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Strange Cloud Trail in Siberian Sky Caught on Video

12-19-14 - A UFO, meteor shower… or a very drunk pilot? Mystery over the bizarre trail left in evening sky over Siberia. Experts say the bizarre pattern could have been caused by a rocket launch, but some locals are putting the cloud down to extraterrestrial activity. Twisting and seemingly metamorphosing with every passing second, it cast a ghostly spectre against the clear dawn sky. For a while it was unclear what had caused the vapour trail over the southern Altai region, but it was too haphazard in shape to have been made by an aircraft.

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Orb Chased by Helicopter over Spotsylvania, Virginia

12-19-14 - We were driving home when we saw an orb of light hovering over the north eastern sky that looked like the moon behind the clouds. While this is happening, the radio gets real static (older radio so wouldn't put my money on that one). We looked again after a break in the trees and we see a helicopter flying to it and the object flew away straight out of the atmosphere. It left a trail like a comet behind it; the helicopter then hovered where we sighted it for over two hours, but the strange orb of light never returned.

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Cylinder-shaped UFOs Reported over Longview, Washington

12-19-14 - The power went out in our neighborhood around 4:00 p.m. My fiance and I decided to leave our house to go get some candles and other things we would need for the outage. We stepped outside and I looked to the sky and thought to myself how brilliant the stars looked. Immediately, I noticed two long cylinder-shaped objects in the sky. I pointed them out to my fiance and he gasped. We watched the objects for about 10 seconds. They were parallel to each other and moving in a NE direction.

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Are these Objects over Leicestershire UFOs?

12-18-14 - Sky watcher Sam Green thought he’d struck gold when he captured this incredible image of what looks like meteors speeding towards Earth. The 27-year-old builder, from Countesthorpe, was doing a job for his boss in Kibworth when he spotted mysterious goings on high in the clear, blue sky. He said: “Where we were is on a flight path and you often get planes and helicopters flying over from Leicester Airport, which are interesting to look at and my camera is never far away from me...

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Unidentified Lights Turn On and Off in Pattern over Wisconsin

12-18-14 - Driving home, I noticed what was a brighter than normal light in the sky. It was dark out and the stars were shining. The light was kind of oval and came on and then went off. Then a little way to the right another light of the same shape and size came on and went off; then another and another; in a pattern, 4 total. If a star looks like the size of a nail head these looked more like a small plate that is used under a coffee cup. The lights were not real white, but more amber in color. I waited a little and the same thing happened, but they seemed a little farther away...

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White Orbs Form Diamond Shape over Washington

12-18-14 - I live on the waterfront and look out at Maury Island. Tonight I noticed a line of very bright lights along what is a roadway on the east side of Maury. I thought they were unusually bright so I grabbed my binoculars. As I looked at them I couldn't figure out how they could have become so much brighter than ever before. I then noticed above them in the sky hovering what might have been only a couple hundred feet was a configuration of 6 dimly lit orbs in a diamond configuration. At this point my binoculars started to fog up...

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Alien Being Seen Next to Black, Box-like Object in West Virginia

12-17-14 - I walked to and opened my sliding glass doors on the bottom floor of our house, facing the southwest direction. This is where I smoke, since my wife is pregnant, and I don’t want a smoke-filled house. It is also very common for me to wake and smoke throughout the night. I proceeded to light my cigarette and was on my smart phone; then I looked up and saw it. I have a short backyard, about 15 ft., and then it slopes upward at a 45 degree angle for approximately 40 ft., to a road with a newly built vacant house on the other side of the road.

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Two UFOs Photographed in New Mexico in 4 Month Span

12-17-14 - I was dispatched to an oil rig near Carlsbad, New Mexico at approximately 10 pm at night. I noticed an object getting brighter and brighter getting lower approx 1/2 mile dropping to 300-500 ft. It was a disc-shaped object with a blue white light dome on top. It appeared in front of my path, hovering over the oil rig; I thought it was a helicopter, but there was no noise. I turned my truck off and grabbed my cell phone and immediately started taking pictures and upon reviewing them, I could clearly see a UFO like I was seeing it with my own eyes.

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Dual Orbs Observed over Eugene, Oregon

12-17-14 - My wife and I were outside smoking, when we saw two orange, round orbs in the sky. The color almost looked like the distant glow from a fire, but was floating in the sky. They flickered with intensity and flew in unison with one another. They appeared to be very low and slow-moving. They were traveling north, then turned northwest. One orb started to go dim almost to the point where it looked like a star then disappeared; then the other orb just disappeared. This was not the first time we have seen this kind of activity before.

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Is Medellin, Colombia a New UFO Hotspot? with Video

12-16-14 - UFOs show up all over the world, making seemingly random appearances -- except, of course, for the many that are easily created via various software, posted online and promoted as the "real thing," whatever that real thing is. But every once in a while, and over a relatively short period of time, reports of unidentified flying objects emerge from the same geographic area, and for no apparent reason. During 2014, Medellin, Colombia, became one of those places. Medellin, population of 2.44 million, is the second-largest city in Colombia, located in...

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Australia Gold Coast Has a Spike in UFO Sightings

12-16-14 - THERE has been a conspiracy of silence over why there has been a spike in Queensland UFO sightings, yet the Territory UFO tourism industry languishes on its knees. Queensland news blog Brisbane Times reported in September there had been a “spike” in reported UFO sightings, with UFO Research Queensland’s Sheryl Gottschall saying the Gold Coast was a real “hotspot.” But repeated attempts by the NT News to contact the Australian UFO Research Network on its UFO hotline have failed, as have several electronic mails, with the organisation...

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Argentina: Triangle UFO over the Iguazu Falls Reported by Park Ranger

12-16-14 - A park ranger recorded the transit of an unidentified flying object over Iguazu National Park. The park administration, however, has decided not to release the images for the time being. Iguazu National Park is investigating whether an unidentified flying object (UFO) had flown over the Iguazu Falls a few days ago. It was evening and access to Iguazu National Park was closed when a park ranger saw an object flying over the area. It appeared to be over the rear concourse, having a triangular shape and with many lights.

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Speculative Ufology Died after December 21, 2012 in Chile

12-16-14 - Rodrigo Bravo, an army major and the foremost specialist of the UFO phenomenon in Chile, comes clean with Publimetro about a subject that creates tremendous attention in our country. From a critical perspective, Bravo seeks to find the effects of anomalous aerial phenomena to contribute toward aeronautical safety, more than to seek out its causes. Chilean army major Rodrigo Bravo, 38, has twenty-one years of military service behind him and has been the first Chilean military man to approach the UFO phenomenon from a critical perspective.

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Classified Footage of Fighter Jets Engaging Unknowns on Night of Phoenix Lights

12-15-14 - Phoenix Lights UFO: Watch incredible classified footage of US fighter jets 'engaging unknown aircraft.' The video obtained by investigate journalist David Collins shows military aircraft in the skies above Arizona on the night of one of the world's most famous UFO sightings in March 1997. This incredible leaked classified video shows fighter jets "engaging unknown aircraft" in the skies above the southern US on the night of one of the world's most famous UFO sightings. The 14-second clip, posted on YouTube, shows American military aircraft...

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Unknown Lights Reported in Gardner, Colorado Sky

12-15-14 - I went outside at 9 pm to see if I could see any of the Geminid asteroid shower. It was a perfectly clear night. Without obstruction in the eastern sky about 30 degrees above was a 'blinking' light we call them -- we often see these kinds of UFO lights. This time, however, I had a binocular and focused in on it. It was a 3D spherical object that had spoke-like legs to a ring with a hub facing (forward?). The hub blinked very brightly alternating red, blue, and white...

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Several Unknown Lights/Objects Observed over Sun City, Arizona

12-15-14 - I was out in the backyard about 8:10 P.M. when I saw a weird light to the south-southeast blinking through the top of the tree across the golf course. I thought, "that’s not a tower light," because I could see the one tower red blinking light. So I got up and went around the pool and could see two more lights, two lights were even off horizon with the third down and to the right. Approximately 1 minute later the lower light faded out. I went and got pops; when he got outside 2-3 minutes later, the third light was back...

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Unidentified Lights over Vancouver Caught on Video

12-14-14 - A family member of mine knew I am in this field of research and caught some strange lights that he could not explain with his cell phone. He is ex-military and I would consider him a sound individual with good discernment. The anomalies in the video were recorded December 2nd in the evening approximately at 18:00 in Vancouver, WA near the Westfield Shopping Center. There were 4 lights that went from dim to super bright lights just hanging in the sky for 10 minutes or so and then just kind of flew off. He did not record the whole observation...

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