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A Humanoid Grave?

From December 6, 1990 to November 19, 1992 with the good will of Defence Ministers Mutafchiyski, Ludzhev and Staliiyski, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense carried out a unique operation in excavating the so called 'Object No.1', near the village of Tsarichina in the western region of Kostinbrod. This serious state institution was apparently subject to the irrational visions of mediums and folk superstitions about a gold treasure, buried in the surroundings of Tsarichina, dating back to the times of King Samuil.

Hiding the real motives of their involvement in the expensive excavations behind the curtain of classified information, the military dug with picks, levers and excavators a 180-meter long tunnel in the hard rock, then suddenly quit and covered that imposing hole in tons of concrete. From the bits of available and non-manipulated information it became clear that the participants in the Sun Ray operation had made amazing discoveries and had had mysterious incidents, caused by a hostile to the unfamiliar technological and genetic activity of intelligence, far exceeding our limited view on the evolution of life in the Universe.

In his book, The Tsarichina Phenomenon, Colonel Tzvetko Kanev, who took part in the research, reveals to the public that at a depth of five and a half meters the team came across a rectangular stone, which was defined to be a biological protection slab by the remote viewer Eli Loginova. Dangerous to human life bacteria were engraved on it and its destruction was risky. Going into the spiral layers lost in depth, the military encountered another barier - a slab in the shape of a concave lens. To its right a wall was discernible whose constituent parts formed a humanoid figure of a height dwarfing that of a human. According to another military man, who wished to remain anonymous, during the removal of the slab 'made of unknown metal' the researchers were hit by a beam of powerful light. After recovering from the shock, they found themselves in front of a tunnel about one and a half meters high with a silvery-grey floor and extremely smooth walls covered with unknown script. Colonel Kanev claims that one of his colleagues tried on three occasions to pass the threshold between the so called X Zone and Y Zone, but was invariably thrown back and fell down as if crashing into an invisible wall. Fear of the unknown and the indescribable dangers and mysteries hidden in the tunnel cooled down the enthusiasm of the military and brought about the burial of this enigma after two years of efforts.

Yet what is hidden in the ground near Tsarichina? Is it a grave of a humanoid - an ancestor of mankind, a beacon receiving messages from SS-433 star 11,000 light years away, or an information fund, containing the biography of the human race and the 'recipe', used by genetic engineers from the Stars to create Homo Sapiens? Each version seems exotic, shocking and alien to common sense before the excavations. The fact that for centuries the region around this area has shown all the signs of being a transient zone, a gateway to other worlds and dimensions - mysterious radiance, floating unidentified objects, and even the presence of miniature greenish humanoids - is also remarkable. Anomalies became more frequent after the commencement of the Sun Ray operation, and by the time of its ending 15 appearances of UFOs had been registered. The participants in the excavations were terrified by the appearance in the night sky of pulsing lights descending behind the hills. The sudden appearance to the north of the excavation of a light beam scanning the region with the power of an anti-aircraft beacon left a horrifying impression.

On July 16, 1993 a scientific expedition consisting of a sociologist, an engineer and a student from the University of Sofia began work in the region of Tsarichina. The aim of that ufologic team, supported with powerful binoculars, highly sensitive film and equipment for tracing extreme electromagnetic radiation, was to collect evidence which would confirm the hypothesis that the region of Tsarichina was a zone of high UFO activity. In the twenty-day period of their work before the unfortunate end of the expedition these enthusiasts came across a number of inexplicable incidents. They watched the 'triple sun' phenomenon, registered two limited appearances of poltergeist, and 21 encounters with unidentified flying objects. On the night of July 26 the inhabitants of Tsarichina Ts.N. and V.P. observed from the village an object shaped like a pumpkin which radiated white luminescent light and maneuvered over the camp site. Thirty-six hours later on the 13th day from the start a member of the team announced that he wanted to resign. On July 28 at about 4 o`clock in the morning M.K. from Tsarichina observed an oval object radiating a bluish light which was also moving above the expedition tents. Thirty-six hours later at about 17.30 p.m on July 29 a fire was set up in the camp to prepare dinner, though the team usually had dinner after 20.30 p.m. The fire was left unattended for about 4 minutes. Kiril Kanev, who was in charge of the expedition, was the first to notice an expanding semicircle of fire on the clearing with a radius of about three meters. With the help of the villagers and the fire brigade an hour and a half later the fire was put out. It was a 'strange' coincidence that the fire affected only the expedition site and the tent where all the documents and equipment were kept, while not a single spark flew into the nearby pine forest. It was also only during the fire that a strong wind appeared.

The members of Tsarichina'93 expedition are convinced that aliens hostile to human intervention in their secret zone put an end to the experiment via psychic suggestion. There was a psycho-technological operation of alien intelligence with an operating term of manipulative suggestion of 36 hours. It should not be forgotten that the Sun Ray operation was closed in a similar way after the suicide of the psychic and remote viewer Marina Naplatanova.

The author is a 26-year-old Bulgarian lawyer graduated in the Faculty of Law at Plovdiv University, in Southern Bulgaria. During the last 10 years he has worked as a free-lance writer exploring mysterious and unexplained events. He has had 175 research articles on these topics published in 20 newspapers and magazines.

.:Article 2003 Miroslav Minchev:.

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