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UFO over California
Object Stops in Midair, Reverses Direction in South El Monte, California

09-17-18 - This evening, at approximately 19:50, I witnessed what initially looked to me as a "shooting star", quickly transform itself into a fully capable and manuevering aircraft. From where I was standing, I had a full view of the northern sky with the moon also in view (waxing crescent tonight). While conversing with an associate over the phone, this ball of a light quickly took my attention. Assuming it was going to burn out somewhere within the stratosphere or troposphere (as I've observed in my lifetime amongst "shooting stars" or meteors) I continued my conversation. Then, what I witnessed next blew my mind. The ball of light came to a grinding halt...

UFO on US Aircraft Carrier
Triangle-shaped Object Filmed aboard US Aircraft Carrier

09-15-18 - A UFO-like object has been captured on board of a US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea. A video that was captured from rom the cockpit of a USAF fighter jet slows that, as a plane is trying to land on the runway, it passes a number of the military vehicles as well as a triangular-shaped unidentified flying object, which does not look any plane we have ever seen the Air Force used before. The footage was uploaded to YouTube where it has now racked up nearly 900,000 hits. And users think a secret program may have been exposed.

UFO over Spokane
Rectangular-shaped UFO Spotted over Spokane, Washington

09-15-18 - On September 9th, 2018, at approximately 10:35 A.M., I was looking out of my upstairs bedroom window on the South Hill of Spokane. Facing north, I saw an object traveling across the sky that was dark reddish brown in color and was shaped like a disc or rectangle. The object didn’t make any noise or leave a trail. The sky was clear blue with no clouds or other objects in view. I visually followed the object traveling in the sky from east to west for approximately five seconds when it dropped in altitude and changed direction moving south west of my window and out of view. It moved horizontally and sped up when it changed direction...

UFOs over New Hampshire
UFO Sighting with Photos in Exeter, New Hampshire

09-13-18 - I was joining my husband along a business trip to Exeter, New Hampshire this week. We love walking at night everywhere we go and just loved the charm of Exeter, so we took a stroll around 11-midnight on 9/9-10/2018. As we were taking some photos of the historic downtown buildings, we noticed what looked extremely similar to the Phoenix lights in the sky.We captured some photos and tried to reason them out, but there are just too many local stories and reasons as to why it is highly probable that what we saw was a UFO.

UFO over El Paso, Texas
El Paso Man Captures Triangle UFO on Video

09-12-18 - Driving to work and noticed a strange light in a triangular shape toward the horizon. Took my cell phone and took pictures and a short video with my Samsung Galaxy s8. I was on my way to work the morning of August 31, 2018 at 6:25 in the morning. I stared at the sunrise as usual because I have to stop at a red light, right before I get on the freeway to work. After a few minutes I glanced to the right and saw a glowing triangle and thought it was weird. So I took several pictures and a short video with my Samsung Galaxy S8.

UFO Story of the Hill Abduction
Betty Hill-Marjorie Fish-Alien Star Map

09-09-18 - I’m writing this article about the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, the star map that Betty Hill drew, and lastly, the Zeta Reticuli version of the star map that was created by Marjorie Fish, a third grade elementary school teacher, in an attempt to break the secrets of the star map that was shown to Betty Hill by an alien doctor, as she asks him: Where do you come from? My qualifications stem from my years of study, I’m a lay scientist, and I have extensive knowledge pertaining to the Betty and Barney Hills’ abduction case, and Fish’s ZR Interpretation of her star map. I also wrote an in-depth book on this subject titled "Set Your Phaser to Stun" that was released on the 50th Anniversary of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 2011.

UFO over Toronto Sky
Strange Light over Toronto Captured on Media

09-08-18 - Toronto, we have a problem. Thanks to our good friend Paul Shishis, who saw this phenomenon a day earlier, and sent us links to this report. The city’s skies lit up Thursday evening with what appeared to be a fireball-shaped object hovering in the night sky. The mysterious, large ball appeared before midnight, prompting reports of UFO sightings in Pickering and Scarborough.

UFO over North Carolina
Unknown Craft Hovers over North Carolina Motorway

09-05-18 - THE X-MILES UFO hunters go wild over photo of bizarre ‘aircraft hovering over motorway’ claiming it’s a top secret US government plane. The picture was taken during a rain storm in North Carolina and left the man who took them so frightened he couldn't sleep. UFO hunters have been going wild over pictures of an apparent alien object in the skies above North Carolina. The photographs were taken by Javion Hill, 35, during a storm on as he drove on U.S. 74, southwest of Charlotte.

UFO over Baja Norte, Mexico
Line of Unknown Lights Videotaped over Baja Norte, Mexico

09-02-18 - Yesterday 08-29-18, evening at approximately 8:17 PM (PDT), I heard our neighbor loudly and urgently calling my wife’s name. When we went outside we were told to come up to the balcony and to hurry. After climbing the steps I could see the line of lights in the sky they were watching. The line of lights were not in motion and I decided to grab my cell phone to shoot video of the event before it ended. With the phone in hand I quickly climbed the steps to the balcony and began shooting video.

UFO in Mexico Storm
Possible UFO Videotaped during Storm in Mexico

09-02-18 - Residents of the Mexican city of San Juan Tepic-Nayarit have witnessed the possible appearance of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations during a storm. The witness tried to capture the storm on his smartphone. Turning the camera on, he noticed a strange object in the sky, which is lit up during a lightning flash. Initially, the object on the screen of the gadget seemed like a dark ball, but as soon as the sky lit up with an electric charge, an unknown object could be seen.

UFO Depiction
Two Unknown Objects Seen near Constellation Cassiopeia

08-31-18 - Two bright distant objects, hovering in the same spot in the sky near the Constellation Cassiopeia for 5 seconds. I have been an amateur astronomer for 17 years, as I was walking and looking up at the stars, saw these two bright lights that were not moving. (I stood still and saw they were not moving). (Luminosity: Magnitude -2). Surprised, I asked my Mom who was walking next to me to look up, she saw them. Then 2 seconds later the two bright objects dimmed down inmediately and became faint (magnitude +3) while still on the same spot. Then the two started moving at the same time and with the same speed, and with the same bearing/direction.

UFO Depiction
Two UFOs of Different Shapes Reported over Ottawa

08-30-18 - On Friday August 17th, at 8:30 pm, I saw 2 black objects slowly moving from cloud to cloud in the northwest sky over Quebec near the Ottawa River. I have seen several different UFOs in this area over the years, as others have as well, but most could not be seen well with the naked eye. These though were big enough to actually see without binoculars or the camera. Looked as if one very well could have been a black triangle and one seemed elongated; this is the first time I have seen these types. They went from cloud to cloud in a small area, passing each other a few times. The triangle seemed to be venturing south further out than the rest for a minute then pulled up back into the clouds too.

UFO over Chile
Glowing UFO Shot from Plane over Chile

08-26-18 - Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777' has uploaded an eerie video recently which shows a bright UFO flying across the skies. The video was apparently shot from a plane window, and the authentic nature of the clip compelled many viewers to believe that extraterrestrial life is a reality. The strange clip shows a cinematic scene where a UFO flies very near to the plane window, and the object spotted in the skies had a strange star-shaped tail. The conspiracy theory channel also reveals that the strange sighting was shot from the skies of Chile.

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UFO over Devon, England
UFO Photographed over Devon, England - April, 2018

08-25-18 - I was at Teignmouth USO spotting and I had my Nikon P900 camera setup on a tripod looking out to sea where I have witnessed strange USO activity before. I had my finger on the camera button ready to take some photographs as I sat waiting patiently for any activity to arise. Then suddenly to my right an object flew out of the sea and I didn't have time to turn my Nikon P900 camera around on the tripod in time so I used my Fuji film pocket camera to photograph it instead.

UFO over London, UK
Video of Unknown Lights over London, UK

08-18-18 - The conspiracy theory channel reveals that the spooky incident apparently took place on August 15, 2018. In the first clip, a bizarre shape-shifting UFO was seen appearing in the night skies, while the local residents were busy filming the event. After analyzing the first clip, conspiracy theorists started arguing that it is actually an inter-dimensional portal which appeared in the skies during the night. As per these theorists, advanced entities including aliens from the deep space are using these portals to travel from one world to another in a quick time.

UFO over Quebec
Manta Ray-shaped UFO Seen over Quebec, Canada

08-22-18 - Madeleine and I (Andre) were driving on Hwy 10, going south at kilometer 40 close to Farnham and the military base. Less than 1000 ft on the right side of the road, in a field, we saw a very big object hovering very, very slowly. The shape of it reminds me of a manta ray (the fish). I cannot tell the length of the object, but it was wide (including the wings) like the wingspan of a B737. Under we could see a turbine engine running slowly time clock wise.

UFO over Thunder Bay
Photograph of UFO taken over Thunder Bay, Ontario

08-20-18- The man who snapped this photo says that there was what he called a "strange" storm going on at the time. He says it sounded like a storm that might have a tornado on board. He was mostly interested in taking a good photo of lightning, which he managed to do. When he heard the lighting crack, he took his photo, unknowing there was something else in the sky. What appears to be round object, structured around the top...

UFO near Plane
2 Pilots and 2 Passengers Watch UFO near Plane

08-16-18 - On January 4th, 2018 my husband and I were on a private jet flying from Seattle, Washington to Lakeland, Florida. There were four people on the flight; the pilot, the co-pilot, my husband and myself. There were multiple small screens in the cabin that showed a map of the U.S., the planes location, flight path, altitude and air speed. About 1:00 pm we were flying over Wyoming. Our altitude was 45,000 ft and air speed was around 520 mph. The sky was a crystal clear blue and we seemed to be the only thing in the sky. I was sitting in my seat on the left hand side of the plane looking out of the window when something to my upper left hand side field of vision caught my eye.

UFO in Thunderstorm
Stationary Light Seen in Colorado Rain/Hail Storm

08-15-18 - UFO Report June 18, 2018. I live in Brighton, Colorado, and tonight I was home on my front porch which faces west watching a heavy rain and small hail storm at about 9:45 PM, which occured about half an hour after the first heavy hail storm which contained literally golf ball and larger sized hail, which I have heard of and seen pictures of, but never in person until tonight. While observing the completely overcast night sky to the west, I saw a single white light at about a 35 Degree elevation directly west of my location. It didn't pulse or flash or change color. It didn't come closer or move further away or up or down or to one side or the other.

UFO over Philippines
Possible Alien Mothership above Philippines Caught on Video

08-10-18 - ALIEN hunters have been put on high alert after a huge UFO was apparently seen hovering around the clouds in the skies above the Philippines. Mysterious halo spotted in the sky over General Santos City. Popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring posted on his blog that an alien space ship was trying to camouflage itself in the clouds. The photo shows faint clouds with a rainbow light scattered through the atmosphere.

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