Close encounters with silent ultrasonic Flying Triangles in the Indian side of Himalayas?

A little girl in Zanskar near the the majestic "Drang Drung" glacier first reported a silent triangular very high speed very large air ship in the sky. This is the area near India China border - Indian side of the Himalayas - very high in altitude and very strategic for India and China. Sources say, here is the concentration of Asia's largest number of nuke missiles from China and India hidden deep in the earth. Neither Chinese nor Indians allow any one to go close to these installations.

According to recent publications America has witnessed silent high speed triangular space crafts of the size of Foot Ball fields in the sky that could travel silently. Definitely these are frictionless anti-gravity propelled flying machines that are UFOs. The aircrafts are said to be either extra-terrestrial or secret advanced US Air Force planes.

But when during Chemrey Angchok festival in Ladakh last week, several local villagers gathered to discuss these strange objects, Indian news reporters got curious. According to the villagers these strange triangular objects are visiting since last five years and their numbers are increasing. They are silent, they can move through the air extremely slowly, so slowly that any conventional aircraft would stall and crash. They can suddenly vanish at tremendous speed, far faster allegedly than any known machine built by man could ever possibly move. They are translucent; their flying beacons donít project light as would a normal earth-made stream of light would do, and so on.

Are these extra terrestrial UFOs or spy machines of some unknown country. The area is sensitive and it is possible that some countries are watching this area. Also it is possible that the extra-terrestrials are watching the nuke installations of India and China also.

Lara Mohani, Special Correspondent

November 25, 2004


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