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Archived Case of the Week

1947 - The Roswell UFO Crash

"Roswell," the very mention of the word brings images of a crashed UFO, aliens, government cover-up, autopsies, hidden debris, guarded charred bodies, and weather balloons. In the history of UFO reports, no case has received the world-wide attention as the Roswell event of 1947. Not only did the alleged crash of a flying saucer create mass coverage at the time of the event, but remains today as an often discussed case by which all other cases are judged.

So many books and articles have been written about Roswell, it is not an easy task to write another, but I feel that no UFO enthusiast cannot include it among his comments. The Roswell event is the cornerstone of UFO research. The case offers everything one could imagine; a crash of some flying craft, direct, hands on testimony of witnesses who handled crash debris, government cover-up and secrecy, and most of all a list of participants which is generally listed at around 500 first and secondhand testimonials.

Ironically, the alleged crash story originally died as quickly as it began. It would be many years before UFO researchers refueled the fire behind its enormous potential. Most all of us are familiar with the famous Roswell headline stating that the Army had captured a "flying saucer," and then the retraction a few hours later, substituting a balloon for the crashed saucer.

UFO Sightings - Recent UFO News

Albert Einstein

10-08-21 - Albert Einstein Flown to US to Look at Aliens and UFOs in 1947

The bizarre assertions about extraterrestrials were made by Dr. Shirley Wright, who felt an obligation to "reveal the truth". The 1993 tapes, in which she discusses aliens and UFOs, have only recently been made public. Recently emerged taped conversations say the UK-based genius was flown by top secret agents to Roswell, in New Mexico back in 1947 to examine the debris of a crashed UFO, complete with aliens inside. The out-of-this-world claims state that Einstein and his assistant Dr. Shirley Wright were flown to the site under government direction to examine the bodies and the crash site of the “extraterrestrial vehicle.”

UFO over Oklahoma City

09-14-21 - UFO Videotaped over Oklahoma City, OK

I was walking my dogs and when I was on the walk a street light got brighter and brighter. I’ve experienced this before and in my mind I thought something was trying to get my attention. I finished the walk and then noticed something strange in the sky. It didn’t look like a normal star. I went in and got my phone and started recording. It pulsated then started moving. Then a green orb appeared on one side and a red orb appeared on the other side.

UFOs over Southampton

09-04-21 - UFOs Caught on Video in Hampton

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a UFO? As firefighters tackled a blaze at the Red Funnel terminal in Southampton, a ferry cam picked up FIVE unidentified objects in the sky. Eagle-eyed viewer, Jay, spotted the shapes at 2.20am this morning (Friday). So what are the Unidentified Flying Objects? Speculation circulating on social media has ranged from aliens to shooting stars to meteor showers to satellites. One post questioned whether it was aircrafts from the Bournemouth Air Festival. While another person asked: "Is it Elon Musk's Spacex project?"

UFOs over New Jersey

08-18-21 - Two UFOs Caught on Video in New Jersey

Two UFOs caught on video outside a cabin in New Jersey. Objects were super close. There were two objects, according to the witness. There is really no more information provided by the submitter except that you can hear the conversation between one man and the other. This may be computer-generated, but I have no proof that is the case.

UFO over Scotland

08-16-21 - Was a Triangle UFO Caught on Photo in 1967?

A friend at work has a cousin from Scotland. He shared this family photo when he was young taken in 1967. Location was in Cumberauld, Scotland near Glasgow, Scotland. His Father took the picture of his children. Not until two years ago he noticed this black triangle object in the photo. Today he is 57 years old and shared this with his cousin here. He is my friend at work in Scarborough, Ontario.

UFOs near over Manhattan

08-07-21 - Video of Unknown Flying Object over Manhattan, NY

The audio was removed because I was freaking out and cursed while recording this thing. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. It really freaked me out! Finally, the object moved away at a rapid speed. The darkened, oval object appears to move slowly until about the :50 second mark.

UFOs near Moon

07-31-21 - Unidentified Objects Form Pattern on Video of Moon

I had second thoughts about releasing this video, but later decided the world needs to see it. Maybe somebody can figure out what the sign means. This sighting was witnessed by 2 individuals. Editor's Note: This appears to be quite interesting at first sight. The problem is when taking a video of any distant object like the moon, objects between the earth and the distant object are very hard to determine what their distance from the earth is.

roswell depiction

07-24-21 - My father saw the bodies”: chasing the truth about Roswell

The daughter of a US Army officer reveals exactly what her father saw first-hand at the world’s most infamous alleged UFO crash site. Early on 8 July 1947, a press release issued by the 509th Bomb Group based in Roswell, New Mexico revealed to the world’s media that something incredible had happened: a UFO had crashed in the area, and the United States Army Air Forces was now in possession of a “flying disk”. The news was issued by 1st Lt. Walter Haut, the public information officer at the base, at the behest of base commander and close personal friend, Colonel William Blanchard. By day’s end, the information was retracted and a new press release was issued claiming a mistake had been made and that the UFO was, in fact, a crashed weather balloon – a turn of events that made Haut a figure of public ridicule.

UFO over Nevada

07-10-21 - Unidentified Object Videotaped over Nevada

This video was taken with my phone camera attached to our telescope. The location was west of Mesquite, Nevada. The object appeared to be rotating and changing colors. It was visible to the naked eye, but much better with telescope. After watching it for quite awhile it just disappeared. It is difficult to determine what exactly the object was...

UFO over Florida

07-06-21 - Unidentified Flying Object Videotaped over Florida

July 4th, 2021, Davie Florida, 10:15 PM, I observed a very strange object hovering silently in the sky. It was white at first with at least two separate sections of 6 large tubes connected together appearing vertically, roughly 5-10 feet apart from one another.Appeared to be a single object. Each connected tube (6, at least 12 total) stepped down in size like a Native American flute.

UFO over Arizona

07-04-21 - Unidentified Flying Object Videotaped over Glendale, Arizona

I saw black speck hovering up high in the sky and zoomed in on it and recorded a red and blue colored saucer type event. I tried to put camera on tripod and by that time, the object was gone. This object is hard to define. It starts off as an oval/disc shape but soon turns into more of a barrel-shape. It seems to expand like a balloon that has air injected into it. Quite interesting.

UFO Report

06-26-21 - US Intelligence Community Releases UAP Report

WASHINGTON DC (CNN) - The U.S. intelligence community released its long-awaited report on UFO's Friday.-The end result is that the truth is still out there. In other words, the release of the unclassified intelligence documents reveal very little that wasn't already known. The intelligence community did review 144 reports of "unidentified aerial phenomenon" and found a logical explanation for just one of them. The 143 cases that are still unexplained largely raise more questions than answers. While there is no definitive proof of extraterrestrial life offered, it does at least show that authorities are taking the investigation seriously. You can download the full report on our site.

UFO over LA

06-22-21 - Transparent UFO Captured in Los Angeles

This UFO was filmed in Los Angeles on a balcony near the 10 freeway, about 1 mile east of the 405 freeway. The UAP in the video was filmed at 8:12 pm. Not sure what its distance was, but it was so far that I couldn't see it with my naked eye. Found it by panning my Nikon P1000 camera across the sky to see if anything would come into view, was also meditating on letting my hand be guided to finding something that I felt was up there. It mostly moved north while occasionally shifting east. I was trying to stay on it in the sky until I accidentally zoomed out and lost it while trying to grab photos of the Unidentified flying object.

UFOs over Hawaii

06-12-21 - Multiple Objects Videotaped in Hawaii

On May 31 I was watching the sunset and saw two lights crossing the Northern Plains Inn. Then shortly thereafter a swarm chasing it and as they the two objects change direction the swarm followed after. This is an interesting video, but I wish we had more information. I don't believe I have ever seen that many objects moving that fast.

UFO over Chicago, ILL

06-11-21 - V-shaped Formation of Lights Videotaped over Chicago, ILL, 2015

My husband and I were at the lakefront in Chicago on a Wednesday night. The air and water show was to happen that weekend so there were Jets and the like practicing during the daytime. We were crossing the street to go to Buckingham fountains when we saw this object in the sky over the water. It was very hard to distinguish what it was, and we had no visible sound coming from it. No one else in the area seemed to think it was anything or even notice it. I sent the video to southern new stations but never heard back, so we were just led to believe that it was something for the air and water show.

Alien Depiction

06-06-21 - Leaked documents narrate Brazil police's encounter with UFOs

The Brazilian police report also claims that humanoid aliens were present in the region following the UFO sighting. Rony Vernet, a self-styled alien researcher has released secret documents from Brazilian police that surprisingly narrated their encounter with unidentified flying objects (UFO). A report published in Daily Star narrates the researcher's finding, and it claims that the Brazilian police had encountered a UFO in 2008. Brazilian UFO event triggered a military investigation. The document translated and released by Vernet also claims that the mysterious UFO event even led to a military investigation. According to the report, a woman named Renata Veloso saw an object descend at high speed from the sky similar to a lightning bolt on November 19, 2008.

Aliens in India

06-01-21 - Are Aliens Filmed on Road in India?

While some claimed that the odd creature from the Jharkhand viral video was a 'ghost', others claimed it was an 'alien' while some brushed it off as a prank. In another bizarre addition to 2021 after COVID-19 and a wide range of Fungus, now an alien was spotted in Jharkhand's Hazaribagh on Saturday. The 30-second viral video from Jharkhand shows an alien-like or ghost-like figure walking down the Chadwa Dam bridge in the dark. In the video, several bikes come to a stop after they spot a translucent-like odd creature treading on the highway at a distance in the middle of the night. One of the bikers recording the video can be heard calling the supernatural creature a 'witch' (chudail) in the background, while others stop to observe the creature from the distance.

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UFO near ISS

05-30-21 - Three Close-ups of UFO near the ISS

These UFO photos are from a live-feed video from the International Space Station. We had seen a similar YouTube video, but without attribution, so we were concerned about its authenticity. That’s when we contacted Mary Hall, a trusted sky-watcher who frequently monitors the ISS. She went through her files and found a copy of the original ISS video. To the right of each original photo, is an enlargement of the UFO. – The editor

UFO on Radar

05-29-21 - UFO Video Precedes Pentagon Report

This RADAR data release shows four clips; multiple unknown targets (and one civilian vessel). Some of the unknown targets drop off RADAR in this footage. This happened numerous times throughout the UFO encounter series. At the height of the contacts - there were at least fourteen unknowns observed at one time. The event series reached a crescendo with one of the unknown targets entering the water at 11pm. No wreckage found. None of the unidentified craft were recovered. This is just the latest escalation in what is fast becoming an all-consuming obsession on the part of the U.S. public...

UFO Photograph

05-25-21 - Marooned Extraterrestrial Creates Artwork at Area 51

I thought I would send you this information, this is my favourite report in my father's archives. My father and his team heard about this fantastic report in 1975, the encounter itself took place in 1960 on a Texas farm. My father and his team had a meeting with one of their contacts in 1975 and was told this incredible story and given the accompanying photographs. In the winter of 1960 on a freezing cold day, a Texan farmer was on his property when suddenly he heard a loud electrical whirring noise coming from behind him. As he turned to see what was causing the noise, he saw a huge metallic flying saucer hovering right in front of him, he said "the saucer was that close to me I could have easily of hit it with a rock".
UFO over Hong Kong

05-21-21 - Semi-Transparent Object Videotaped over Hong Kong

It was at local time 4:16 pm in Mui Wo an Island in Hong Kong on a beach. We were looking over the sky and saw this object flying non-stop with speed and shape changes. It flew for a long time, more than 15-20 minutes. This is an odd, semitransparent object, it looks like something inflatable, but what do you think?
UFO Abduction

05-19-21 - 1960s Report of Alien Abduction with Photographs

Three men, extremely important, high senior government officials, were driving home after attending a party. As they turned a corner on the road they were suddenly confronted with a huge flying saucer hovering at just above tree top level in the very near distance. They stopped the car to get a better look, one of the men got out and took a photograph, then suddenly the saucer vanished into thin air and was gone in a split second. The next thing there was a blinding flash of bright light and that's all the 3 men remember. They claimed that they all woke up naked on a cold steel slab in a large circular room, which was very dimly lit, very warm, steamy and full of monitors, screens, computers and lots of other things that all resembled hospital equipment. They all reported that they were completely paralyzed and could only move their eye balls. All 3 men remembered the blinding flash of light and thought that some type of accident must have occurred, such as a plane crash and presumed that they were in hospital.
UFO over Bloomington, Minnesota

05-16-21 - Unknown Flying Object Videotaped over Bloomington, Minnesota

Two friends and I saw this at 00:41 (12:41). We were in Bloomington, MN and looking in the direction of the city (North). This object moved slowly and silently across the entire sky. It didn’t dip down to follow the curve of the atmosphere, but instead seemed to travel in a straight path at a fixed height until fading out as if it seemed to fly off into space, where we could no longer see it due to sheer distance. I took a video of it with my iPhone and it managed to make it across half of the entire sky in 2 minutes and 9 seconds. It appears to possibly increase its speed around 1 minute into the 2 minute video. It was a craft with a ring of white lights around it, tilted to the right and hovered for a moment then starting moving to the right (North East). No idea what it is. It does not appear to be Starlink.
Photo taken MIB

05-11-21 - Government UFO Coverup and the Men-in-Black with Photographs

I was going through my late father's journals and came across these photos, I thought I would send them to you. Please feel free to use them, they are genuine and rare photos of MIB'S, I hope you find them very interesting? Obviously due to the sensitivity of the highly classified work that my father and his team did, it's inevitable that there was going to be prying eyes watching and wanting to know what they were up to. Not long after he and his team started to learn and gain knowledge and information regarding the truth and superb secrecy about UFOS and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities and military, government and intelligence agencies involvement, they started to experience encounters with what my dad called "THE SAUCER SPIES", or what most people refer to them as MIB'S or the Men In Black, this went on for many, many years. It was unclear to my father and his team as to just exactly who these individuals were...
Photo taken in California

05-05-21 - Reader Submits Father's UFO Experience with Photographs

The information contained within this email and accompanying photography was given to me by my late father, I have no way of proving that any of what is contained within this email is true or false, all I can say is that my father was a serious man, a man of integrity and extremely honest and was not a liar. My dad worked for the United States Air Force all of his life until he retired, it was only many years after his retirement and when he was in his later years that he told me this truly incredible story and showed me the photographs. He told me he worked as part of a small team who conducted top secret scientific research and that he worked on many highly classified deep black military programs and projects, most of which are still classified to this day. One day in the spring of 1948...
Photo taken in 1980 at Rendlesham Forest

04-22-21 - Six More Photographs Revealed from Rendlesham Forest Incident

Due to recent revelations, I have decided to share my evidence. When I was younger I was a poacher, I lived very close to Rendlesham Forest and frequently went poaching there. So back in 1980, 28TH December I was in the forest poaching. Now bear this in mind, before this encounter I saw and heard a lot of strange things in that forest. I could tell you stories that would bend your bones, so every time I went poaching I always took my camera always hoping to capture some evidence. OK so let's cut to the chase, so I saw a basketball sized red orb, it had a black centre like a pupil and looked just like an eye winking at you, just like Halt explained it. It was zig zagging between the trees, strange, freaked me out, weird man, proper not right, I saw it before Halt.

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