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UFO Sightings - Recent UFO News

Dulce Base

9-25-23 - Claims of 60 US Troops Killed in Alien Battle at Dulce Base

CONSPIRACY theorists have asserted that at least 60 US troops were killed in a so-called alien battle at the site of the Dulce UFO base. In the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico, an underground base was discussed in claims from several UFO enthusiasts over the years. Questions have lingered over the possibility of a government base in Dulce, New Mexico, for around 50 years. Alleged UFO sightings and cattle mutilation discoveries from state trooper Gabriel Valdez started rumors across the nation. Alien beings encountered underground in the area were described to be gray.

UFOs over Las Vegas

09-23-23 - Las Vegas becoming UFO hotspot with 'cloaked craft' repeatedly seen near military bases

Las Vegas is becoming the UFO hotspot of the US with mysterious 'cloaked' craft repeatedly being caught on camera. That's the view of leading investigator and US Army veteran Steve Barone. He has filmed hundreds of UFOs hovering over the iconic Sin City landscape on his YouTube channel Anomalous Vegas. And he even believes they have become interested in nearby military bases. One clip, seen below, shows half a dozen bright white luminous objects appearing to move in formation in the night sky. Speaking to Daily Star, Steve claimed it was these types of UFO that have caught his attention "more frequently than others". He claims they are invisible to the human eye and can only be caught on night vision cameras.

Alien body

09-21-23 -Scientists reveal X-ray results on alien bodies - says they are not fake

Test results have been revealed for the 'alien' bodies presented to Mexican Congress last week. (Photo: Mirror UK) Scientists have tested the two “alien” bodies shown before Mexico’s congress by a self-proclaimed ufologist and have confirmed that they are not fake. Reports from Mirror UK are that last week, the country’s lawmakers heard testimony suggesting the possibility that extraterrestrials might exist. Now two small skeletons, some two feet high, have been X-rayed by doctors. Jaime Maussan, who last week presented them to politicians in large wooden coffins, claims that the bodies were found in Peru and are “non-human beings that are not part of our terrestrial evolution”. Doctors at a laboratory in Mexico City carried out X-rays and CT scans of the bodies. José de Jesús Zalce Benitez, the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute of the Secretary of the Navy, which carried out the tests, said that they showed the bodies had not been assembled or manipulated.

UFO over London

09-20-23 - Video of Unknown Lights over London, UK

A popular conspiracy theory channel has released an eerie footage showing multiple UFOs hovering in the skies of London in various locations. The conspiracy theory channel reveals that the spooky incident apparently took place on August 15, 2018. In the clip, a bizarre shape-shifting UFO was seen appearing in the night skies, while the local residents were busy filming the event. After analyzing the clip, conspiracy theorists started arguing that it is actually an inter-dimensional portal which appeared in the skies during the night. As per these theorists, advanced entities including aliens from the deep space are using these portals to travel from one world to another in quick time. As the videos went viral on online spaces, conspiracy theorists strongly assure that these sightings are an authentic proof of alien life.

Location: California

09-18-23 - Reader Submits Father's UFO Experience with Photographs

The information contained within this email and accompanying photography was given to me by my late father, I have no way of proving that any of what is contained within this email is true or false, all I can say is that my father was a serious man, a man of integrity and extremely honest and was not a liar. My dad worked for the United States Air Force all of his life until he retired, it was only many years after his retirement and when he was in his later years that he told me this truly incredible story and showed me the photographs. He told me he worked as part of a small team who conducted top secret scientific research and that he worked on many highly classified deep black military programs and projects, most of which are still classified to this day. New video added.


09-14-23 - NASA Issues Report on UFOs

The 36-page document was the result of a months-long investigation by an independent panel at NASA, which involved 16 scientists and other experts, including retired astronaut Scott Kelly. The team investigated prior UFO observations to determine their origin, finding that it is “increasingly clear that the majority of UAP observations can be attributed to known phenomena or occurrences.” The team frequently found that objects that looked like flying saucers in grainy videos were in fact terrestrial aircraft with distortions attributed to the effects of video compression. “The NASA independent study team did not find any evidence that UAP have an extraterrestrial origin,” NASA administrator Bill Nelson said on Thursday in a press conference announcing the report. “But we don’t know what these UAP are,” he added, acknowledging the many terrestrial incidents that the team was not able to explain. To shift from “sensationalism to science,” Nelson announced that NASA will appoint a director of UAP research. The new role is tasked with “developing and overseeing the implementation of NASA’s vision of UAP research” and to work with other agencies to “search the skies for anomalies.”

Alien Bodies

09-14-23 - Mexican Ufologist Shows Alleged Alien Bodies

A journalist and researcher on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), or UFOs as they're better known, presented the remains of purported "non-human" beings to lawmakers in Mexico on Tuesday during the country's first public congressional hearing on the topic. Jamie Maussan brought two boxes containing what he said were the small, stuffed bodies of extraterrestrials recovered in Peru in 2017. He said carbon-14 dating carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico had determined the remains were 700 and 1,800 years old. Each of the figures has only three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, resembling, at least superficially, the Hollywood-born character ET. "This is the first time it (extraterrestrial life) is presented in such a form and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world," Maussan told the lawmakers, urging them to consider the topic, which he said should not be viewed as "a political topic — it's a topic for humanity."

UFOs in Northern Lights

09-13-23 - UFOs Appear in Northern Lights Video

On April 5, 2019, a man from Andoy is going outside to film the Northern Lights. Suddenly, the night sky is filled by the appearance of 4 globe-like lights that appear to be glowing. Then the 4 globes each drop other objects below them. As the scene appears to fade, the entire process begins again. Much different than normal so-called orbs, these seem to be just hovering without movement. What do you think they are?

UFOs that Disappear

09-12-23 - UFOs that Seem to Disappear

From Lab 360 an overview of UFO videos showing objects which seem to disappear. We are seeing more and more of these unidentified flying objects because the military and intelligence agencies are now addressing this enigma. This video locates these sightings in various locations; Tomball, Texas with 3 UFOs which briefly disappear and then reappear. In Chile, helicopter pilots see an object that is emitting a substance into the air. In February, 2020, in Honolulu, Hawaii, a UAP is clearly seen by an aircraft pilot. It too, was captured on video... and more.

UFO near beach

09-10-23 - UFO Photographed near Beach

A visitor to Exmouth Beach in Devon, England recently snapped some pics of a UFO hovering in the sky which then mysteriously “disappeared or cloaked away from view.” The photos were taken and shared by UFO investigator John Mooner, the chief investigator for WorldUFOphotos.org. “I walked along the beach heading toward the harbor and once I finally reached the end of the beach, I turned around to look back to see all the people sunbathing and also see the [Ferris] wheel,” he wrote on his website where he also posted the photos. “I then spotted something rather unexpected… “I just happened to see an anomalous object over by some trees and several hotels. The object was sphere-shaped and metallic in nature, and there was a visible field around it.”

UFOs Studied by NASA

09-08-23 - NASA - Homeland Security Study UFOs

NASA, along with Homeland Security gives an overview of UFO videos. One video was taken during a hunt for drug smugglers, another show several videos taken over the Pacific Ocean. The US Navy still holds a number of UFO videos but as of now, will not release them to the public. Reason given is that it would harm national security. Some of the videos which were leaked to the public were eventually released by the Navy, citing that no harm to security would come from public release.

UFO - Joyner

09-06-23 - Yasmin Joyner Captures UFO on Video

Yasmin Joynor has taken many videos of UAPs, mostly in the Los Angeles area. This video shows what she captured in 2015 near LAX. The object is called a shapeshifter UFO as it changes shape a number of times. The footage is very clear and shows a shimmering UFO. Several investigators join her to study her video. The object can be seen changing from an elongated vertical shape to round briefly. It finally passes over LAX and disappears.

UFO - Sydney

09-05-23 - UFO Videotaped over Manly, Australia

Video shot on May 20, 2022 on the ferry from Manly to Sydney by artist Jodee Knowles who suspects it is a UFO (Unidentified Aerial Object) and has a new exhibition about UFOs. The video shows a bright, metallic sphere-like object that appears to be spinning. Check it out and see what you think.

Pentagon site video

09-02-23 - Pentagon Releases New Video

In an open hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena before the Senate Armed Services Committee on April 19, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), shared videos depicting an unidentified object with an apparent atmospheric wake or cavitation trailing it as it moved across the sensor’s field of view from left to right. An MQ-9 forward-looking infrared video sensor captured this footage in South Asia as it was recording another MQ-9. After analysis of the full motion video, inclusion of additional footage with a longer focal length, and analysis of commercial flight data in the region, AARO assesses that the object likely is a commercial aircraft and that the trailing cavitation is a sensor artifact resultant of video compression. Case resolution is pending final review.

Pentagon site

09-01-23 - Pentagon Launches New UFO Site

The newly-open All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is currently accepting reports from current or former US government employees and service members, but will eventually be open to the general public. Alien fever is sweeping across the mainstream in recent months, from the landmark UFO hearing to alien artefacts in the ice caps and reported sightings in Peru. Now, the Pentagon – amid the latest accusations of government cover-ups – has launched an official website for service members (and eventually regular people) to submit what they think might be alien sightings. The newly-open All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is currently accepting reports from current or former US government employees and service members, but will eventually be open to the general public, too. “Our team of experts is leading the US government’s efforts to address Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) using a rigorous scientific framework and a data-driven approach,” said director Sean Kirkpatrick in a statement. “We look forward to using this site to regularly update the public about AARO’s work and findings, and to provide a mechanism for UAP reporting.“

UFOs over England

08-28-23 - Video - UFOs over England

In this video from the History Channel, you can see compelling video footage of UFOs. One is from Warminster and the other from Sunderland. The video from Warminster appears, at first, to show helicopters, but soon you will see that is not the case. The footage from Sunderland at first seems to show jet planes, but soon you will see something quite different. Give them a view and see what you think.

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Epley Sees UFO

08-28-23 - Paul Epley Sees Roswell Alien

In the summer of 1950, Paul Epley was in the U.S. Army and working at Camp Wallace on the James River in Virginia. One day, for reasons he no longer can recall, he went to Camp Peary near Williamsburg, Virginia. While there, he recognized an MP guarding a bunker; they had served in Guam together. “I went down and asked him what he was guarding,” says Paul, “and he said I can’t show you. So I kept talking to him and he said, ‘All right, I’ll give you a brief look at it.’ So he opened the door.” Behind the door, just 15 to 20 feet from him, was an alien standing in a small cage with a base that was only three to four feet square. The alien was about 4 ½ feet tall and only wearing briefs. What caught Paul’s eye the most was the alien’s skin color which he described as “an old orange-gray, dead-looking color.” Despite the color, Paul assured us it was alive and seemed to be aware of his presence.

UFOs over Brazil

08-27-23 - Video - The Night of the UFOs

May 19, 1986 was dubbed Night of the UFOs in Brazil due to the many sightings. 2,000 cadets and officers at an air force training school witnessed several UFOs that night. Five air force pilots testified that they witnessed 21 UFOs appear and disappear the same night. In Brazil, May 19, 1986 is referred to as the Night of the UFOs and the reason for that is startling. It all began that night when Brazilian air force air traffic controller Sergeant Sergio Mota da Silva reported seeing a strange light in the sky from his control tower near Sao Paulo. It doesn't go up or down, it doesn't go to the left or to the right, it's just standing there, the New York Post reports he said upon seeing the light. Mota, believing that perhaps the light was a plane, asked his fellow air traffic controllers if one was scheduled to be in the area and was told no.

UFO over Argentina

08-21-23 - Video - Arrow-shaped UFO over Argentina

A peculiar arrow-shaped UFO has been captured on camera, displaying rotation in the air and prompting authorities to promise a thorough analysis of the images. The unidentified flying object was photographed near El Escorial, Chubut, Argentina, hovering over the Patagonian plains in both horizontal and vertical positions. Local journalist Calaverita Mateos shared the captivating images on social media, accompanied by the caption: “The best photos of a UFO in Chubut.” Mateos revealed that the photos were sent to him by an anonymous resident in the area, who he described as a “field researcher.” Despite the impressive images, there has been speculation about the authenticity of the sighting. Some locals expressed amazement, with one person humorously suggesting, “They are among us.” However, others questioned the anonymity of the photographer and the potential for the images to be manipulated.

Tamaulipas Highway 08-20-23 - Video - Oval-Shaped UFO Moves Vertically Over Rush Hour Traffic

A UFO hunter is urging the witnesses of a Tic Tac-shaped spacecraft moving above a rush hour traffic as he claims he has obtained a report many people witnessing it. Chris Evers, 59, claims multiple witnesses saw a UFO that looked like a little oval-shaped mint flying vertically above heavy traffic in Hull. Chris, the founder of the Hull UFO Society in the 90s, said he received reports of an extraterrestrial craft flying over the city on Tuesday at around 5:30 pm last week. Chris said he got a report through to him that a UFO was a large Tic Tac-shaped device or craft flying during a rush hour, and apparently several people saw it. Chris noted that the UFO was flying upright and not horizontally. The report also made mention of the two strange protrusions at the bottom of the bizarre object.

Florida-ufo 08-20-23 - Woman In Florida Shares Terrifying Image Of UFO Sighting

In a quiet neighborhood in Florida, a chilling event took place that would remain etched in the annals of UFO sightings. Trish Bishop, a courageous woman, not only experienced an extraordinary encounter with the unknown but also managed to document it, offering a glimpse into the elusive world of extraterrestrial encounters. UFO sightings have long captured the imagination of the masses. Be it luminescent objects dashing across the sky or inexplicable phenomenon observed in remote locations; such instances spark intense debate and intrigue. Yet, what sets Trish’s encounter apart is its sheer intimacy and the tangible evidence she provided.

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