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UFO Depiction
Two Witnesses Report Sighting of Large Triangle UFO over Alabama

04-21-17 - At 11:50 PM, my partner and I walked outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of the asteroid passing by the earth tonight. We walked around to the front of our property to see the full sky without trees. After a few minutes of staring, my partner said, "Look up! There's a UFO!" I looked up and immediately saw what he was talking about. At first I thought I saw a flock of birds flying southeast in a V formation.

Dark Object Filmed as It Crosses in Front of Moon

04-18-17 - AN UNIDENTIFIED object was caught flying close to the Moon by a super-powerful camera lens. The clip – available on report – shows a large black shadow moving upwards across the base of the Moon towards the centre. As the lens zooms in, the tip of the object appears to constantly spiral while the entity continues forward. It is not clear if the triangular, black mark is the object itself or a trail...

UFO over Mexico Videotaped in Traffic Jam

04-14-17 - Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam with little to occupy yourself other than the radio and some pretty ordinary, road-based, surroundings. Now imagine that during one of those long periods of gridlock you happen to spot something that even the brightest minds would struggle to completely explain away. That’s pretty much what happened to Carlos Arriola, a motorist in the city of Morelia, Mexico, who noticed a mysterious flying object high in the sky above where he was driving. Today's smartphones allow...

UFO Depiction
The Most Popular FBI Document is This UFO Memo

04-14-17 - Over a period of only two years, this FBI document has been viewed approximately a million times and is the most popular document on the FBI’s website. It’s only a page long, but it’s gained enough popularity that it has people wondering more about the UFO phenomenon. The FBI document is a memo dated May 22, 1950 written by Guy Hottel, who was the head of the FBI field office in Washington, D.C. at the time. The memo was addressed to former Director J. Edgar Hoover and recorded and indexed in FBI records. You can read the full document on the FBI website here.

UFOs over Los Angeles, California
UFOs Videotaped over Los Angeles, CA

04-12-17 - Submitted by former MUFON Staff Photoanalyst, Jeffrey Sainio, on behalf of the videographer, whose name/number is known to me. Video was submitted through KUFOS member Jong han Seo to me. Video shows 2 disk or sphere-shaped object apparently ascending. One object disappears (except for 1 light which is apparent for a few more frames, and then apparently moves to the lower right. Video 1 is the original submitted video. Video 2 is a brightened version of the above. Video 3_marked.mp4 has a tiny light marked in frames where it is visible...

Sphere-shaped Object Seen over San Tan Valley, Arizona

04-12-17 - I want to start off by saying I have never seen this much activity in the sky over San Tan Valley. I've seen a few things I couldn't explain in the past over this horizon. Went in my backyard to feed dogs and I looked up in the sky like I always do. Saw a bright red "star" in distance, which I thought was a plane heading straight at me. It got bigger as it approached, then stopped in the sky. It hovered over the San Tan Mountains for a while, then directly under it to the right another white light appeared. Slowly drifted north. Then another similar light appeared and did the same.

Roswell Rock
Alleged Roswell "Alien Stone" Inspires Conspiracy Theorists

04-10-17 - The stone, found in the New Mexico desert in 2004, displays a bizarre pattern and allegedly otherworldly magnetic properties. A BIZARRE object dubbed the Roswell Rock has continued to spark conspiracy theories 13 years on from its discovery. The "Roswell Rock" has been discussed in conspiratorial circles again following an online video. It was unearthed near the site of the alleged Roswell UFO crash site in the same state. Discussion of the “extraterrestrial” pebble has bubbled up again after Tyler Glockner, founder of the website Secure Team 10...

Huge, Black Triangle with 3 Lights Seen over Newport News, Virginia

04-10-17 - April 5th, 2017, around 5:10 AM, I was outside our shop at Newport News shipyard, taking a break and talking with a few coworkers, when I noticed something in the sky right above my head, about 250-350 feet. I had just enough time to be able to point and say, "What is that?" and my other two co-workers were able to catch a glimpse of it before it disappeared behind a building. I ran to the other side of the building, which only took me about 10 seconds to get there, to see if I could see it, and it had disappeared. It was heading northeast...

UFO over Spain
UFO Flying Saucer Flies Past Plane in Spain

04-09-17 - AN 'ALIEN spacecraft' was filmed hurtling below a plane as shocked passengers watched on. The baffling clip, filmed over Spain, begins with the mysterious object coming into shot directly below the aircraft. It appears to be diamond-shaped as it travels through the skies. 'What the f***?' the stunned cameraman says, before zooming in further. The craft looks completely flat, but almost as soon as it comes into view, it disappears into the distance. More than 35,000 people have viewed the startling video since it was posted to YouTube on Wednesday (April 5).

1950 Report of Disc-shaped UFO over Quincy, California

04-09-17 - As per our telephone conversation two weeks ago, following is a report of my sighting: On a summer day in July of 1950, I was driving my car on a rural road in Sierra Nevada Mountains of Plumas County, California, about 4-5 miles from the town of Quincy, California. At the time, I was almost 19 years old, and I had two friends with me in the front seat, both of whom were a year older than me. The boy in the middle was about a foot shorter than the other two of us, who were nearly six feet tall, this giving the middle boy a much steeper angle of vision out both side windows.

Unknown Object Hovers in Utah Skies

04-07-17 - On Tuesday March 14, 2017 around dusk I was relaxing in my hot tub. I glanced up at the sky and noticed what I assumed was a plane traveling from south to north (towards me). As it got closer I noticed 5 or perhaps 6 solid orange lights on the front of the craft. The sides of the craft had blue and white flashing lights. As I continued watching trying to figure out what it was I was seeing the craft stopped moving and began hovering directly over me. By then the sky was darker and I couldn't make out the shape of the craft, I could only see the lights...

Radio Disc
Scientists Confirm Mysterious Space Signal Could be Aliens

04-05-17 - Over the last decade, astronomers and scientists have been trying to discover the source of “fast radio bursts,” FRBs, which are unexplained cosmic energy waves. New research from a group of Australian scientists concluded the temporary, random bursts of energy are coming from outer space, not Earth. They could be anything from stars colliding to artificial messages… or they could be aliens. Professor Matthew Bailes from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne wrote in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society...

UFO over Ocean
UFO Reported in Gulf of Mexico: OSV Engineer Says He Saw Large Craft Hovering near Rig

04-02-17 - A crew member of an offshore supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico claims he saw a UFO ‘fives times’ the size of his vessel and UFO trackers are now looking for more witnesses to come forward with any information possibly related to the sighting. The UFO sighting reportedly occurred on Tuesday in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 80 miles southeast of New Orleans. The sighting was submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center, which apparently tracks UFO sightings and data, by the chief engineer of an OSV working the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday afternoon...

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UFOs over Washington
Unidentified Lights Reported/Photographed over Tacoma, Washington

04-02-17 - We were walking down Borough Road by Garfield Park to our car. My daughter saw 3 hovering lights, white with red and blue and thought it was an airplane, but wondered why they were silent and hovering so low, plus they were too small to be full-sized airplanes, but the lights were very bright. The group of 3 were in a tighter formation at first. There were more bright white lights hovering lower on the horizon by the water, Commencement Bay Puget Sound. We noticed 9 lights and actually noticed 11 in one photo, almost as though they were meeting at...

UFO over Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Internally-lit Object Photographed over Newton Abbot, Devon, England

03-30-17 - At 12:05 AM, I was sky watching when I spotted an object to the north that was slowly moving across the sky. The object was large and appeared to be internally lit. The amount of light that this object was emitting was incredible. At first I thought that it was a blimp. I watched as the object then changed direction and moved upwards at incredible speed. I then knew it was no blimp or...

UFO near ISS
HUGE Circular Shadow Floats past ISS in NASA Footage

03-26-17 - AN alien mothership was filmed floating past NASA’s International Space Station, conspiracy theorists have claimed. The bizarre footage shows part of the space station looking out onto a black nothingness. For no apparent reason, the dark outlook begins to get lighter as some sort of circular object floats past. It continues to get lighter and lighter as the shadow is lifted. In his caption to the video, he pointed out he wasn’t for certain saying it was a “huge mothership or any sort of alien spacecraft” but that it “certainly looks unusual.”

UFO over Georgia
Passenger on Delta Flight 43 Captures UFO on Video

03-22-17 - February 23: On Delta flight 43 traveling from JFK to Atlanta around 6:30 PM. I suddenly felt compelled to look out my window for some strange reason almost as if I was prompted. I then noticed a faint object in the distance that I really had to focus on. I waited to see if it was air traffic from another flight, but the object appeared completely different from any airplane, jet, zeppelin, etc. It seemed as if it were a few miles away, but strange enough to keep my attention. It stayed consistent in motion for a few moments, but the longer I...

UFOs Depicted
Cylinder-shaped UFO Photographed over Queensland, Australia

03-21-17 - On March 14, at approximately 6:50 - 7:00 A.M. at Dalrymple Heights, Queensland, Australia, I was outside with my wife and son at the front of our house when he pointed up at the sky and said "Moon?" When my wife and I looked to see what he was pointing at, we saw a white, cylinder-shaped object going right by us in a south-easterly direction at a fast rate. If I had to guess I'd say it was moving 10-20 kms an hour. It was approx. 400-500 feet above, at an incline to us of about 70 degrees in the sky. The object was...

UFOs Depicted
Black Triangle UFOs

03-21-17 - Triangle-shaped UFOs have been in the media for the past 20 years or so. Numerous television shows have reported cases from different parts of the U.S. and Western Europe. These craft are usually about the size of a football field and nearly two stories thick. They are typically reported as having three major glowing orbs on the underside. They are non-reflective and black in color, but they’ve also been reported as glowing orange or yellow. The strangest element is that most reports say that they are unnervingly silent.

UFO over Ypsilanti, Michigan
Unknown Flying Objects Videotaped over Ypsilanti, Michigan

03-15-17 - Ypsilanti, Michigan, Wednesday, March 08, 2017 - Two observers report having sighted a peculiar cluster of strange lights, allegedly seen hovering in the direction of a local body of water. The lights reportedly hovered in the nighttime sky for approximately one hour. The witness provides what appears to NUFORC to be high quality photos and video. If anyone visiting the NUFORC website saw the same objects, or knows what they were, we would like to invite that person to submit a written report, please...

UFOs Depicted
Pyramid-shaped Formations of UFOs Seen over Michigan Lake

03-15-17 - At 6:54 pm EST, I looked out my back window and noticed 9 white dots in the sky. They initially looked like stars, but they were very low in the sky and it was still light outside. I grabbed my camera and tripod and began taking pictures. They started in 2 formations, one with 5 dots (the left formation) and one with 4 dots (the right formation), both were pyramid in shape. Two of the dots in the formation on the right began to move towards the ground. They seemed to merge back into one dot, leaving what looked like 3 dots in the right formation.

UFO over Canada
Flashing Object Videotaped over Ontario, Canada

03-12-17 - Barrie, Ontario, Canada - 02-27-17 - I pulled onto my street heading home and I noticed 3 bright lights in the sky; 2 red and one white flashing very fast. I recorded it for a few seconds from my car, until the video went out of focus, then pulled into my driveway and went inside to tell people to come look. My brother in law came outside and saw it as well. I started to record again and as I did it changed its white light to...

UFOs over Mountain
Enormous-sized UFO Witnessed over Dover, Delaware

03-12-17 - Around midnight I was taking my dog outside to use the bathroom and while I was doing that I looked up in the sky as usual and saw 4 lights in the shape of a diamond. The way the lights were positioned it looked like a plane. One light in the front one on each side and one in the back but this was too big and too low to be a plane. A plane that low would make sound, but this made no noise and it hovered for...

UFO over Irving, Texas
Irving, Texas Man Videotapes UFO

03-11-17 - 1 of 5 videos captured on 2-17-2017 around 20:45 central, Irving Texas, of UFO with helicopters circling. Feb 17, 2017, at approximately 8:40pm (20:40 central) I became aware of a particular light in the sky. It was significant in size and brilliance, and radiated in a star beam. From my location in Irving, I was facing west, and thought, well, could be an airplane, DFW airport is right there, but this was not that. This was not an aircraft on final approach. That’s not the runway, and I happen to know traffic was landing from the north and taking off to the south.

UFOs over Arizona
A Formation of 10 UFOs Witnessed over Peoria, Arizona

03-11-17 - My sister and I initially thought we were witnessing a bird migration, but the elevation was too high to be birds. We then witnessed what looked like 10 circular craft that were light in color, possible light silver or white, and were reflective, begin moving in a fluid formation that was like nothing we have ever witnessed. They bobbed and weaved within one another so fluidity that we were sure we couldn't be witnessing anything man made. They flew in this fluid formation for 10 minutes then completely disappeared. There were no clouds in the sky for them to disappear into, and it...

UFOs over Connecticut
Triangle-shaped UFO Observed for 5 Minutes in Connecticut

03-11-17 - I was driving home from work and came around the bend to see a few bright lights hovering over the water near Anthony's Oceanside restaurant. It looked like possibly a drone, but was enormous. I assumed there was something going on at the resort and this was some kind of manned object. However, as I drove out of sight, the houses were blocking my view, I noticed the lights seeming to move away from the water. As I rounded the corner towards the intersection, I saw the craft cross the intersection...

UFOs over Peru and Virginia
Man Videotapes UFO in Peru, then in Virginia

03-07-17 - Filmed in Chiclayo, Peru February 27, 2017 - 12:30 am to about 1:30 am: I do not know what this is, only that this is what I am filming. I went outside to look at the sky to see if it was going to rain, since it was raining on the other side of town. When I first looked up, I could not see the sky well due to street lights, so I used my hands like binoculars and saw what looked like 2 lights; 1 over top of the other. I asked another person to look at it; they thought it was funny looking also. So I went and got my HD Video Camera and started filming. I ended up...

UFOs over Texas
Black Cube Appears in Sky near White Sands

03-06-17 - Weaponised black hole? Texas town terrorised - portal opens over secret Army research base. A BIZARRE and sinister-looking perfect black cube has terrified residents of a Texas town after it appeared in the skies above White Sands - the USA’s most secret military installation. The terrifying black cube was snapped over El Paso on the Texas border just a few miles from White Sands – the infamous US military testing site...

UFOs over Florida
Two Similar UFOs Videotaped - Florida and New York

03-05-17 - First Video - Homestead, Florida - 02-15-17 - This happened in Homestead, Florida in 2016, multiple reports suggest it was witnessed by a large number of people. I am an aircraft mechanic and I can't explain this video with all my years in aviation. Second Video - Jamaica, NY - 03-03-17 - I was in my room fixing my blinds and I look out my window as I normally do to see the moon. As usual I see these lights beaming from a distance. They aren't airplanes because I was see a couple of airplanes from a distance and at night and know they don't beam that bright nor big.

UFOs over Florida
UFO Reported over Lions Bay, BC, Canada

03-05-17 - Police in Squamish received an extremely unusual call for assistance from the public last week. On the night of February 21st RCMP received a complaint that multiple unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were flying over Lions Bay. The resident that called police advised they were not drinking or taking drugs, and that their family was watching the UFOs for 45 minutes, before they vanished. The sighting was observed above the bay and had a bright light “that was not a plane or star” according to an RCMP release. The caller stated that...

UFOs over Florida
Two UFOs Caught on Video over Vero Beach, Florida

03-03-17 - Below is one video out of thousands floating around on the internet of supposed footage of unidentified flying objects. Keep in mind, many pictures and videos of these crafts have been published and analyzed thoroughly, so there is no shortage of verified footage and pictures. This one in particular comes from Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). Known to some as the “Father of the Disclosure Movement,” he was instrumental in bringing forth hundreds of military whistleblowers...

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