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UFO Sightings - Recent UFO News

UFO in north carolina

05-27-23 - North Carolina Sightings and Abductions

My name is Kyle McDonald. I’m 40 years old and was raised in Waynesville, North Carolina. For so, so many years I always, and still to this day, have had very close encounters. It all started with my mother before I was born, as well as her mother. For me, it started when I was 12 years old. I would have the same vivid dream at least one or two times a week of floating from my bed, down the hallway, and either straight through the roof or through the wall, up along the treetops and into the sky.

UFO over Devon, England

05-19-23 - Unknown Object Photographed over Devon, England

I was outside in the back garden sitting at the garden table on my ASUS laptop typing out a report when I heard the distant sound of rotors chopping through the air as a helicopter approached my location. I quickly got up from my garden chair and grabbed My Nikon P900 camera off the table ready to photograph the helicopter and hopefully capture an anomalous object while in the process of doing so.


05-19-23 - Strange-looking UFO spotted 05-17 over Roswell

On Wednesday morning, an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the shape of a zeppelin turned on its side was spotted floating over Roswell, New Mexico. Multiple people shared videos of the unidentified object: Some estimated the object to be anywhere from 15 to 20 feet in length, with footage showing people ducking in front of the frame, indicating it is not something that could have been done via computer-generated imaging (CGI). Some are calling it the clearest UFO footage this year:


05-19-23 - Search for UFO Crash in Russian Mountains

In recent history, reports of UFO sightings came primarily from the United States and Great Britain. Ufologists and other interested individuals knew that a world of information was kept behind a Communist curtain of secrecy. The Russian military, the KGB, and the Russian government kept a tight lid on all information, including any UFO or paranormal activity. Thanks to Glasnost, that has changed. Now information is coming from the former Soviet countries, as UFO researchers and scientists are relating information through the Internet, and organizations like MUFON.

UFO in Chile

05-18-23 - Alien Abduction of Armando Valdes

Several countries have a case of sightings of UFO who seems to dwarf all others in terms of fame and controversy; In United States of America there is the Roswell crash and England Close Encounters in Rendlesham Forest. In Latin America, Chile occupies a prominent place where the bizarre story of corporal Armando Valdes, and seven soldiers of the Chilean army, has long dominated the local UFO scene. The accident occurred in 1977 in a desolate mountainous desert area called Pampa Lluscuma, near the town of Putre, in the northern Chilean region of Tarapacá.

UFO over Russia

05-17-23 - Russian Truck Drivers Encounter Landed Spacecraft

Stopped at night on the side of the road, two Russian truck drivers were astounded by the sight of a spaceship before them and amazed when one of the drivers was welcomed aboard. On the night of 2nd November, 1989 the air temperature dropped very suddenly to below freezing.

Two professional Russian truck drivers, Oleg Kirzhakov and his companion Nikolai Baranchikov were driving their truck from near the area of Arkhangelsk to Moscow.


05-16-23 - Mirage IV - UFO Encounter, March 7, 1977

Mirage IV - UFO encounter, March 7, 1977: "I had the impression of a shape and an important mass behind us, much larger than my Mirage. When we landed at Luxeuil, we were shaken."Colonel René Giraud, French Air Force. On March 7, 1977, at 08:34 pm, Major Rene Giraud had engaged the autopilot of a Mirage IV supersonic nuclear capable bomber with Captain Jean Paul Abraham as navigator. They were returning from a night navigation exercise to the Air Force base of Luxeuil, and were in the region of Chaumont in the department of Haute Marne, flying at an altitude of 9750 meters and a speed of Mach 0.9, under excellent visibility conditions.


05-17-23 - Spooked Devon Dog Walker says 'UFO dove into the sea'

A men claims an object flew above the sea and then went underneath it, apparently 'defying the laws of physics.' A man from Torquay says he may have snapped a possible UFO or 'USO' flying over the Torbay coast and submerging itself in the sea. Ziggy Austin said he took the video of a light skirting across the sea while out on a walk with his dog at Maidencombe beach and wonders what it could have been.

UFO over Moon

05-11-23 - China: Video of Large UFO Moving over the Moon

A large UFO was caught flying across the Moon on September 29, 2022. The video was taken in China with a long-range professional camera. Significantly, internationally known Mexican journalist and UFO researcher, Jaime Maussan obtained it and deemed it credible. He says it's one of the most interesting UFO videos in recent years. "The disk-shaped spacecraft would have an approximate size of 54 kilometers (33.5 miles) in diameter," Maussan says.


05-06-23 - UFO Caught on Video over Hungary

This video, a cylindrical UFO sighting in Hungary, has been causing quite a stir in these circles, as people—including the creator himself (a popular Hungarian YouTuber) try to identify the object in the recording. The video shows a shiny, silver cylindrical object which seems to zip across a mountainous landscape at an extraordinary rate. Its shape—so similar to the “tic tacs” reported by military pilots—definitely piqued the interest of UFO watchers across the globe, and its apparent speed made even the most cynical skeptics take note.


05-05-23 - 1966 USS TIRU Encounters UFO

The question is often asked, why don't more military UFO witnesses come forward publicly, and provide names, dates and places? Surely they aren't REALLY intimidated by such empty threats as JANAP 146-E, which provides for hefty fines and jail sentences for breaking silence on a military UFO sighting. Surely they realize the scientific import of their sighting transcends any nationalist or mili- tary considerations. If more military witnesses don't come forth publicly, isn't it possible that there aren't really as many as hardcore ufologists would have us believe? Its a question I've often asked myself.

UFO over Missouri

05-02-23 - UFOs over 573 in Missouri

My name is William (Bill) Jud. I’m an 84-year-old Missouri native. I grew up in St. Louis. I’m a geologist with a BS in Geology from Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy (Rolla) in 1960 (Now Missouri University of Science and Technology) and an MS in Geology, Washington University, (St. Louis) 1968. I was a geology laboratory instructor at Washington University. I’m a MENSA member St. Louis group. I have two daughters, several grandkids, and great-grandkids. They are all living here in Madison and Bollinger Counties. I was married to a wonderful lady for nearly 50 years and separated only by her death. See my account of UFOs

UFO in Florida Swamp

05-01-23 - Pulsating UFO Lands in Florida Swamp

On the night of March 14, 1965, James W. Flynn, who is a rancher and hunting dog trainer, was camped out for the night in the Florida Everglades. Just as he was settling down for the night, his dogs became restive and upset. He looked around expecting visitors, but instead he sighted a bright light silently and slowly descending about a mile away.


04-27-23 - The Alien Abduction of Kathy Davis with Video

In 1988, a woman named Kathy Davis from suburban Indianapolis claimed to have had a close encounter with a UFO. The incident occurred in July 1983, when Davis was investigating strange lights in her parents’ backyard. During the encounter, she felt hot and experienced physical symptoms, including hair loss and disturbing dreams. The next morning, there were burn marks on the grass in the shape of a circle, and soil samples indicated that the earth had been baked at high temperatures.

Crashed UFO

04-10-23 - Area 51 Manager says Flying Saucer and Live Being were Recovered at Secretive Site

A former manager of a defence contractor that used to run the notorious Area 51 claims that remains were once recovered that included both a flying saucer and a living being. The US government found a crashed ship and live being, the former manager claimed. Defence contractor EG&G ran the notorious site and a senior manager there, Alfred O’Donnell, has since claimed: “They did have a flying saucer that had been recovered from New Mexico.”

UFO Book on Rendlesham Forest

04-19-23 - UFOs Shot Down over UK by US Air Force during British Roswell Incident, says Ex-cop

The now notorious incident in Rendelsham Forest, Suffolk, dubbed the British Roswell, saw US soldiers shooting down a UFO buzzing over RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. The US Air Force shot UFOs flying over Britain, a new book claims. Ex-cop-turned-author Gary Heseltine said they opened fire during the famous British Roswell incident in the December 1980. He has written a new book titled 'Non-Human, The Rendlesham Forest Incidents: 42 years of Denial'. In it, he said the American personnel blasted at UFOs buzzing over RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk during the famous incident.

UFO in Idaho

04-16-23 - Triangular UFO Visits Idaho Mountain

This unusually frightening experience occurred on September 27, 2000, in the central part of Idaho. The four hunters were old friends who had visited the same region for over twenty years, and always looked forward to their Autumn trips. The actual event began at 9:45 PM, on a cold evening, as one of the hunters made a short walk from camp to his pick-up truck to get some food from his storage chest. As he approached the truck, he was overcome with a strange feeling... a feeling from above, like something was just not right.

UFO over South America

04-13-23 - Video of UFO Fly By of Plane over South America

A new video lighting up the Internet shows a UFO filmed from a plane flying over Colombia. Is it alien spacecraft or an ultra secret advanced human-built aircraft? The peculiar piece of footage was reportedly captured late last month by Valentina Rueda Velez while she was a passenger aboard a private plane passing over the state of Antioquia. The professional model subsequently posted it to her Instagram account with the caption “when you fly and see an alien craft.” In Velez’s footage, the peculiar object appears to emerge from the clouds ahead of the aircraft and fly towards the plane.

UFO over Mexico

04-10-23 - Rafael Pacheco, the Mexican Pilot Who Transmitted an Extraterrestrial Message

In 1976, a pilot claimed to have been possessed by being from another planet. He transmitted a supposed message from aliens. This event occurred that left Mexican society, as well as members of the aviation community, very surprised. A pilot claimed to have been possessed by extraterrestrials and transmitted a supposed message from these beings from another planet. It was Rafael Pacheco Perez, a student at the Mexico Aviation School, who sent a strange message to the control tower while flying a plane that was supposed to fly over the Chimalhuacan area, but for some unknown reason ended up reaching the port of Acapulco, even though it didn’t have enough fuel to make it.

UFO over Salerno, Italy

04-08-23 - Four UFOs Videotaped over Salerno, Italy

The video is very impressive and at one point the UFOs light up. On the 14nd of March 2023 four UFOs were observed above Avellino, Italy. Two people filmed some strange objects. They informed the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM), whose president, Dr. Angelo Carannante, received the video on the official website. The specialist, the images analyst who analyzed the sighting stated that the origin of the objects cannot be explained by natural phenomenon or by human activities. The sighting went viral on the web and was viewed by millions. The sighting of Salerno is one of the best sightings in recent years. Updated news and information about the results of the investigation will be given as soon as possible.


04-05-23 - The Manhattan Abduction - New Video Uploaded

On November 30 1989 Linda Napolitano was abducted by the so-called "greys," who floated her from a closed bedroom window into a hovering UFO. Linda's experience, though intriguing, was hampered at first by memory loss. She could recall only bits and pieces of the abduction. The case would be researched and verified by Budd Hopkins. Two witnesses, (known as Richard and Dan) claimed to have actually seen the abduction. They were bodyguards of a senior United Nations statesman who was visiting Manhattan.

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UFO in Bolivia

03-31-23 - Dead Alien Found In Bolivian Town After Mysterious Green Strobe Light

A small town in Bolivia was sent into a frenzy when locals found a dead alien on their streets after allegedly witnessing a green strobe from what they claimed looked like an alien spacecraft. The tiny town of Huarina, La Paz, which had a total population of 1,300 according to the last census in 2001, had its inhabitants excitedly pointing their cameras up to the sky to witness the never-before-seen paranormal events. The main paranormal event, as reported by resident Rita Marquez to local news outlets, was a peculiar sight of small figures, “like those little people who appear to children,” scuttling around in the streets late one night.

UFO in Australia

03-31-23 - Teacher was Silenced: Australia's UFO Mystery

A Melbourne teacher breaks his silence to claim senior military officers 'threatened him' - and the US President's office sent a team to investigate. About 200 witnesses saw a 'flying saucer' hover over Westall school. Teacher Andrew Greenwood claimed military arrived at the school soon after. Two weeks later Australian government officials threatened him at his home Greenwood also claimed an American government official interviewed him.


03-27-23 - The Andreasson Abduction - New Video Uploaded

There is a new video on the case file. In the city of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts on the night of January 25, 1967, one of the most celebrated cases of UFO abduction began. Betty Andreasson was working in her kitchen while her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room. Shortly after 6:30, the lights in the house briefly blinked. Immediately thereafter...

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UFOs from parallel Universe

03-23-23 - Triangle UFOs from a Parallel Universe

As the US military takes UFO reports ever more seriously, one British man who has encountered a huge unexplained aircraft 'the size of a house' is examining alien encounters here in the UK. A British man who worked for many years as an aircraft designer says he has seen UFOs over the UK that he believes could be piloted by creatures from another dimension. Colin Saunders had his own encounter with a triangular UFO “about the size of a house “ in 1999, and the experience changed his life. First he saw its lights, and then the mystery craft “de-cloaked” in front of him.

Austin, Texas UFO

03-21-23 - Strange Object Filmed in Sky Over Austin During Lightning Storm

Is this a UFO? When most people think of clouds, they imagine fluffy cotton-ball cumulus clouds, wispy cirrus, or towering, dark thunderheads. Anything else in the sky seems... well, a touch unusual. Space experts have made a list of the most common objects mistaken for UFOs. They include airplanes, lights on towers, the moon, stars, and even clouds. Yes, clouds. Like this one, dramatically filmed in the midst of a lightning storm in Austin, Texas.

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