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UFO over Devon, England
Possible UFO Photographed over Devon, England

10-16-18- I had been outside for about an hour sky watching looking for anything strange and out of the ordinary. I had seen a lot of commercial aircraft fly over the area but I had not seen anything strange so I was feeling a little disappointed. I was looking through the viewfinder of my Nikon P900 camera zooming in and out of different areas of the sky. I was about to go back inside when something zoomed across the area of the sky that I was observing. I immediately panned the camera to the left to see what it could be only to see a large domed- shaped object just hanging there in the sky. I could hardly believe what I was seeing...

UFO Crash
Former Member Chinese Military Reports 1997 Saucer Crash/Alien Casualities

10-12-18 - Untold UFO crash incident in China. In recent years, the Chinese government has taken a more liberal approach towards disclosing UFO/ET incidents in China. One of the UFO/ET cases was reported by a retired Chinese soldier who witnessed a UFO crash on the ground of his military complex in Shanxi Province in 1997. This case captured much public attention due to the sensitivity of the crash location, a military complex, and two injured aliens who were found alive at the time of the crash. One summer night in 1997, when he was serving as a soldier at 28th Army in Datong, Shanxi Province), he witnessed...

Chinese Discs
10,000-year-old Discs Discovered in Chinese Caves

10-12-18 - Bizarre video footage shows stones discovered by archaeologist Chi Pu Tei back in 1937 when he was trying to find shelter in the Kunlun-Kette mountains of China. Team members entered the caves and discovered inscriptions on the walls. At the back of the cave, they uncovered several tombs, aligned in a row, containing strange looking skeletons, each no larger than one metre in length. Buried alongside them were more than 700 unusual discs covered in unexplainable artwork. And now, video footage has emerged attempting to explain the story.

UFO over Stroud, UK
UFO Videotaped above Stroud, Butterow

10-11-18 - A Stroud resident has supplied a video of what they say is a UFO above Butterow, near Rodborough. A UFO has been spotted hovering above the Stroud skyline and an eagle-eyed resident has provided us with video evidence. The unidentified flying object was spotted at 3 am one September morning by a Stroud man who happened to be awake. He described seeing the strange shape, which he managed to capture on video, hovering above the trees just below Rodborough.

UFOs Hover
Husband/Wife See Hovering Objects in South Carolina

10-09-18 - 2 observers, husband and wife, simultaneously observed several (7-10) hovering orbs in the vast night sky of different sizes, colors and locations. The brightest was the furthest south location, the 2nd brightest which was multicolored, was the furthest north and west. There were about 7 others which were much smaller and white appearing in between the distance of the aforementioned 2. The sighting lasted about 10-15 minutes as we went...

UFO moves across Moon
Black Object Videotaped Moving Across Moon

10-05-18 - A BRITISH skywatcher got the surprise of his life when he spotted a UFO flying past the moon and now conspiracy theorists think it could be a secret NASA cover-up. Video footage shows the moment Jason Callum aimed his telescope at the lunar surface to get a better look at the craters. But what he ended up uncovering left him stunned. The clip, captured from Bracknell, Berkshire, shows the moment a small black object made its way across the screen, zooming from right to left.

Project Bluebook Staff
New Series: Project Bluebook Comes to TV

10-02-18 - Project Blue Book asks the question do you believe in UFOs? If not, you may start after watching this trailer from the upcoming History Channel series on the now defunct Air Force project. Project Blue Book was created in 1952 by the Air Force to study unexplained aerial phenomenon. The program was shut down in 1969. About a decade later, Jack Webb (Dragnet creator) produced one of my favorite tv shows, Project UFO. Also see Project Bluebook Unknowns. This series only lasted two seasons. Each week a different case was lifted...

UFO over Oshawa, Canada
Arc-shaped UFO Videotaped over Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

10-01-18 - I could see a white object and thought it was a white plane, turned on my camera video and realized it was not a plane, it was brilliant white and had length vertically, not horizontally. As I continued to film it moving east to west over Lake Ontario, it's movements appeared like on the Pacman game from the 1980's, as well as maintaining a straight flight path over the lake. The timestamp on the camera is 4:43 pm est.

UFO over London, England
Triangle-shaped UFO Filmed in London, England

09-29-18 - The observer and videographer of this event states that he saw this triangle-shaped object flying above his head in London. He states that he just had enough time to grab his 90x zoom camcorder and capture video and still frames of the enigmatic vehicle. The object in question is seemingly unique in its color and shape in that the top or cupalo appears to be off-center as compared to other reports of triangle-shaped UFOs. Of course with today's technology it is easy to create something like this and it is wise to be skeptical.

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UFO over Minnesota
Strange Lights over Minnesota Caught on Video

09-23-18 - Residents and guests of the American Stillwater in Minnesota were accidental witnesses to a startling phenomenon. Later in the evening in the sky above the city suddenly appeared a huge circle composed of many glowing balls. Amazed eyewitnesses captured the anomaly on video and photos. When mysterious footage hit the net, many ufologists have looked at and concluded that we have before us an invisible UFO hovering over the earth. They say the unidentified object was hidden...

Jersey Devil
The Mystery of the Jersey Devil

09-22-18 - The mystery of the Jersey Devil comes to us from the State of New Jersey, USA, and the neighboring states. The Jersey Devilís history places it at very top of the baffling crypto- zoological mysteries, but today itís just a faded memory from the past. The Jersey Devil is a very elusive cryptid that has baffled and mesmorized the public for hundreds of years, yet research has hit the brick wall, in part, because any effort to resolve the mystery has been stigmatized as pseudo-science. The conundrum is the fact that numerous reputable people past and present have seen it. Yet, ultimately we still have to ask if itís real. After conducting ground breaking research my opinion is that it is indeed real.

UFO over Deming, New Mexico
Two UFO Sightings Reported Same Day from Deming, New Mexico

09-21-18 - My husband gets home from work exactly at 6:26pm. He kissed us hello and I said "let's go feed the ducks." We headed outside approximately 6:30pm and my husband and I immediately saw this huge "star" hovering above the setting sun. We are always looking at the sky, my husband is a flight director at the Deming Blimp site, so I knew it was way too early for stars. Mars is the first one in the sky and it appears over the Florida mountains. This "star" was the opposite direction over the setting sun. I took my son inside and grabbed our camera because phone cameras can't pick up stars well.

UFO over California
Object Stops in Midair, Reverses Direction in South El Monte, California

09-17-18 - This evening, at approximately 19:50, I witnessed what initially looked to me as a "shooting star", quickly transform itself into a fully capable and manuevering aircraft. From where I was standing, I had a full view of the northern sky with the moon also in view (waxing crescent tonight). While conversing with an associate over the phone, this ball of a light quickly took my attention. Assuming it was going to burn out somewhere within the stratosphere or troposphere (as I've observed in my lifetime amongst "shooting stars" or meteors) I continued my conversation. Then, what I witnessed next blew my mind. The ball of light came to a grinding halt...

UFO on US Aircraft Carrier
Triangle-shaped Object Filmed aboard US Aircraft Carrier

09-15-18 - A UFO-like object has been captured on board of a US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea. A video that was captured from rom the cockpit of a USAF fighter jet slows that, as a plane is trying to land on the runway, it passes a number of the military vehicles as well as a triangular-shaped unidentified flying object, which does not look any plane we have ever seen the Air Force used before. The footage was uploaded to YouTube where it has now racked up nearly 900,000 hits. And users think a secret program may have been exposed.

UFO over Spokane
Rectangular-shaped UFO Spotted over Spokane, Washington

09-15-18 - On September 9th, 2018, at approximately 10:35 A.M., I was looking out of my upstairs bedroom window on the South Hill of Spokane. Facing north, I saw an object traveling across the sky that was dark reddish brown in color and was shaped like a disc or rectangle. The object didnít make any noise or leave a trail. The sky was clear blue with no clouds or other objects in view. I visually followed the object traveling in the sky from east to west for approximately five seconds when it dropped in altitude and changed direction moving south west of my window and out of view. It moved horizontally and sped up when it changed direction...

UFOs over New Hampshire
UFO Sighting with Photos in Exeter, New Hampshire

09-13-18 - I was joining my husband along a business trip to Exeter, New Hampshire this week. We love walking at night everywhere we go and just loved the charm of Exeter, so we took a stroll around 11-midnight on 9/9-10/2018. As we were taking some photos of the historic downtown buildings, we noticed what looked extremely similar to the Phoenix lights in the sky.We captured some photos and tried to reason them out, but there are just too many local stories and reasons as to why it is highly probable that what we saw was a UFO.

UFO over El Paso, Texas
El Paso Man Captures Triangle UFO on Video

09-12-18 - Driving to work and noticed a strange light in a triangular shape toward the horizon. Took my cell phone and took pictures and a short video with my Samsung Galaxy s8. I was on my way to work the morning of August 31, 2018 at 6:25 in the morning. I stared at the sunrise as usual because I have to stop at a red light, right before I get on the freeway to work. After a few minutes I glanced to the right and saw a glowing triangle and thought it was weird. So I took several pictures and a short video with my Samsung Galaxy S8.

UFO Story of the Hill Abduction
Betty Hill-Marjorie Fish-Alien Star Map

09-09-18 - Iím writing this article about the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, the star map that Betty Hill drew, and lastly, the Zeta Reticuli version of the star map that was created by Marjorie Fish, a third grade elementary school teacher, in an attempt to break the secrets of the star map that was shown to Betty Hill by an alien doctor, as she asks him: Where do you come from? My qualifications stem from my years of study, Iím a lay scientist, and I have extensive knowledge pertaining to the Betty and Barney Hillsí abduction case, and Fishís ZR Interpretation of her star map. I also wrote an in-depth book on this subject titled "Set Your Phaser to Stun" that was released on the 50th Anniversary of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 2011.

UFO over Toronto Sky
Strange Light over Toronto Captured on Media

09-08-18 - Toronto, we have a problem. Thanks to our good friend Paul Shishis, who saw this phenomenon a day earlier, and sent us links to this report. The cityís skies lit up Thursday evening with what appeared to be a fireball-shaped object hovering in the night sky. The mysterious, large ball appeared before midnight, prompting reports of UFO sightings in Pickering and Scarborough.

UFO over North Carolina
Unknown Craft Hovers over North Carolina Motorway

09-05-18 - THE X-MILES UFO hunters go wild over photo of bizarre Ďaircraft hovering over motorwayí claiming itís a top secret US government plane. The picture was taken during a rain storm in North Carolina and left the man who took them so frightened he couldn't sleep. UFO hunters have been going wild over pictures of an apparent alien object in the skies above North Carolina. The photographs were taken by Javion Hill, 35, during a storm on as he drove on U.S. 74, southwest of Charlotte.

UFO over Baja Norte, Mexico
Line of Unknown Lights Videotaped over Baja Norte, Mexico

09-02-18 - Yesterday 08-29-18, evening at approximately 8:17 PM (PDT), I heard our neighbor loudly and urgently calling my wifeís name. When we went outside we were told to come up to the balcony and to hurry. After climbing the steps I could see the line of lights in the sky they were watching. The line of lights were not in motion and I decided to grab my cell phone to shoot video of the event before it ended. With the phone in hand I quickly climbed the steps to the balcony and began shooting video.

UFO in Mexico Storm
Possible UFO Videotaped during Storm in Mexico

09-02-18 - Residents of the Mexican city of San Juan Tepic-Nayarit have witnessed the possible appearance of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations during a storm. The witness tried to capture the storm on his smartphone. Turning the camera on, he noticed a strange object in the sky, which is lit up during a lightning flash. Initially, the object on the screen of the gadget seemed like a dark ball, but as soon as the sky lit up with an electric charge, an unknown object could be seen.

UFO Depiction
Two Unknown Objects Seen near Constellation Cassiopeia

08-31-18 - Two bright distant objects, hovering in the same spot in the sky near the Constellation Cassiopeia for 5 seconds. I have been an amateur astronomer for 17 years, as I was walking and looking up at the stars, saw these two bright lights that were not moving. (I stood still and saw they were not moving). (Luminosity: Magnitude -2). Surprised, I asked my Mom who was walking next to me to look up, she saw them. Then 2 seconds later the two bright objects dimmed down inmediately and became faint (magnitude +3) while still on the same spot. Then the two started moving at the same time and with the same speed, and with the same bearing/direction.

UFO Depiction
Two UFOs of Different Shapes Reported over Ottawa

08-30-18 - On Friday August 17th, at 8:30 pm, I saw 2 black objects slowly moving from cloud to cloud in the northwest sky over Quebec near the Ottawa River.

I have seen several different UFOs in this area over the years, as others have as well, but most could not be seen well with the naked eye. These though were big enough to actually see without binoculars or the camera. Looked as if one very well could have been a black triangle and one seemed elongated; this is the first time I have seen these types. They went from cloud to cloud in a small area, passing each other a few times. The triangle seemed to be venturing south further out than the rest for a minute then pulled up back into the clouds too.

UFO over Chile
Glowing UFO Shot from Plane over Chile

08-26-18 - Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777' has uploaded an eerie video recently which shows a bright UFO flying across the skies. The video was apparently shot from a plane window, and the authentic nature of the clip compelled many viewers to believe that extraterrestrial life is a reality. The strange clip shows a cinematic scene where a UFO flies very near to the plane window, and the object spotted in the skies had a strange star-shaped tail. The conspiracy theory channel also reveals that the strange sighting was shot from the skies of Chile.

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