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Special Announcement - UFO Casebook for Sale

I have labored a labor of love for 16 years running the UFO Casebook website. But unfortunately my health has begun to fail me, mostly due to complications of diabetes 2. If you have watched the site closely, you have noticed that updates are becoming more and more infrequent.

What I could do in 3-4 hours is now taking me several days, and is difficult at best. I have decided to sell the UFO Casebook domain. If you are really interested in buying a site already loaded with UFO material, this is your chance. I have accumulated an enormous amount of articles, photographs and videos. The forum by the same name has almost 19,000 members, and we have over 2,000 YouTube followers. We also have a large Facebook following.

The site, although not producing a lot of income since I became ill, has great potential. I am beginning the price at 25,000 dollars; I have been offered more than that in the past, but was not ready to sell at that time. I promise you if you work the site, you can earn back your investment in about 1 year.

If you are interested email me at AOL, or through the domain. You may also send any questions along that you might have.

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Unidentified Object Videotaped over Clifton Park, New York

05-23-16 - This thing freaked me out because it was ejecting orbs, drones out of it. Once I broke out the camera it disappeared. I have never seen this type of anti-gravity aircraft in person before. This thing look like a plane without wings. It made No sound - Freaky stuff. We are documenting anti-gravity technology from a Target Individuals perspective. The US Shadow Government is autonomous tracking Americans Illegally without the public knowledge. The US Military Industrial Complex is now using A.R.V anti-gravity technology in commercial aircraft and stars disguised as UFOs as a cover for black projects.

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UFOs Photographed over Taroko National Park

05-23-16 - I am from Costa Rica, but in April 2008 I was taking a military course in Taiwan, when we visited the Taroko National Park. We started taking pictures on a specific mountain, which is the proper place to found monasteries nestled there. We did not, at that time, see anything unusual. It was a very nice, clear day on the mountain. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of these mountains are granite. They downloaded digital camera photos and passed them to the computer, noticing two boxes where you see what appears to be two objects surrounded by lights of a circular motion lights.

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UFO Flying to Australia - NASA Caught UFO Sighting at The Space Shuttle

05-23-16 - New video published by secureteam10 points out a geographical error and some new UFO sightings captured by an actual news source. The secureteam10 channel has traditionally brought UFO footage to the people in hopes of swaying or adding more legitimacy to the practices of those who “believe.” Some videos are questionable. But more recent videos released by the channel have had a more “maybe this is real” feel to them. A new devil UFO is captured screaming toward the shores of Australia and simultaneously caught on film by a morning news team. Australia, Not England.

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Is This a UFO Flying above the Trees in Lancashire?

05-16-16 - It was taken by Zed Khan, a committed UFO watcher who says he had been meditating through the nights for nine months in the hope of making contact with aliens. The 47-year-old of Catforth, near Preston, says his efforts paid off when he spotted a shape in the sky at 6am one Saturday morning last month while he was sitting in his garden. He took a photograph of the mysterious silhouette, which looks just like the murderous beasts from the series of movies starring Sigourney Weaver. The 'Xenomorphs' in the films impregnate human bodies so their young can explosively burst out from their hosts - as happened in the memorable scene with...

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Two Kids Secretly Tested Roswell UFO Material

05-16-16 - This is a true story of two kids who grew up on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and got their hands on some magical metal from the UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. They didn’t just see or touch the metal; they tested the magical metal in many inventive ways. What they discovered has been their secret since 1957. Now, 59 years later, “Jill” has decided it’s safe to share the most memorable adventure of her life. Her bottled-up story pours out with such captivating descriptions that anyone listening will be transported back in time with her. It’s an interview that gets better as it rolls along because Jill shifts to telling her story from the perspective of a 10-year-old.

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Triangle UFO Videotaped over Huron, California

05-11-16 - May 7, 2016 - This was recorded from my dash cam on May 7th 2016 about 3:00hrs. On I-5 around the 325 mile mark, heading south. I was traveling with three other trucks that also saw this craft. I first saw a light sweep the sky on the right side of this video frame. One swept across the sky and a second one occurred a few seconds later. After the second light the first thing I thought was someone was shining deer. A couple more seconds passed and we saw bright white lights on what I thought was a plane moving from right to left out in the distance going across the highway.

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Watch: Triangular UFO Spotted in Apollo 8 Photo?

05-11-16 - UFO enthusiasts studying Apollo images for anomalies have spotted a massive triangular object seemingly hovering over the moon in an old lunar mission photograph. The photo in question comes from the Apollo 8 mission and was only recently discovered by researchers. What makes it particularly intriguing is that the triangular object does not appear in images taken before or after the perplexing photo. Although skeptics suggest that the 'object' is the result of photographic error, UFO advocates argue that such an explanation is unlikely since the lunar missions used film to take their photos, making such mistakes unlikely.

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Busy Night for Reported Craft from MUFON Files

05-11-16 - My husband and I were driving to the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) area from Lubbock last Wednesday/Thursday. Out of complete darkness in the sky a line of bright white lights appears in front of our car. Dome shaped, flashing lights in a repetitive pattern, all white. The craft would disappear then reappear in different spots. Seen over highway 84 heading southeast of Hermleigh, and over I-20 eastbound coming into Sweetwater. We stopped on I-20 to take pics, it flew right over us. The underside had 3 white lights in a triangle shape. Low humming sound, no air moving. My husband took all the pics, he is/was skeptical about UFO sightings.

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UFO Appears to Observe Human Activity in British Columbia

05-09-16 - I was sitting right there on the benches in front of the plaza and the building I'll be referencing is the tallest building on the left in the distance. The large building on the left in front adjacent to the plaza is the Queen Elizabeth Theater. I had arrived early to an event and so I was just sitting there looking at the city when a man on the very top of the distant building on the left caught my eye. He was wandering along the edge of the building looking over it. I became very alarmed thinking that he was going to jump off the building. I was very intent on watching him when way up high to the right (up from the flag poles) a dark disc or sphere shaped object caught my eye. It just appeared beneath the clouds.

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3 Newly Discovered Nearby Planets are a Game Changer in Hunt for ET Life

05-09-16 - An international team of astronomers has discovered three Earth-sized exoplanets, all orbiting the same star just 40 light-years from us, the 16-nation intergovernmental research organization ESO reported on Monday. The scientists have deemed all three planets potentially habitable, an exciting turn in the hunt for "exoplanets," a term for planets that orbit a star other than our sun. And it could bring us closer to finding extraterrestrial life. Star systems like this are promising places to detect alien life, Michael Gillon, lead author of the paper presenting the discovery, said in an ESO press release.

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A Housekeeper’s UFO Story

05-09-16 - “I just finished working and was on my way home,” she said. “It was the middle of October around dusk.” She had just driven to the top of Yerry Hill Road just outside of Woodstock. While going downhill, she caught a glimpse of some type of craft above the trees. At first, she assured herself that perhaps it was a helicopter or another aircraft. As Sherry continued down the road, she expected to see a small plane after she cleared the trees. Suddenly, to her shock and amazement, there in the sky above her was a triangular-shaped UFO. The craft abruptly stopped and hovered over some trees just off the road.

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Is This KZN's Clearest UFO Sighting?

05-06-16 - Captured by teen just outside of Durban, South Africa could this footage be of a UFO? Our country is no stranger to unidentified sightings and unexplained lights in the sky. For months now random alleged 'extra-terrestrial' activities have been reported and this footage is the most bizarre from KZN. A teenage girl from Chatsworth - Mechille Mudaly, filmed what seems to be a bright light in motion in the sky around. At a glance it seems like a street light, but when you look closer - you notice that the bright light gets brighter and it's moving.atch the footage here if you don't believe us:

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Black Cube Caught on Camera - Object Near Sun

05-06-16 -A UFO researcher believes that they have spotted a black cube “orbiting the sun” in a snap taken by the European space agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Posting the ‘evidence’ online, the YouTuber explained: “More and more people on Earth, see the mysterious phenomena in the sky, as well as unidentified flying objects." The amateur stargazer insists: 'People need to know the truth!' UFO Sightings Daily. They added: “Governments of all countries withhold information from its citizens and put pressure on witnesses and the media. “This resource was created to promote the free flow of information on UFOs and paranormal phenomena, bypassing the ban and censorship of the government.

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UFO Cigar is Videotaped by a Florida Man; Scientists Were Busy with a Comet

05-05-16 - If there’s anything Floridians love, it’s cigars, aliens and bath salts. One fortunate resident was able to get two-thirds of those the other day on film. One video shows a cigar-shaped UFO flying over the skies of Saint Petersburg. Scientists were not available to comment as they had their hands full with a weird new comet. Plus, no one believes a Florida man anyway. A Florida man in Saint Petersburg caught some interesting footage the other day. No, it was not some girls gone wild at spring break, but a strange UFO flying in the sky. Usually, one is used to seeing circular saucers or square like alien objects, but this one was unique. As shown in the video...

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Couple Reports UFO over Seattle, Washington

05-05-16 - Tear/seed shaped flat black object hovering and moving slowly silent with no lights, it seemed to camouflage itself against the sky. My boyfriend and I stepped onto our back porch, and I looked up and saw a solid black, tear shaped, almost hairy looking (I know that sounds weird but it wasn't shiny and there seemed to be something around it that gave it a spiky looking texture), object, headed 150 degrees SE of Seattle at around 3,500-4,000 ft. It moved slowly, almost a floating motion with absolutely no sound, no lights. The moon was almost full, half of the sky was clear and the other half had low incoming clouds. The object flew through...

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Bright, White Sphere Observed over Light, Arkansas

05-05-16 - On the night of 04/21/2016, at 23:40, I was driving east bound on Hwy. 412. While driving, I witnessed a very bright flash behind my vehicle which was followed by the appearance of a bright white orb in my rear view mirror. The object disappeared from my mirror shortly after appearing there. The object, or one with the same appearance, became visible again to the left of my vehicle 2-3 seconds after disappearing from my mirror. The object moved in a straight line until it was visible in front of me and to the left. The object seemed to pulse once (the light the object was emitting seemed to get brighter and expand momentarily) and then shot forward leaving a bluish white trail that faded quickly.

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Mystery over '140ft Glowing' UFO Seen in the Ocean off the Coast of Antarctica

05-01-16 - A mysterious "glowing" UFO spotted off the coast of Antarctica has been baffling people on the Internet. Some thought it could be a whale or giant octopus, while others claimed it was fishing boat or underwater mountain. Tyler, from secureteam10 - a YouTube channel for alien enthusiasts - shared the picture and asked people to "bring some clarity to this situation." He said the image showed "a disturbance as if something is coming up and going back in to the water." He also claimed it "looks like a creature or possible vehicle of some sort." People commented on the YouTube clip with their own theories of what it could be, with some claiming it was a whale or giant squid.

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Army Chief Talks 'little green men,' and Sets off UFO Enthusiasts

05-01-16 - If UFO watchers are to be believed, the Army’s top general just admitted that the military is preparing its young men and women to fight off an alien invasion. "You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’re going to be dealing with it all, and you’re going to be dealing with it simultaneously,” Milley said. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, in an April 21 speech to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ROTC program at Norwich University, talked about the complex world the young, soon-to-be military officers will face.

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UFO Reportedly Spotted at Airport By Sky Harbor Employee

05-01-16 - Late on a Tuesday night at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, an employee was taking trash to a Dumpster outside the air-traffic-control tower when a mysterious glow caught his attention. A massive V-shaped object was hovering off the ground, light emanating from the bottom. “The lights were what I noticed at first … It was very large as it passed beside me,” the witness stated. “I was in total disbelief that it was happening. It made no noise at all.” The reported sighting occurred about 9 p.m. on March 1 at Terminal 4, but was just recently investigated and reported by the Mutual UFO Network witness report database.

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'I Was Photobombed by an ALIEN' Father of Two Spots ET Being in Photograph

04-29-16 - Andy Bagnall posed for a picture while travelling home from holiday; When he looked at the photograph he saw an 'alien' on coach behind him. The vehicle was empty at the time after stopping at a service station. A coach passenger claims he was photobombed by a mysterious alien being while taking holiday photographs. Andy Bagnall posed for pictures in front of a National Express coach during a pause on his journey home from an Easter getaway. But when he later had a look at the snaps, taken by his partner Tonia, he saw a creepy presence on the empty vehicle. Spooky: Andy Bagnall spotted an 'alien' in the background of a photograph featuring him.

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