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UFO sightings
1987 - UFO Encounters over Wytheville, Virginia

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters would occur. The first sighting to be reported was made by three policeman. On October 7, 1987, WYVE radio station news reporter Danny Gordon received a telephone call from the local Sheriff.

This was a routine call that Gordon received to gather news each day. However, this report was not your run-of-the-mill call. Gordon was shocked at what he was told - three Wythe County Sheriff deputies, all former military, had seen a UFO.

UFO Sightings - Recent UFO News

UFO over Wilton,NY
Cylinder-shaped UFO Videotaped over Wilton, NY

06-18-19 - 6:59 PM broad daylight and blue sky. White cylinder shaped craft with a distinct black band in middle traveling north to south flight path. Estimated altitude of 2500 to 3500 ft. No wings, No tail, totally silent. No lights. Turned on it's own axis and proceeded to the North. Then accelerated out of visual sighting in a millisecond.

UFO over Korea
UFO Splits into 6 Crafts and Disappears Leaving Airline Passengers Terrified

06-12-19 - A UFO flew beside a Korean airliner to the amazement of passengers onboard. Lucas Kim managed to take photographs of the unidentified aerial phenomenon as it split into 6 separate crafts leaving travelers terrified. A UFO kept pace with a Korean airliner recently that was en route to Thailand terrifying the passengers on board. The saga began when Lucas Kim looked out of his window. Just like the classic scene from The Twilight Zone episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, something was near the wing of the plane.

UFO over Canada
UFO Sightings over Oshawa, Canada

06-12-19 - Hope you are keeping well there. We continue to have many storms pass through this month. Still unsettling weather here for May 2019. I thought to share 'multiple' UFO sightings over Oshawa this month of May 2019. Added to even strange sonic 'ping' sounds I recorded walking the dog May 27. In truth it's been really strange not only witnessing in the sky, now I'm hearing something out of the ordinary by sound.

UFO over Phoenix
Video Shows Diamond UFO over Phoenix

05-10-19 - Bizarre new footage purports to reveal a unique type of “alien” spacecraft – a reflective diamond-shaped UFO spotted over the US. The latest shock UFO sighting has occurred over Phoenix, Arizona. The video – seen more than 28,000 times on Facebook - was uploaded by known UFO conspiracy theorist Scott Waring. And despite the amateur nature of the footage, Waring is in no doubt that it shows evidence of another alien spacecraft visiting Earth.

ufo photo
Major UFO Sighting in Oshawa, Canada

05-09-19 - I had another remarkable UFO sighting yesterday. While at home in Oshawa, Ontario May 5, 2019. I was working in the backyard for some hours. Took a break and grabbed my cameras. After some minutes noticed something quite high to the west less than half mile away. Take one camera and started to video this unknown. After about seven minutes filming lost sight of it as it went directly above. A friend then messaged me and then after few minutes...

ufo photo
UFO Spotted in Mount Shasta

04-29-19 - A series of images snapped from Mount Shasta mountain, California is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. In these images apparently captured on April 17, 2019, a cigar-shaped object with lights emanating from its body can be seen leaving the mountain. A series of images snapped from Mount Shasta mountain, California is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. In these images apparently captured on April 17, 2019, a cigar-shaped object with lights emanating from its body can be seen leaving the mountain.

Alien Figure
UFOlogists Spot Mysterious 'Alien' Figure in New Mexico Desert (VIDEO)

04-12-19 - The author of the video claims that at first the film crew had no clue that they had caught something unusual on tape, as they didn't see anything other than the desert. But when they replayed the footage, they spotted a suspicious figure that they hadn’t noticed before. One of YouTube's numerous conspiracy channels, The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, has published a stunning video reportedly shot in the Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico on 8 April and uploaded by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

UFOs over Portsmouth, UK
Multiple Witness Event: UFO Footage from Hampshire UFO Group

04-10-19 - During a group sky watch on the evening of Saturday 9 April 2016, nearing midnight on a cold, clear night, the 4 of us witnessed the following orange coloured craft/orbs recorded on film, initially seen by naked eye, then viewed through binoculars. Our location was a former Royal Air Force station called Stoney Cross, near junction 1 of the M27 motorway, Cadnam. We were looking due North from our view point when the formation of objects came into view...

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UFO over Alaska
US Military Baffled as Mysterious Red UFO Flies Close to Secret Base

03-30-19 - THE US Air Force has been left baffled by a falling UFO close to a top-secret military base - after they confirmed to reporters that the mysterious object was “not one of our planes”. When locals in Anchorage, Alaska suspected the involvement of the local US military base, the Air Force stepped in to deny these claims. Spokeswoman Erin Eaton, of the nearby Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, said the sighting was not linked to any test or experiment at the base.

UFO over Las Vegas
Pilot's UFO Sighting over Las Vegas Caught on Audio

03-19-19 - While flying the Mercy Air 21 helicopter on Sunday, the pilot detailed how the unidentified object was hovering some distance away from his position. However, the object was only visible through his night vision goggles.During the radio exchange between the pilot and an air traffic controller, the man shared the bizarre sighting while flying over Las Vegas, Nevada, US. He said: “Just to advise, it looks like I have some sort of object over the southern hills area looks to be about 7,000ft, could be a balloon or something along those lines. “It’s unlit so just advise.”

UFO over Nuremberg, Germany
Unknown Triangle-shaped UFO Photographed over Nuremberg, Germany

03-12-19 - After a heavy and short storm over Nuremberg, the clouds turned very dark and shaped rapidly. I took a photo every two minutes to have a "picture-story. Picture 1 was the cloudwall, picture 2 right before. When I watched the next picture, I saw this glowing red square, but if you look more in detail, its a cube. My smartphone is able to capture uv-spectrum for nightvision. After the cube flew by, the weather normalised and became less dark.

UFO in Arctica
Photographs of Antarctica Found an Object Similar to a Flying Saucer

03-02-19 - A tireless researcher of the paranormal V. Degterev, if you trace his explorations, most of all pays attention somehow to the Dyatlov pass and Antarctica. The first preferred location of the study more understandable, Valentin himself from the Urals (Nizhny Tagil), but the icy continent why he was so attracted – a little mystery. However, this can be explained because it Degterev finds most interesting, for example, the ancient pyramids, some mysterious bunkers or entrances in them. And finally frozen in the ice flying alien ships. Valentine argues that such discoveries were made possible for two reasons: appearance and to improve mapping services like Google Maps or Google Earth, as well as rapid ice melting in Antarctica.

UFO over UK
Aliens or Military vessel? V-shaped UFO Spotted in United Kingdom

03-02-19 - Interestingly, the V-shaped UFO spotted in the United Kingdom seems very similar to the alien spaceships depicted in Hollywood movies. Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' has recently uploaded a video that shows an eerie V-shaped flying object hovering in the skies of Failsworth, United Kingdom. Interestingly, the perfectly cut V-shape of the UFO seems very similar to the spacecraft which people have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films. Even though the image was captured by the witness last October, pictures of this incident became viral after it was shared by a website named UFO Sightings Hotspot, and later by the YouTube channel UFOmania. The creepy photo is now being submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and they are apparently investigating the authenticity of the image.

UFO over Exmouth, Australia
Australia Police Share Footage of UFO During Thunderstorm

02-18-19 - Police in Broome, Australia, shared unusual video footage that shows an object flying in the sky, and they’re not sure what it was. “After reviewing CCTV at town beach of last nights storm, it appears we were not alone,” Broome Police tweeted, including emojis of flying saucers. In the video, on the left side of the frame, an unusual white circular shape can be seen before it moves out of the picture. The footage was captured during a lightning storm, but the white object doesn’t appear to be lightning. Users said that it was an alien spacecraft, but others were not so sure.

UFO over Stockton, California
Reader Reports UFO over Stockton, California

02-11-19 - I was driving my co-worker home, from my place on Piccardo Circle to her place at the Tyrolian Village on March Lane. I was then working for the developer. Instead of taking March Lane direct I cut behind the 3 story I think it was Pac Bell Building right across at the entrance of the apartment complex. Slowly a saucer with lights moving consistently around the middle came from around the front of the PAC Bell Building and toward us. It was moving very slowly. I stopped the car, checked the time to make sure we didn’t lose any if we were taken up, prayed to God we weren’t and rolled down the window to hear a sound coming from the saucer thinking it may be a blimp prank... there was not a sound at all ... none!

UFO over Victoria, Australia
UFO Videotaped over Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

02-09-19 - Filming a lightning storm in Moonee Valley - I didn't realise I had filmed something else until I was editing my Slo-Mo clips. I thought it might be a bird at first, but zoomed in on a paused still image and it looked too flat to be a bird. Taking into account the frame rate of the footage, the speed of the object must have been very quick for me not to even notice it during filming the lightning. I was pretty excited to actually capture a UFO on video.

UFO over Burleson, Texas
Unidentified Flying Object Videotaped over Burleson, Texas

02-04-19 - Driving down I-35 westbound and Rendon Crowley Rd., next to Texas Health Huguley Hospital, I was on the phone with my girlfriend, driving ahead of me, and we both witness strange red/white flashing lights in the sky a little in the distance. We drove parallel to these lights and it looked like they were linked in a chain together 3 lights majority stay red followed by one majority staying white, then 2 more majority red (still flickering the opposite color red to white or white to red). They formed a broken V-shape, while spread out seemingly linked together somehow. I wanted a better look so we exited the highway.

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