Foo Fighters To Stage Concert At Site Of Alleged UFO Crash

Dave Grohl has always been a bit of a UFO buff, having taken the name Foo Fighters from a term that World War II pilots used to describe unidentified balls of light they saw in the night skies in the final days of the war.

And now he's taking his band to the epicenter of the alien-believers' universe: Roswell, New Mexico, site of a (supposed) UFO crash in 1947 and current home to more alien-related tchotchkes than any other place on the planet. But just why are the Foos invading the deserts of Roswell? To uncover wreckage from that crash almost 60 years ago? To discover if the truth really is out there?

No, silly. To take part in a corporate-sponsored cookout and concert, of course.

On June 18 the Foo Fighters will play a concert for 500 lucky fans at Roswell's abandoned Walker Air Force Base (site of the alleged alien autopsy that followed the crash) to celebrate the Rhapsody digital-music download service. There will also be a barbecue, because it's well-known that Grohl cooks a mean slab of ribs.

The contest is the kind of over-the-top promotional effort befitting of the Foos' upcoming In Your Honor (June 14), which Grohl has described as his band's Physical Graffiti (see "Foo Fighter Dave Grohl Says Physical Graffiti Was Model For New LP").

Fans can enter at, and according to a spokesperson at the Foos' label, RCA Records, contest winners will be flown via private jet to Roswell, where they'll be treated to a "first class" cookout and a 45-minute Foo Fighters show. Winners will then be flown home immediately following the concert and returned to their daily lives as if nothing ever happened.

Kind of like their own personal alien abduction.

James Montgomery

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Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl (file) Photo: John Stanton/Getty Images

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