude of approximately 200-300 feet and had a jet engine sound but with a much lower amplitude than a commercial or military jet. There were 2 lights pointing in the direction of flight, and the lights were inbound from the tips of the wing.

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Multiple Unidentified Aircraft Spotted over Louisiana

04-22-15 - I was up the street from my house coming back from the store in my car and noticed that there were 2 aircrafts flying at a very low altitude coming straight my way. I didn't think anything of it until I saw the lighting pattern on them. There were five white lights in the shape of a V on these aircrafts. They then seemed to either slow down or come to a complete stop. I stopped my car and got out to get a better look and they continued on slowly. I got back into my car and...

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Vietnam Vet Claims UFOs and US Military Were in Contact during Conflict... and STILL Are

04-21-15 - A SENIOR Vietnam vet who claims to have seen several UFOs during his service says there were several confrontations between alien spacecraft and the military during the conflict. George Filer explains that he was a former Air Force Intelligence Officer required by US authorities to record sightings and information on UFO activity during the 1960s and 70s. He is the latest in a number of ex-military and NASA veterans to come forward with stories of UFO and alien encounters.

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Four Unidentified Objects Witnessed over British Columbia, Canada

04-21-15 - My Wife and I usually spend time in our outside hot tub most nights. Our hot tub is up against our house and we look directly up to see the sky (over the edge of our house) and then on to the East. We have seen the usual space sightings i.e. the ISS frequently, other Satellites and Meteors along with normal high and low flying aircraft. What we witnessed was totally mind blowing; a very unusual event. Looking directly straight up we saw what looked like a satellite appear...

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CTV Calgary: UFO Cover-up? Hellyer Says So

04-21-15 - Hundreds of people attended a speaking tour about the alleged cover up of UFOs by world governments. Many people believe governments around the world are covering up the existence of UFOs. About 400 of them gathered at the University of Calgary for the Disclosure Canada Tour. They want governments to release all information on record about UFOs. The keynote speaker was Paul Hellyer, the Canadian Defence Minister in the 60’s. Hellyer first spoke openly about his belief governments are covering up an alien presence back in 2005...

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Fast Moving UFO Caught on Time Lapse Camera in Florida

04-20-15 - I was filming time lapse with my camera at sunset, but I did not witness the unidentified objects at that time. It appears to be a type of light object that moves very quickly. The light slowly zooms up in the distance, stops for a moment and then flies away. The object was traveling at very high rate of speed without the time lapse footage, so I don't think anyone would have noticed it in the sky. See my video footage from the time lapse. I do not normally care about this type of thing or would ever been looking for it. It was just by chance...

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UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds

04-20-15 - The list of solid reports involving strange clouds or mists around unidentified flying objects is a long one stretching over many years. The main reason that we do not confront this undeniable evidence which illustrates that UFOs camouflage themselves with artificially generated clouds, is that the implications are enormous. We sense that this way lies madness; are we to start questioning the legitimacy of all clouds in the sky? Are we being monitored from behind that low-flying cloud?

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Skywatcher Captures UFO in Photograph near Carmel, Ohio

04-20-15 - OK, here's a new one for you. I have an OPENLINE member in the Fort Hill area of Carmel, Ohio (Hillsboro, Ohio) Old Indian burial territory. She says they have UFO activity galore, and I've sent you some reports from her in the past. She is an avid sky-watcher, and loves taking pictures of clouds. She was going thru a batch of recently developed pics and came across this photo. (It was taken 'thru' her windshield, but she claims there is NOTHING on her windshield that this could be. She remembers seeing or hearing nothing when she took the pic...

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Glowing Disc 'UFO' Sighted over Mexico

04-18-15 - UFOs are seen everyday. They can range from being drones, to clever CGI tricks but every now and then, something comes along and has us stumped. Normally at this point we'd say 'experimental military aircraft' and then smugly close the case, but in this instance we're not so sure. Why? Well it literally looks like a spinning disc of lights. You cannot get more 'UFO' than a spinning disc of lights, it has to be a fake? Well the problem with that theory is that not only was this shot -- very badly we might add -- on a smartphone, but there appears...

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Mexico: Airliner on Final Approach Reports UFO

04-18-15 - MERIDA, Yucatan - Cases involving people traveling in commercial airliners and seeing UFOs in flight are not few. In Yucatan there are at least three such reports: In one of these, a pilot was unable to publicly remark on the event due to his company's strictures, which forbid employees to discuss certain matters on account of privacy and confidentiality. The pilot remarked that during a flight from Mexico City to Merida, he was about to land at the airport of the Yucatan's capital city when he suddenly saw an unidentified flying object that could...

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Star-like UFO Reported over Michigan

04-18-15 - I took my dogs out at approx. 11 pm. I always check the sky and a star-like object appeared west and slightly north, 1:30, to direct west. I took out my phone and tried to take a picture. The object slowly dimmed to black. I continued to attend the dogs. A few minutes later the object reappeared. I tried to get a picture, but again it dimmed to black. I went inside and went to bed. As I lay in bed the object reappeared. I must say it was too close to the horizon to be a star...

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