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Family Watches Bright Lights Move over Casper, Wyoming

06-28-15 - My children and I witnessed bright lights over Casper over the course of half an hour. My children and I were headed to take my husband medicine at work at the hospital when we saw a bright light in the sky near a star; much brighter than a star. At first we thought it was an airplane, but couldn't see the normal red or green lights we are used to seeing on the wings. We watched it move in a northern direction from where we were on South McKinley all the way to the hospital on east 2nd street. My husband met us outside to get his meds and we pointed it out to him and asked if he thought it was a plane, but he was uncertain.

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Unidentified Spheres of Lights Seen over Molokai, Hawaii

06-28-15 - The round spheres seemed to shift in colors as they were in a formation of 5 going from bottom to the top taking turns. A better description would be a mating dance of some sea creatures. This was ongoing. It made no sense and I placed my view to see if it could have been a star and since there were five spheres they would disappear out of view from the wall I used to see if it was just a twinkle light from a star. By using a building and the stars to measure their movements I knew this was not just a light source. They were seen from far away, but the way they could accelerate was astounding.

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UFO over Mayan Pyramids in Mexico (off-site)

06-28-15 - Many internationally-known researchers have associated UFOS with ancient cultures and have spoken about sightings over such archaeological sites as the Egyptian pyramids or South America's Easter Island. Yucatán is no exception, and similar cases have occurred in such sites as Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Acanceh. Whether it is due to the alleged energy the emerges from such pyramids as Uxmal and Chichen Itza, or as skeptics would have it, by mere coincidence, the fact is that photos showing alleged spacecraft have been seen prowling these sites. One of the most famous ones was...

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Photograph Taken in Mexico City Shows Unidentified Object in Sky

06-27-15 - On a trip to Teotihucan in Mexico, I took a photo of the pyramid of the sun. Later when I was reviewing my photo, I saw two objects above the pyramid. I didn't see or hear them at the time. My friend took an almost identical photo approximately 10 seconds after I did and nothing is in her photo. The first photo I've submitted is mine. The second is my friend's photo taken approximately 10 seconds after. In her photo you can see my head in the lower left corner because I was wearing a red and white bandana on my head. (The second photograph is not shown in our article, but is as the submitter states.)

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UFO Spotted/Photographed over Hungerford - Object Baffles Residents

06-27-15 - WHAT is this strange object in the night sky over Hungerford? Newbury Weekly News reader Vanessa Cloete snapped this image, and many more like it, of an unidentified aerial phenomenon above her home in the Charnham Park vicinity. And it wasn’t a one-off. Ms Cloete, who works night shifts, first saw the object several weeks ago and was amazed when it returned – not once, but several times. On the last occasion, she said: “I was so fascinated I went and knocked for my neighbours. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and got their camera to take stills and video images... "

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Recent UFO Sightings in Area Show an Active Ozarks

06-27-15 - The month of May and the first few days of June have produced some interesting UFO activity here in the Ozarks region of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. The activity began on the night of May 9, when four flashing lights repeatedly spread out from a central point in the skies above Bentonville, Arkansas, flew around in a limited area of the sky for a brief time and then clustered in the center again. This had been going on for a half hour and was still continuing when the report was sent to National UFO Reporting Center. Ten days later, a trio of anomalous red glowing spheres flew over London, Arkansas, at 8,000 feet or more...

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Boy in Kanpur, India Snaps Photos of UFO

06-26-15 - Kanpur is no California, but a boy here claims to have snapped photos of a UFO while trying to capture some clouds on his smartphone. The incident reportedly happened at Shyamnagar locality on Wednesday. Santosh Gupta now wants scientists to examine the photos clicked by his son Abhijit on his smartphone. The photos are of a stereotypical flying saucer, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when you say UFO. There are some flashy red lights too for good measure. Yes, smartphones these days have apps that lets even kids add all kinds of objects to images, flying or otherwise...

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Hotel Guests Keep Log of UFO Sightings in Florida

06-26-15 - Debbie Whaley, manager of Ocean Sands Beach Inn Coastal Highway, Florida, USA, is not convinced aliens are responsible but believes "something" is checking the area out. In the latest incident lights were reported to her by a couple who stayed at the hotel who said they "moved in a controlled manner" last week over Vilano Beach, which her accommodation is by. Another guest who reported a sighting to her sent video footage to local news channel First Coast News. They told of a single light moving in the sky that "appeared to move in a controlled manner" which they felt...

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Unidentified Object Moves, then Stops over Mollymook, Australia

06-26-15 - I am sure it wasn't a UFO, but in the true sense of the word, un-identified flying object. I am thinking maybe the space station as it is still visible. I am at co ordinates -35.340499-S 150.468149-E... @ approx. 18.00 (EST Australian) I was looking about S x SSW at a particularly wavering/sparking point of light which I presumed to be a star or planet in the evening sky. I took a measurement with a protractor, the base as level as I could gather, the point of light was about 65deg. up from level @ about 18.00 as I was watching, it moved to a west southwest direction of about 30 degrees from it's start point.

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Video: NASA Cuts Live Video Transmission as THREE UFOs Fly Past Earth

06-25-15 - NASA was reportedly forced to end a live stream from the International Space Station as THREE UFOs blasted out of Earth's atmosphere. This shocking footage is causing quite a stir online. Some have already branded the clip definitive PROOF of alien lifeforms. The video – which is reportedly shot from the International Space Station – shows three unidentified flying objects blast out of Earth’s atmosphere. The lights leave our planet seconds before the live video feed is cut by NASA due to a reported “loss of signal.” Conspiracy theorists have already labeled the YouTube clip – which has been watched more than 15,000 times...

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Day Trips: Aurora, Texas

06-25-15 - The airship that destroyed Judge Proctor's windmill, water tank, and flower garden in Aurora left behind more mysteries than debris. An article in The Dallas Morning News on April 17, 1897, says residents of the community north of Fort Worth were awakened early in the morning by an explosion. Sifting through the aircraft's wreckage, residents found a body "that was not an inhabitant of this world." According to the article's author, S.E. Haydon, an officer of the U.S. Army Signal Corps and expert on astronomy speculated that the pilot was "a native of the planet Mars." No explanation was given as to how the official knew...

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ET Timing UFOs

06-25-15 - ET as an abbreviation for extraterrestrials has been accepted in poop culture since the movie ET. We are somewhat behind the timeline in our conventional thinking of who or what ET really represents. UFOS became well known after the Kenneth Arnold sighting in Washington, United States of America (USA). The best known UFO sightings was the Roswell UFO Encounters in New Mexico USA. The timing for this does have much to do with all of us who are alive now in this era of time. The Ets have come and gone before in what we know are spacecraft not of earth origin. We for lack of better understanding what we see of certain objects call them...

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