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UFOs over Alaska

11-26-23 - Electrician Reports Armada of UFOs in Alaska

The second sighting comes from the middle of the Triangle. In 2006, an electrician, Charles Gaines, who routinely watches the skies at night saw something very unusual. He was a member of a crew working on an exclusive tourist lodge in the wilderness.

The location was south/southeast of Fairbanks. As he pondered the skies, he noticed several lights. The lights were very high in the sky.

Soon, what seemed like an armada of lights was visible, moving fast across the sky.

He called for some of the other crew members to see what he was seeing. They were astonished at what they saw.

UFOs Seen by Security Guard

11-24-23 - Alaskan Security Officer Witnesses and Videotaped UFOs

In Alaska in 2016 in the Alaska Triangle, security officer Jared Augustine was on patrol when at about 3:00 AM, he noticed a light in the sky.

He began to videotape. At first he saw just one object, but soon it split into 3.

This is when he knew the sighting was legitimate. There is no aircraft in existence that can split into 3.

He firmly believes that he was seeing UFOs of extraterrestrial origin.

UFOs over the UK

11-22-23 - UK - Dozens of UFO reports made to police - with stunned pilots spotting objects

Several people reported seeing bizarre phenomena in the skies above them to Essex Police, according to the chilling response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Several pilots have reported seeing UFOs from the cockpit of their planes.

A Freedom of Information Act request was made to Essex Police to ask about sightings made from frightened members of the public. Several talk of lights travelling at high speed while one says they “danced in the night sky” above their home. Also known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), there are no answers to ascertain what each of the bizarre sightings really were.

One was made by a pilot from Ryanair travelling at more than 200 mph, who said: “Ryanair was climbing out from Stansted Airport and was a height of 2000 ft and just over the St Elizabeth Centre the pilot saw an object which was described as 'black.' It passed within 20 metres of the aircraft, the plane was travelling at 230 mph and the object was travelling from north to south. They have said that it was possibly a drone, but the drone monitoring equipment at the airport has not picked it up.”

UFOs over Berkshire

11-20-23 - Man claims to have been aboard UFO hovering in Berkshires with alien contact

Several incidents allegedly involving aliens in UFOs hovering over Berkshires trace back to Labor Day from decades ago, and each of their encounters is rather spine-chilling.

The UFO sightings from September 1, 1969, are among the most-talked-about aerial phenomena and hundreds of witnesses shared a similar experience of being aboard the alien spacecraft that eventually returned them safely to earth.

A man named Tom Warner is believed to have had the most startling experience with the extraterrestrials when the alleged incident occurred.

While speaking to a local news channel, Tom claimed he remembers everything distinctly from the night that became a significant part of American history.

UFOs over Airport

11-19-23 - Manipur: Imphal Airport shut after UFO sighting, flights diverted

Imphal: Imphal’s Bir Tikendrajit International Airport in Manipur experienced a sudden shutdown on Sunday evening in response to the detection of two unidentified drones in its airspace.

Reportedly, the drones were first observed around 2:30 pm, prompting the suspension of all flight operations.

Taking charge of the situation, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), responsible for airport security, initiated a thorough search operation to locate the unidentified drones.

The Indian Air Force has also been notified and is actively engaged in addressing the incident.

UFO over Indiana

11-18-23 - Video: Daylight UFO Sighting in Indiana

Coast to Coast listener Norman writes that he and his family were returning home from shopping in Evansville, Indiana on September 27, 2023, when they saw a brilliant pulsing red light, almost metallic in color.

"At first there was one large one, then the second one came out of nowhere and stayed a moment and entered the large one as seen in the video. Then there was one, and it just vanished, it didn’t move, it just vanished." At first the distant object looks like the Sun, but that is disproved very quickly.

UFOs over Missouri

11-16-23 - 2011 - UFO Flap over Missouri

UFO Investigators Ben Hansen and Melissa Tittl are investigating terrifying reports of cube-shaped craft seen over the skies across Missouri. The witness tells her account of sighting a cube-shaped UFO, saying that it is part of a flap of sightings in and around her area. This began in October, 2011.

Another witness from Lee's Summit adds her account of a large, cube-shaped UFO hovering over her car when she was stopped at a traffic light. Actual photos of the UFO are shown during the presentation.

UFOs near USS Nimitz

11-14-23 - Series of UFOs near USS Nimitz

A series of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) appeared to descend from space and hang out above the Persian Gulf over a period of two weeks according to a former US Navy pilot. One UAP apparently jammed the radar of a nearby military aircraft.

Addressing a US congressional committee on UAPs, retired commander David Fravor recounted an incident he witnessed in November 2004. Launching from USS Nimitz, Cdr Fravor flew to investigate a contact west of the ship.

As we proceeded to the west and as the air controller counted down the range, we had nothing on our radars and were unaware of what we were going to see when we arrived,’ said Fravor. The air controller on the ship also had no idea but had been observing these objects on their Aegis combat system for the previous two weeks.

They had been descending from above 80,000ft and coming rapidly down to 20,000ft would hang out for hours and then go straight back up. Arriving at the location, the pilot and his weapons system officer noted a patch of white water, despite the stillness of the sea all around.

UFO over Colombia

11-12-23 - Eerie video taken from airline cockpit shows cube UFO

AN expert has offered a theory regarding a cube-shaped object a pilot caught on camera flying through the air. The pilot was flying an Airbus A320 over Colombia when the object appeared.

The plane was flying at about 30,000 feet when the pilot noticed a cube-shaped object. A metallic-looking object came flying in a straight line.

A short video posted to the History Channel's YouTube page showed the footage. The video, captured in February 2020, was taken by a pilot in flight.

UFOs over Dulce Base

11-10-23 - The Mysteries of the Dulce Base

In the vast expanse of New Mexico, just south of the Colorado border, lies Dulce, a quaint town pulsating with tales that are as mysterious as they are captivating. With a backdrop of mesas and sunlit skies, Dulce isn’t just another southwestern town. It's the epicenter of a conspiracy theory that has intrigued and baffled many — a supposed subterranean base teeming with aliens, UFOs, and secrets that stretch the imagination.

Dive into the Dulce diaries, where we unravel tales of unexplained phenomena, local legends, and the town's curious embrace of the extraterrestrial. Strap in and prepare for a journey through one of America's most enigmatic locales. Beneath the unassuming streets of Dulce, New Mexico, where there's not even a single traffic light, there may lurk a mystery as deep as the darkest abyss. Most passersby would see just another tranquil southwestern town, but some curious souls whisper of a secret underground.

Hearing on Alien Bodies

11-08-23 - Second Hearing on Alien Bodies

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's Congress heard from researchers on Tuesday who declared authentic a set of three-fingered Peruvian mummies recently presented as potential evidence of non-human life forms, while declining to certify that the remains were extraterrestrial.

Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan hosts a second briefing on unidentified flying objects, known as UFOs, at Mexican Congress, in Mexico City, Mexico November 7, 2023.

Lawmakers first heard from Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan on Sept. 13 when he presented two specimens in a first-of-its-kind congressional event on UFOs, or FANIs in Spanish. Maussan said the bodies, believed to have been found near Peru's ancient Nazca lines, were not related to any life on Earth.

UFOs on USB Stick

11-08-23 - USB Stick Images of Planets, UFOs and Space

In a parking lot close to the so-called Steintor, a man by the name of Quisto who lives in a small village outside of Berlin, Germany, discovered a USB stick with an odd symbol engraved on it.

He later inserted the flash drive into his laptop and surprised himself by discovering a number of old photographs from the 1900s that showed what appeared to be planets, space, and UFOs. Quisto, who claims to be unsure of the usb stick's owner, made the decision to post the 28 images on Imgur in the hopes that someone might be able to shed some light on them. The most recent reports state that someone who does not want us to see these photos put pressure on Imgur to remove the photos.

We may upload the entire collection of images to this website if the images do not resurface on Imgur. Recently, pictures have appeared that depict videos rather than photos.

Doncaster Airport Sighting

11-06-23 - The Doncaster Airport Sighting

This clip involves an intriguing piece of footage captured at Doncaster Airport in the United Kingdom. A local father and son were watching arriving airplanes when they began to film one that was approaching.

However, unbeknown to the witness, he had the setting on slow motion. This meant the footage, when played, was much slower than it should have been. However, because of this, the pair were able to see a strange disc-shaped object speeding across the screen in the background. They had not seen it with their naked eye.

The more they viewed it, the more convinced they were that it was not a bird or a drone. Once the footage appeared online many UFO researchers were quick to state how credible the video likely was.

UFOs over New Zealand

11-04-23 - UFOs Caught on Video over New Zealand

On January 3, 2018 while caring for a pregnant cow, a New Zealand farmer noticed some strange lights over her field.

She recorded the footage, which showed three UFOs at first. Occasionally one would disappear, then two, leaving a lone object in the sky.

A close-up is shown at the end of the clip.

UFOs over Andes Photograph

10-29-23 - New analysis of 200ft saucer-shaped object spotted over the Andes Mountains

A giant UFO pictured over Chile in 2010 has been described as genuinely unidentified by alien hunters. The image appeared to show a glowing orange object hidden behind the clouds and was taken by a family picnicking in the Andes Mountains in 2010.

The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) investigated the sighting the same year, but scientists are reopening the case as part of a new documentary that attempts to prove or debunk strange phenomena.

An expert in physics from the University at Albany said: 'This object is truly unidentified, so it is a genuine UFO.'

A photo snapped by a family picnicking at the Andes Mountains in 2010 that appears to capture a massive saucer-shaped object has been re-analyzed by scientists to determine if it was a UFO or simple camera effects.

UFOs over Catalina Island

10-27-23 - Video of STRANGE Round Lights on Catalina Island

Chilling video footage captured by a California woman depicts the bright orange circles in the sky outside her home on Catalina Island. Kathleen Hill caught video of the strange orange circles floating in the sky.

Hill has shown her recording to UFO investigators in hopes of piecing together where they came from.

Over the years, she has spotted the enigmatic shapes around five or six times. The first appearance was in 2007 or 2008. "My kids and I were eating dinner. We were looking out the window and we were like look at those orange lights," she explained.

UFO over Colombia

10-24-23 - Recent video shows dark, unknown object

When it comes to UFOs, we're always compelled to look up at the sky and ask if we're really alone. And with recent high-profile congressional hearings, scientific expeditions, and wild claims from all over, we can't not continue to think about the possibilities.

There are websites all over the internet that are devoted to sharing pictures and videos and asking questions. Entire online communities are so eager to prove that there is proof of extraterrestrial visits to Earth that they find something that looks pretty compelling and they have to share it. Over on Reddit, one user posted a video that seems to show a UFO-like object floating above the clouds.

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UFO over Switzerland

10-21-23 - Giant UFO spotted over lake, leaving authorities puzzled

The alleged UFO sighting took place at Lake Zurich in Switzerland last week, and according to the stunned woman, the lights were very bright and visible for around five minutes before suddenly vanishing.

According to local media, they were also spotted over 60 kilometers away in the village of Diessenhofen and 45 kilometers away in the town of Schaffhausen.

"When we were on the balcony, we noticed these strange lights. Luckily, other people saw them otherwise we would have felt like we were crazy," a couple in Diessenhofen said.

A man in Schaffhausen said he saw the lights at around 11.30 PM. "At first, I thought it was searchlights or something similar, but they were very visible from a distance of between 20 and 25 kilometers and were flying in a strange line. Therefore, I ruled out the hypothesis that they were searchlights," he said.


10-18-23 - Netflix "Encounters" Adapts Story of Family Encounters

One woman in the series gave details of her face-to-face encounter with "strange beings" in the early hours of the morning. Francine Granville, whose parents owned a hotel in the village, wasn't the only member of her family to have had such an experience. Rose Granville described aliens visiting her home in the 1970s.

Her mother, Rose, previously described the "large aircraft" that she had seen outside her room. She furthered that the craft emitted a heat that she could "feel through the window". The supposed alien vessel left a mark at the bottom of the family's garden, where, only a few days later, Francine's alien encounter took place.

"It was quite late, around 2am in the morning," Francine said in the documentary. "We heard the doorbell ring [but] we'd not seen anyone approach the hotel, come up the drive, either in a car or on foot.

"So I went to the door, and there were these two guys. They looked like identical twins. They had hair that was slicked back like patent leather, but what I found quite remarkable was their complexion."

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