Police Officer Attacked By Flying Humanoid In Monterrey, Mexico
On Friday, January 16, 2004 a Monterrey (Mexico) a municiple police officer named, Leonardo Samaniego had a terrifying encounter with a flying 'humanoid' entity that was draped in black. You can see and hear the videotaped testimony of officer Samaniego at the URL provided below. The flying humanoid was also independently videotaped as it flew around in the sky over Monterrey.

The incident shocked and upset the officer so much that afterward he fainted on the spot.

Article appeared in El Norte on Saturday, January 17, 2004

"A municipal police officer testifies that he saw what looked like a 'woman in a black gown' descend from the trees as he was patrolling his beat in a squad car in 'la zona.' The descent was slow he said. As if it was floating."

"She was wearing a black gown (or robes) and had large, completely black eyes with no pupils."

"When this 'witch' started to make a move at me, I immediately contacted my fellow patrolmen by radio and I summoned assistance."

"The situation was intolerable and caused the officer to lose consciousness."

"I saw it walking toward me and I put the patrol car into reverse gear. I saw it start to tumble and fly. It impacted on the windshield of the car. As I continued to look at it, I raised my hands and fainted.

"Police department coordinator, Jesus Garcia Krestsh stated that officer Samaniego will undergo a complete psychological examination along with testing for drugs in order to eliminate hallucinations as a cause for the incident."


In the videotaped news interview officer Samaniego describes the eyes and black gown as in the news article, but he adds the description of a "helmet" or "headpiece" it was wearing that curved downward to a point at the back of the creatures' head.

As a personal note, part of my interest in this story has to do with something that happened to me many years ago in Manhattan. In broad daylight. Up until a few years ago, the only one I had ever told of the incident (besides my wife who I told the second I arrived back home) was during Budd Hopkins investigation of my own case.

Long story short... I once saw a much 'larger' version of the humanoid creature described here walking the streets of Manhattan. For many years I considered that I had had a major league hallucination. That is until I first got corroboration from Linda Moulton Howe via a case she was investigating in the UK, again later from another abductee, and now again from officer Samnaiego from Monterrey, Mexico.


See Police Interview Here

Interesting, fascinating stuff. Budd Hopkins may be close to the truth with his speculations about 'aliens and invisibility.' These 'things' may be walking our streets unseen, except by a few under extraordinary circumstances. It's a sure thing that the creatures can rely on people who do see them keeping their mouths shut about it. If not for finding Budd, I never would have told anybody about it.

Amazing report. Thanks again Jaime. I'll talk to EBK about doing a program segment on SDI about it. Please keep me informed about any developments in the case.

"El Norte" (The North) and "El Milenio." (The Millenium)

Regards to all,

John Velez


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