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UFO Depiction
Video: UFO Spotted by Blantyre Man

10-01-14 - Vincent Smith could not identify the object as anything recognisable and sent a video of the footage to the Hamilton Advertiser. A Blantyre man was astounded to see a UFO shoot across his TV screen this morning. Vincent Smith was watching coverage of ongoing protests in Hong Kong on BBC news when a bright object descended in the top right of the screen. It is seen flying diagonally before landing on a building and then shooting off vertically and with speed.

UFO Depiction
Vatican Astronomer Says Alien Life Will Be Discovered, But Will Not Prove or Disprove God

10-01-14 - The new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation has said that it is only a matter of time before alien life forms are discovered, which will pave the way to questions about God's relationship to intelligent beings outside our planet. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno speculated that the general public will not be too surprised when life on other planets is eventually discovered, and will react in much the same way it did when news broke in the '90s that there are other planets orbiting far off stars.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Objects Turn into Mist over Paso Robles, California

10-01-14 - I am a ((deleted--law enforcement)) and my wife is an ((deleted--medical)) tech. I was taking her to work at 0600 and she was standing by the car staring up at the sky. I was walking towards her and asked what she was doing. She just pointed to the sky behind me and said nothing. I turned around and was surprised to see a bright white object moving very slowly. The only way I could describe it would be for you to picture driving your car at night and to see a motorcycle coming towards you.

UFO Depiction
NASA Follows Vaticans Footsteps - Conference to Prepare the World

10-01-14 - The Vatican hosted a conference in 2009 bringing scientists, astronomers, and religious leaders together to discuss the implications on religion and human consciousness if the discovery of extraterrestrial life is found. One of the statements made in the conference was the fact extraterrestrials would be part of God’s creation and therefore regarded as our “extraterrestrial brother.” The Vatican participated in another 2014 conference in Arizona which again talked about the implications on mankind when we discover life exists...

UFO Depiction
Missouri State Trooper Reports 100 ft. Wide Metallic UFO

09-30-14 - "I work in law enforcement as a State Trooper, so I don't want my real name used, but felt it was important to let someone know what I saw. I want you to know that I've never seen anything like this before and hope I never do again. I was driving north on Range Line Road (49 hwy) on my routine path at approximately 5:12 a.m. on Sept 2nd when a light caught my eye to the NE of my position low at the tree line. As I drove closer I slowed the vehicle because at first I thought that it must be a helicopter since whatever it was, was so low that it couldn't be a plane.

UFO Depiction

09-30-14 - Just the other day I was reading a book about SETI and the author committed the error of appealing to an authority… which means he didn’t have a good argument other than to say that these prestigious people and organizations have weighed in and they say UFO phenomenon is all hogwash. Sure, I know you’re confused so I’ll expand. He was writing about UFOs, which, if you’re going to discuss SETI you need to address, even if it is to dismiss the idea of alien visitation.

UFO Depiction
Aircraft Follow UFO over Olyphant, Pennsylvania

09-30-14 - I was out for a smoke when I noticed a bright light out of the corner of my eye. I looked at it and it kept slowly getting brighter and brighter (about a 2 second period) while remaining in the same spot. The brightness was glaring at its climax (like a bright white spot light glow in the sky). It then suddenly accelerated nearly directly north and straight upwards and away from me and was out of sight in less than a second. It left a definite trail through the high wispy clouds. I then noticed the blinking lights of a jetliner northwest...

UFO Depiction
China: Venezuelan Photographer Captures Image of a UFO

09-29-14 - This UFO was captured by a photographer in China. (Photo: Broadcast / Avelino Rodrigues) Beijing - An unidentified flying object was photographed largely by chance around the Shanghai World Financial Center (Shanghai IFC Mall), located in the eponymous town, east of China; published aporrea.org.

The image was taken by Venezuelan photographer, Avelino Rodrigues with a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone. Rodrigues was making a personal record of Asian architecture at the time.

The photographer, who visited Shanghai in order to make the coverage of the Olympics 2014 Nanjing Youth for the printed medium in working in Caracas, told the journalist Hector Escalante when taking the photograph, he did not observe anything unusual.

UFO Depiction
Eyewitness Recounts UFO Activity at SAC Bases in 1975

09-29-14 - My name is Garel W. White, Retired USAF and now living in the Seattle Area. I don’t know if you will get this response, but over the years it has become more clear than confusing about the nature of the Wurtsmith UFO incident in October 1975. Reading about the incident in the early years suggested I was not telling the truth until I now read that 2 UFOs were in the area and split up while being chased by a KC 135 Tanker. One shot toward Saginaw and the other found its way over to our Capehart Gate Housing Area and Motor pool and Munitions Storage...

UFO Depiction
Astronomy Chair Breaks Down Search for Other Life Forms

09-29-14 - Harvard Astronomy department chair Abraham “Avi” Loeb presented cutting-edge techniques in the search for primitive and intelligent life Tuesday evening. Speaking to a room of about 200 people, Loeb introduced several methods used to answer the unsolved question of whether forms of life exist beyond Earth. One way to answer that question is to locate extraterrestrial life by searching for artificial light on planets, Loeb said. However, as these planets are all orbiting stars, Loeb said, “you get blinded from the light that comes from a star."

UFO Depiction
UFO with Three Rods Photographed over California

09-28-14 - Texas UFO sightings have been making rounds online for the last few months. However, citizens and UFO enthusiasts temporarily shifted their focus to the reported UFO sighting in California recently. A unique aircraft was seen hovering above the Golden State and photographed by a witness, who reported it to MUFON and submitted the image. The witness was pulling into his driveway at around 6:55 p.m. when he noticed a bright orb hovering above and beyond his neighbors’ home. He immediately noticed the orb because it reflected...

UFO Depiction
‘Puzzling nature’ of UFOs to be Addressed

09-28-14 - The first New Mexico UFO Conference, sponsored by the New Mexico UFO Meetup, will also feature these speakers: Norio Hayakawa of Rio Rancho, an investigator of the UFO phenomenon since 1961, and director of the Civilian Intelligence Network, who will discuss the impact of “UFO beliefs and culture” on society. Michael Schratt of Phoenix, a military aerospace historian and author of “Retrievals of the Third Kind,” will speak on “Man-made UFOs.” Greg Valdez of Albuquerque, a former New Mexico State Patrol officer...

UFO Depiction
Two Lights Move in Unison over South Carolina

09-28-14 - Bright white and blue light, slow and constant moving, orb-like UFO. I was lying in bed shortly after midnight reading on the computer. All of a sudden I noticed an extremely bright white and royal blue light in the sky from my bedroom window. Whatever it was couldn't have been more than a few hundred feet in the air. Both lights were moving in unison together in a Southeast to Northwest direction. I'm pretty sure it was one entity because the lights themselves were not very far apart from one another, maybe 10-20 feet...

UFO Depiction
The Glowing Blue Sphere over Mount Kisco, NY (off-site)

09-28-14 - As a level headed, well-educated man trained in the technical sciences, the last thing Edward ever expected to witness was a Glowing Blue Sphere UFO. Mid-September 1982: location Westchester County in the town of Mount Kisco, NY, population eleven thousand. Edward was in his second floor bedroom, glancing out of his window he noticed red glow in the sky. “I thought someone had set off a firework and I looked more intently.” He watched as the red glow moved from right to left in his southward field of view of the sky.

UFO Depiction
Archived Case of the Week - 1986 Japanese Airline 1628 Encounters UFO with Video

09-27-14 - It was just a routine flight. Well, not exactly routine... It was a special Japan Air Lines 747 cargo flight to carry a load of French wine from Paris to Tokyo.

The flight plan would carry flight 1628 from Paris to Reykjavik, Iceland, across the North Atlantic and Greenland, then across Canada to Anchorage, Alaska, and finally across the Pacific to Tokyo.

The crew consisted of veteran Captain Kenju Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji, and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba.

On November 16, 1986, laden with wine, JAL1628 took off from Paris and flew the first leg of the trip, to Reykjavik. The next day, they continued, flying over Greenland and then across northern Canada without event.

Just after they crossed into Alaska, at 5:09 PM local time, Anchorage Air Traffic Control contacted them on the radio to report initial radar contact. The Anchorage flight controller asked them to turn 15 degrees to the left and head for a point known as Talkeetna on a heading of 215 degrees. They were at 35,000 feet and traveling at a ground speed of about 600 mph.

UFO Depiction
Flashing Blue, Red and White Lights over Port Saint Lucie, Florida

09-27-14 - Scattered cluster of still flashing blue, red and white lights on cloudy day. It is cloudy and dark out. The stars seem to have disappeared and these flashing objects have taken their places. They all remain still in place scattered across the sky. Flashing red and blue but if you look closely, it seems like there is a slight white flash as well. We stood astonished. I have never believed in UFOs before, but airplanes don't stay still, and certainly not for that long. Our power has been going out all day, which is odd because there hasn't been bad weather.

UFO Depiction
Triangle-shaped UFO Seen over Gaston, South Carolina

09-27-14 - I was Skyping a friend in a different state when I saw lights skimming a nearby tree line. At first I thought maybe it was a plane of some kind, but then I realized the object was a black triangle with three lights. It came from the southeast and went north. It was moving steady and straight, faster than a plane, slightly over the tree line. It caught my attention because of the bright roundness of the lights. I stared at it for a few seconds (6-8). I live near an airport, so planes are normal. I know the speeds. This wasn't as big as a jet, but faster...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object with Glowing Lights Seen over Ontario

09-27-14 - Sighting of a UFO at 9:45 PM central Canada time zone (CET) and it was a clear sky night, very low light pollution. Seen for approx. five seconds. Description, white glowing lights and moving North. When I noticed it there, it dimmed the lights and went incognito (disappeared). Follow-up narration approximately 4 hours later. I was walking along a back-road with my backpack and flashlights. The object was glowing in the sky and was moving steadily north. I could identify it as a probe...

UFO Depiction
Alleged TR3B Caught on Video in Wisconsin Skies

09-26-14 - Two Videos Show Similar Objects in Wisconsin - The first part of the video shows a black object that was captured in a photo taken a couple of weeks ago in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Being black it could be nothing more than a paper airplane. The second video shown below is being called an 'incredible TR3B." I don't believe we can be certain of that, but it is interesting to see. There is some similarity between the two objects, but they do not look like the exact same object.

UFO Depiction
New Bern Woman Reports UFO

09-26-14 - A New Bern woman and her son saw a triangular UFO shortly after leaving church Wednesday evening, and reported the incident on the national radio talk show, Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Noory. The woman was later interviewed by the National UFO Reporting Center and stated that the incident happened at about 8:50 a.m. According to the report, her son pointed and told her there was “something very big in the sky.” “When I looked up,” she told NUFORC, “I saw a large dark triangular mass blocking out the sky... "

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Appears, Quickly Descends in Pittsburgh

09-26-14 - At approx. 08:05 pm on September 17, 2014 I was on the front porch of my house walking out the door to greet my wife who had just pulled in front of the house in her minivan. A starlight white light I caught out of the corner of my eye moved quickly from the Northeast to the east and was in the sky at about 45 degrees. I then turn my head to look at it and it was stationary for about 10 or 15 seconds and then descended quickly changing colors to red. Then it ascended quickly to almost where it started...

UFO Depiction
UFO Caught on Photo over Devils Tower, Wyoming

09-25-14 - Devils Tower was the first declared United States National Monument, and the site of the dramatic landings in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." A Casebook reader states: My wife and I were on a vacation out west and stopped at Devils Tower. We took a lot of photos with our cameras, but only a few with our Dell tablets. This is the only photo I got with the UFO in the picture. I have no idea what the object is. Take a look and let me know what you think. Photo taken on 9/13/2014 at 12:08 pm.

Note: All news items that appear on our front page are archived at Archived Files, 2014.

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