Morphing UFO Phoenix, Arizona, June 27, 2004

Time: 7:05 p.m. -7:18 p.m.

Email to Brian Vike

I have been telling you that I have alot of video (over 5 hours) and that I was sending you the highlights of all my sightings by this weekend and on Monday I am sending it out to you, finally. I want to give you some more clips of these highlights because I think they are important and I didn't want to wait a week to hear what you have to say about these particular clips I am sending you today. (July 18th, 2004) This is something that happened on June 27th, 2004 at 7:05 p.m.-7:18 p.m.. I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago about this story and you posted it with the picture I grabbed from the video I am sending you today.

The object when viewed through the binoculars looked like 50 to 60 balloons tied together to form an arch. They were red and blue mostly with some white ones scattered throughout the object. But when I watched it for a minute I saw that it was rotating and changing shape and heading my way, East from West. The object, in my opinion looked to be no higher than 1000 feet.high. I grabbed the video camera and video-taped the event for 18 min. When I first spotted it I was waiting for it to come over my house but the object stopped a few blocks short and parked itself in the N.W. sky. At one point it looked like a spinning top and then it turned a little and looked like a WWII cannon. It then started to straighten out and change color to an orange and yellow with a portion of it looking like it was black. It went horizontal and vertical and turned very slowly. It teetered back and forth and it never moved from its position. Actually, once it straightened out it stopped moving in my direction or any direction.

After several minutes of taping this I thought it would be a good idea to put the camera on the tripod and watch the event till the end or whenever it disappeared. But as I am putting the camera on the tripod I kept one eye on the object and I was just starting to look up to adjust the camera and I noticed that the object(s) dispersed left and right. But it was so fast it looked like a blur to me and I never got to record that because it happened before I got the camera situated on the tripod. I hope this comes out good on your end. I will send other clips of this one at a time through several emails so you can check it all out and I can fit it all.

Thank you again and again.

Thank you to the gentleman for all of the clips and report.


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