Couple Claims Aliens Abducted, Probed Them

December 22, 2005- A husband and wife in Houston, Texas, claim they have been abducted by aliens several times, including an incident where a fetus was taken from the woman, according to a Local 6 News report.

Clayton Lee said he was a child in a Houston park the first time he was abducted. He said he was lifted in the air at the time of the alleged abduction.

"I remember just floating up higher and higher, Lee said. "And, all that was around were stars and blackness. And then, I blacked out."

Donna Lee said she lost a baby during one of the encounters. She also drew a photo of the aliens who abducted her.

Local 6 News showed video of a hypnotist trying to retrieve memories of the abduction.

"They're touching me -- quit touching me," Clayton Lee screamed in fear during the session.

Susan Clancy, who is a Harvard psychiatrist, decided to do research on people's abduction claims similar to the Lee family's.

Clancy ran an advertisement searching for people who wanted to be included in her book about alien abductions.

"When I ran the first ad looking for people who thought they had been abducted by aliens, I thought we would get very few calls, but we were inundated with calls for a month after we ran one ad," Clancy said.

Clancy said she is not a believer of alien abductions.

"So, people have symptoms like psychological distress, anxiety, sexual problems, nightmares, and for better or for worse, today, being abducted by aliens is a culturally available explanation for why you might have some of these symptoms," Clancy said.

The Lees told a reporter that they expect to be abducted again in the future.

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