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Alien Abduction
An Abduction in Clay County, Kentucky

01-17-17 - I was in Clay co. KY. with my sister and nephew, there was another guy; can't remember his name, he was a friend of my nephew. My sister and I were home alone at first, it was just getting dark (we are very isolated there, it's about 2/3 miles off the main road) on a farm about 410 acres surrounded by farms; very country and up on a mountain. There was a knock above the door where there are no steps. I asked my sister if she thought someone could be messing with us; most people there wouldn't because everyone has guns and we hadn't seen any lights come up the hill. I looked through the peep hole in the door and saw something strange, then asked my sister to look.

Alien Hand
Alien Hand and Skull Found in Ancient Peruvian Cave? with Video

01-07-17 - PARANORMAL researchers are baffled after they discovered what appears to be an alien hand in a Peruvian cave. UFO experts said the giant hand, which has three long spindly fingers, was found in Cusco, in south east Peru. According to the researchers, they found it while exploring caves and tunnels in the desert. They claimed they also found a small mummified alien and elongated humanoid skull at the same spot. Paranormal researcher Brien Foerster, who runs Hidden Inca Tours, examined the hand and is convinced they were genuinely from a humanoid creature.

UFO Depiction
Video - UFO Appears to Land near Las Vegas, Nevada

01-06-17 - This video was captured within two miles of my home in Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 19, 2016. What an awesome sight this was to see. I saw a light in the sky just above the closest mountain to my home which is less than two miles away and began to film it because I could tell it was a UFO immediately. This is also the same mountain that shows up in many of my videos of UFOs just above a rooftop of a building near my home. This time, I saw where the UFO came from and caught it in the air just before it began to descend and eventually land.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Black Flying Object Caught on Camera in England

01-06-17 - I made a return visit to Dawlish Warren to carry out further investigations into my sighting of a UFO that had landed in a farmer's field. I stood in the same position as last time to watch the field and surrounding area for strange UFO activity. It was cold out but I did not let this deter me from my UFO watch. I was there for hours looking in the direction of the field, when to my amazement a similar or maybe the same UFO flew across the sky. I was flabbergasted. I started taking photographs as the UFO...

UFO Depiction
Chilean Navy Releases Video of UFO - Compelling Evidence

01-05-17 - An exceptional nine-minute Navy video of a UFO displaying highly unusual behavior, studied by Chilean authorities for the last two years, is now being released to the public. The CEFAA - the Chilean government agency which investigates UFOs, or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), has been in charge of the investigation. Located within the DGAC, the equivalent of our FAA but under the jurisdiction of the Chilean Air Force, CEFAA has committees of military experts, technicians and academics from many disciplines. None of them have been able to explain the strange flying object captured by two experienced Navy officers from a helicopter.

UFO Depiction
Orlando, Florida Helicopter Pilot Videotapes Glowing Craft

01-04-17 - A helicopter pilot from Orlando in Florida has reported sighting and filming a “glowing UFO craft” at an altitude of about 1,500 feet. According to the unnamed witness in a report filed in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 81052, he watched a mysterious glowing UFO as it flew inside a cloud. The UFO remained concealed inside the cloud for some minutes before it exited, “flew upward and vanished.” According to the witness’ testimony filed with MUFON on December 19, 2016, he was...

UFO Depiction
Partygoers Spot and Videotape UFO over Houston, Texas

01-04-17 - Guests at a house party on New Year's Eve were left horrified after they captured footage of what they claim is a UFO. Two videos of the unidentified object hovering in the sky above houses in Houston, Texas, have now emerged online. They have since amassed more than half a million views on the internet and sent social media users into a frenzy. Two videos of the unidentified object hovering in the sky above houses in Houston, Texas, have emerged online. Video footage shows the object lighting up the sky as those on the...

UFO Depiction
UFO with Contrail Photographed over Devon, England

01-04-17 - I decided to go out sky-watching and I had my trusty Nikon P900 camera at the ready. After about an hour of sky watching I spotted a faint contrail and began to zoom in. At a higher magnification I could clearly see that this contrail was not coming from a plane, but was in fact coming from a round object that appeared to be glowing. The round glowing object was at a very high altitude and I doubt that many people would be able to see this with out a telephoto lens or a pair of high zoom binoculars. The object was moving at a high rate of speed across...

UFO Depiction
Policemen Encounter UFOs/Aliens over Issaquah, Washington, 1989

01-02-17 - The light was very intense. We stared at the light until it disappeared around the south side of the building. Goosebumps prevailed. Officer John and I looked at each other eyes wide open, each asking at the same time, “Did you see that?” What we had seen was strange enough but nothing compared to what we were about to witness. While we stood and talked about the strange event, our eyes were once again drawn to the Northwest corner of the same building only this time it was the lower corner...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Flying Object Videotaped over Heber, Utah

01-02-17 - Every night, assuming its a clear night, I step out on my front porch and watch this "Dancing Star". I have had multiple witnesses come view the object with me, and they have also confirmed that is moving in strange patterns. Most are difficult to notice unless you are watching it with a steady eye. It is much brighter than any other stars in the sky; which is why it stood out and got my attention. It will wobble left to right then pause for a moment, then rise a short distance, pause, then drop back down close to its original position.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Flying Objects Observed over Beatty, Nevada

01-02-17 - My husband is a long-haul truck driver and we were on a run from Washington State to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We left the town of Beatty, NV. heading south on SR 95 when I spotted 3 glowing objects to the west over the hills. My husband pulled over and we observed the objects just hover above the hills. They stayed in one spot for about 15-20 minutes. My husband thought they were Military flares. I say that they are UFOs. We took pictures and watched them just hover there the whole time. Then they disappeared without any noise at all.

UFO Depiction
Fisherman Capture Hovering UFO over Brazilian Rainforest

12-30-16 - The men, fishing from a boat in a river, captured the haunting images on a mobile phone just as the sun was coming up. The group of fishermen stared in amazement as the UFO hovered in midair above the rain forest before suddenly disappearing into the dense canopy of trees. The men, fishing from a boat in a river, captured the haunting images on a mobile phone just as the sun was coming up. It lingers just above the vast vegetation for several seconds before dipping below the horizon. In the footage, posted on YouTube, the shocked fellas discuss...

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UFO Depiction
UFO Spotted and Photographed over Plymouth, Devon, UK

12-30-16 - Another UFO has been spotted and photographed in the sky above Devon - with one person claiming it's 'some new type of sick military weaponry originating from the nearby Plymouth Naval base'. Musician Mark Emmins was among those who witnessed the spectacular sight, which left a blazing contrail in the sky and was visible for around three hours. His friend Tyron Osborne grabbed a camera and photographed the incredible sight. Sharing the pictures on Facebook, Mr Emmins wrote: 'Today for the second time in my life I can honestly say that myself and my neighbour watched a UFO.

UFO Depiction
UFO Photographed over Random Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

12-30-16 - CLARENVILLE, NL — Chad Haines says he’s the last person who might believe in aliens, extraterrestrials or UFOs. But after witnessing an unidentified flying craft near his house early in 2016, he can’t explain what else it could’ve been. While deleting some images off his camera this past week to make space in preparation for Christmas morning, Haines stumbled upon some photos he took the night of Feb. 23, 2016, from his Bayview Road home. Reviewing the photos once more, he still couldn’t find a rational explanation for what he saw in the sky.

UFO Depiction
Plane over Arizona Films Disc-shaped UFO

12-21-16 - UFO, the mysterious moving object that appears in the sky occasionally is claimed to have no orthodox scientific explanation regarding its existence. As per the prevailing belief they are flying saucers and the same can be a monster spaceships carrying real extraterrestrials through clouds. Nowadays, UFO sightings have been a matter of amusement rather than a concern, even though there are ample evidences about their scary appearance. However, in postmodern culture, where Alien Videos are common...

UFO Depiction
Acorn-shaped UFO Reported over Bethany Beach, Delaware

12-21-16 - My son, his wife and I were in Bethany Beach on November 6, 2016 at 11:10am. The sky was crystal clear blue. We observed 3 military planes flying east at about 25 thousand ft. about a mile apart heading out over the Atlantic ocean with long contrails. We were talking about how clear we could see the aircraft. All of a sudden out of the northeast we saw a bright, silver acorn-shaped object approach the middle aircraft. It flew over the top and at the same speed as the aircraft for about 4 seconds, then shot off at a high rate of speed to the southwest and...

UFO Depiction
Argentina: Seven Friends Break Pact of Silence to Disclose Alien Contact

12-21-16 - The history was kept secret by an agreement between the witnesses. Seven people went through the most unbelievable - and terrifying - ordeal of their lives. They are speaking openly about it today, while concealing their identities. It happened in Neuquen last July during the course of a friendly weekend get-together, as they had not seen each other for a long time. Between them all they rented a quinta (farm) to enjoy unending food and conversation. But this was all changed as a result of mysterious events that included lights that invaded the...

UFO Depiction
Window Cleaner Films Dark Object in Evening Sky

12-16-16 - A mysterious black helicopter is seen 'chasing' a UFO in scenes that could be straight out of sci-fi series the X-Files. Window cleaner Darren Cooper raced to get his camera when he spotted a small dark object zooming across the evening sky. As it hovered above him for a few minutes he managed to capture it in the sky - before it flew off into the distance. But just two minutes later, the dad-of-four was startled when a black helicopter swooped over his house in hot pursuit of the UFO. Darren, who lives in Southampton, said: "As I went back into the house... "

UFO Depiction
'UFO with six lights' Photographed over New York on iPHONE

12-16-16 - A UFO above New York appears to have been captured as images emerged showing an orb with six lights hovering over the city. Paranormal investigators are analysing the images, which were taken by a perplexed tourist on December 7. The unnamed witness told Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) yesterday: "This was taken from a bus that was moving very slowly during a tour of Brooklyn, New York. "I did not have my flash on my iPhone when I took the photos. "Also, I only took a photo of this because... "

UFO Depiction
Huge Mysterious UFO Disc-shaped Object Captured Crossing Moon's Surface

12-13-16 - Alien hunters are convinced this huge apparently disc-shaped UFO crossing the moon is yet more proof of extraterrestrial life. Mystery surrounds the object which appeared from out of the blue as the Miami Observatory in Florida streamed a feed of the lunar surface on December 3. The dark circle-shaped shadow is captured above the moon, sparking theories from a well-known UFO enthusiast that it is a craft created by an intelligent species. "There are no antennas on it for transmitting, also the surface is not completely round, but has a rough edge to it."

UFO Depiction
UFO Spotted 1,000 Feet in Sky before Hurtling towards Earth - NSRI

12-13-16 - Jeffreys Bay – An unidentified flying object was apparently spotted 1,000 feet (about 300m) above a plane before it was seen hurtling towards earth on Monday night, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said on Tuesday. The UFO was spotted around 21:30 on Monday. "A Boeing 737 cargo aircraft captain and co-pilot, flying from Cape Town International Airport to Port Elizabeth International Airport, reported seeing what appeared to be a green object increasing in altitude past the cockpit of their aeroplane, reaching to about a thousand feet into clouds above them..."

UFO Depiction
USAF And UFOs Have Joined Forces; USAF Acquired Alien UFO Technology

12-08-16 - USAF And UFO Alien technology - UFO hunters claim that frequent USAF and UFOs are trusted allies. USAF is testing the acquired alien UFO technology at the Nellis Air Force base. Renowned UFO hunter Steve Barone recently uploaded a video captured on Nov. 15, 2016, which shows a UFO hovering over the restricted test and training area of the Nellis Air Force base. Steve Barone is a dedicated UFO hunter and keeps a close watch on suspected alien activities near the Nellis Air Force base, Las Vegas. He said that he has been observing heavy alien activity in the area.

UFO Depiction
Spherical Object Sighted above the Clouds at Johns Creek, GA

12-06-16 - On Friday afternoon at 4 pm, I noticed a bright white spherical object above normal approach aircraft traffic to Atlanta. I estimate the object was above 20 thousand feet. The day was sunny with very few clouds. The object was headed south in the direction of Atlanta City above the clouds. At times the object reflected sunlight as it was a sunny afternoon. I observed the object for about 7 to 10 minutes. The object was moving at a steady rate of speed in the direction of Atlanta. It did not move in an erratic way.

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