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NASA UFO Photographs and Video

1969, Apollo 12:

November 14-24, Astronauts, CDR: Pete Conrad, CMP: Richard Gordon, LMP: Alan Bean. Importance: First pinpoint Lunar landing, landing within walking distance of the unmanned Surveyor spacecraft.

Marked the beginning of waning public interest in NASA and Apollo. NASA archives (photo No AS12-49-7278) Astronaut Alan Bean shown, UFO top left.

NASA Photo
NASA Mission Apollo 14

Photo NASA No AS14-67-9367 - Mission Apollo 14 on the Moon.

Lunar Module photographed against sun glare on lunar surface.

1971, Moon. Apollo 14, In this shot, the shape of the object looks like the one of a flying saucer with lights! Reference: NASA AS14-70-9836/37. There are two avenues of thought here. Firstly, the debunkers say if these really were UFOs why would NASA release the pictures, since they are part of a conspiracy to keep this info from the pubic. Secondly, UFO proponents say that if NASA did NOT release them, then everyone would holler "coverup, " and they were hiding UFOs.

These type of photos are the ones that make you want to get into the world of UFO research, if you are looking into a future in the research side of things, or even the technical IT side of things, an online university would be the way to go.

Although the online degree would not really be necessary, UFO research is the type of industry that gaining information in history, engineering etc., will get you further in this industry.

NASA Mission Apollo 15

Photo NASA No AS15-85-11514 - Mission Apollo 15 on the Moon.

Astronaut David Scott on slope of Hadley Delta.

NASA Mission Apollo 15

Photo NASA No AS15-86-11603 - Mission Apollo 15 on the Moon.

Astronaut James Irwin works at Lunar Roving Vehicle during Apollo 15 EVA.

Above right can be clearly observed what was considered an UFO.

NASA Mission Apollo 15

Photo NASA No AS15-87-11849

View of Mount Hadley as photographed by Apollo 15 during EVA.

Another shot, showing Lunar Roving Vehicle tracks and above right the object with a bizarre shape.

After sharpening out the picture, can be observed the lower part of the object becoming... a second hill.

NASA Mission Apollo 15

Photo NASA No AS15-90-12187

No doubt about the third picture. In the middle of two hills, a UFO can be observed.

1971, Apollo 15. This photograph is from NASA, and some say we are looking at a UFO on the Moon at the time of Apollo 15 mission. Reference: NASA AS15-85/08. This bluish light mass has been explained as either debris from the capsule or some camera anomaly.

Still, a very good picture, and quite a conversation piece.

NASA Mission Apollo 16

Photo On Approach To The Moon

Apollo 16 mission was composed of astronauts Ken Mattingly, Charlie Duke and John W. Young, who made the video.

On the film can be observed a dish like unidentified flying object while Apollo 16 approaches to the moon.

NASA Mission Apollo 16

Photo NASA No AS16-109-17804 - Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon.

Astronaut John Young on rim of Plum crater gathering lunar rock samples.

NASA Mission Apollo 16

Photo NASA No AS16-114-18422 - Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon.

View of Plum crater photographed by Apollo 16 crew during EVA.

NASA Mission Apollo 16

Photo NASA No AS16-114-18423 - Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon.

Astronaut Charles Duke photographed collecting lunar sample at Station 1.

Space Shuttle Discovery, Mission STS-51

Photo Of A Metallic Sphere

In the approach phase to WESTAR VI, the video camera on board the Space Shuttle Discovery "STS-51a" manages to film a light metal coloured sphere which comes from the left and then disappears to the right. On the background we can see the earth.

Anomalous Objects Caught on NASA Video

Friendship 7 - February 20, 1962

Gemini 4 - June 3, 1965

Gemini 7 - December 4, 1965

Gemini 11 - September 12, 1966

Apollo 11 - July 16, 1969

Skylab 3 - September, 1973

STS-75 - February 25, 1996

STS-80 - December 1, 1996

STS-115 - September 9, 2006

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