Highlights of the 2005 Ozark UFO Conference Report

by Investigator Linda Strickland

Inn of the Ozarks

I just returned from the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This is a quaint little town nestled in the beautiful Ozarks. The conference was my first and I was very happy with the caliber of speakers and the information presented. The conference dates were April 8th- 10th. Attending such a conference is so beneficial to anyone interested in the subject of UFO’s and Aliens because it instills such enthusiasm and really sparks the desire to learn as much as possible.

The first speaker was Forrest Crawford and I regret that I missed all but ten minutes of his presentation while I was en-route. From what I did hear, Mr. Crawford had been discussing the properties of super light.

The second speakers were Scott and Suzanne Ramsey who presented “Aztec 1948, Recovery at Hart Canyon?” They have a new book coming out later this year entitled “Fallen Angel, Recovery at Hart Canyon.”

The Ramsey’s gave some history on the crash which was alleged to have taken place on March 25, 1948; twelve and a half miles out of the town of Aztec, New Mexico. Police Officer Manuel Sandoval had been seeing UFO’s for two weeks in Cuba, New Mexico prior to the one he spotted going down. The craft was said to be about 100 feet in diameter. Scott Ramsey said there were nineteen people at the site and they have identified eighteen of those witnesses. It is reported there were two police officers on the scene, on from Cuba (Mr. Sandoval) and another, possibly from Farmington, N.M.

Mr. Ramsey spoke of monthly UFO reports being sent to an organization in Colorado, the 4602AISS. This group’s job was to identify anything that fell from the sky. He also stated they had been told this was a small group; however Mr. Ramsey showed a copy of a Manning report of the organization that listed perhaps two-hundred people. According to Mr. Ramsey, all of the good UFO sightings were going to this group and not to Project Blue Book. Mr. Ramsey said there have been several good witnesses over the years, and the research into this incident continues.

David Marler’s presentation was “Triangular UFO’s, Analysis of Historical Records." Mr. Marler said he has found cases dating back to 1936. Mr. Marler said there has been an absence of people investigating triangular UFO reports. Mr. Marler said he believes what is being reported have three possible sources, either they are military, extraterrestrial, or a combination of both.

Mr. Marler went over several sighting reports and common characteristics he noted such as reports of a glowing underside, very quiet, and large size. They can hover and then rapidly accelerate, they have three bright lights on the corners, they may have a low humming noise. These triangles may also have superstructure observed, demonstrate low altitude flight, erratic movement, and blunt end forward movement.

Nancy Talbott discussed Crop Circles. Ms. Talbott went over some of Levengood’s findings including that apical node elongation had been found in some of the circles. Seeds of the plants had become dehydrated and showed retarded growth. Magnetic particles had been found in the circles and were sometimes embedded in the plants. New work that is being done involves a Micorrizal Fungi Study. A difference between the circle samples and control group has been found. The results of this study should be put up on their website this summer. The website is: www.BLTresearch.com.

Wendelle Stevens’ topic was “UFO Contact from Korendor: The Bob Renaud Story.” Mr. Stevens gave an account of the story of a man who claims to have been in contact with the Korendians who are members of a Planetary Alliance. According to the man there are over 5,000 planets listed in this alliance. Mr. Renaud claims he was taken to the Korendians’ planet. Mr. Stevens further gave descriptions of their education system, communication system and other information obtained from Mr. Renaud.

Grant Cameron presented Is the Government Disclosing or Covering Up?” Mr. Cameron brought up the thought that the government has been trying to release small amounts of real information mixed in with the disinformation. Mr. Cameron provided many names and documents to emphasize this. The belief is that they are slowly trying to get our minds ready. Mr. Cameron said that about one and a half months ago he received forty pages of documents. He also stated there is more where this came from as much as one-hundred and seventy pages. Mr. Cameron’s website is: www.presidentialufo.com

Bill Hamilton discussed “The X-Files and the Z Division.” Mr. Hamilton contends there was an underground base and the entrance was at Los Alamos. Mr. Hamilton also stated he has proof that the Phoenix Lights were not flares. He stated they were orbs. Mr. Hamilton spoke of the U.S. signing a treaty with aliens they called “J-rods.” He said the J-rods were our future descendants. Mr. Hamilton also stated that what was at Roswell was not a spaceship per se, but a time machine. According to Mr. Hamilton, Z Division was founded in July 1945 and was named after Jerrold Zecharias. Mr. Hamilton’s website is: www.astrosciences.info

Linda Moulton Howe presented “UFO Crash Retrievals---U.S. Government Policy of Denial in Interest of National Security.” Ms. Howe referred to her contacts with Representative Andrew Kissner of New Mexico since 1994. She spoke of many newspaper articles referring to V-2 rockets being launched and veering off course and exploding. Ms. Howe stated that in the beginning the military had orders to shoot down UFO’s. Ms. Howe said there was retaliation by the aliens and many planes and pilots were lost.

According to Ms. Howe the first attempt known of U.S. military trying to shoot down a disc was 5-15-47. Some of the newspaper articles referenced in her presentation were as follows:

The Las Cruces Sun News May 16, 1947 issue lists a V-2 coming down due to “peculiar phenomenon.”

The Las Cruces Sun Times May 22, 1947 has another article.

Las Cruces Sun News June 1, 1947, another article.

El Paso Times May 30, 1947 another article.

Ms. Howe stated the order to shoot down discs was rescinded in 1954 due to the loss of our planes and pilots. Linda Moulton Howe presented much more interesting information, but too much to list in this report. I look forward to any new news that she passes on to the public.

One final website she said anyone should take a look at was: www.majestic12documents.com (not sure if it was word twelve or number, it was not written down.)

Ted Phillips’ topic was “UFOs, The Physical Evidence.” Mr. Phillips said the Center for Physical Trace Research has 3,138 cases in ninety-one countries. He said many of them are very good cases. He stated there are 1,248 with multiple witnesses, 738 including reports of occupants, 2007 where the witness was within of hundred feet at time of sighting. Mr. Phillips went over some of the cases he has dealt with and those can be researched by accessing his website. He did discuss the Slovakian Artifact, giving history of it and also presenting photos of his trip to the site.

Mr. Phillips also stated when he was on this trip; he came across a circle of five monuments. While he was there two Mig 29s flew over him and dropped things that exploded over him. He of course left at that time. He did ask around about the monuments, but no one could tell him anything at that time.

Timothy Good went over updates of his research and travels over the past year. Mr. Good stated one of his areas of interest is Unidentified Submersible Objects. He listed several sightings that have taken place in, on, or near bodies of water. There are too many to list in this space. He did speak of a sighting in Bristol, TN. On October 2, 2004. He said on a rural road a huge triangle appeared that was estimated to be a three-hundred foot disc that was one hundred feet high.

The witness said his skin burned and tingled and the sound seemed to emanate through his body. The next day the witness reported suffering from nausea, nosebleed and hair loss. The witnesses watch lost fifteen minutes. Mr. Good said this incident can be read on: www.mufontennessee.org

The final morning also included some great speakers.

There was Vincent White who has been involved in the subject of UFOs for thirty years. He was very interested in the possibility of life on Mars. He showed a series of photos to discuss, some he was certain have not been seen by the general public.

He stated there are triple mysteries surrounding Mars:

1) There are highly anomalous images

2) There is a history of most people not having seen these images yet

3) The controversial aspect of why the images have not been engaged publicly in debate.

Mr. White gave the following website as reference: www.marsanomalyresearch.com

He also referenced: www.enterprisemission.com

Sam Maranto was introduced by David Marler to discuss the significant sightings in Illinois last year in the Tinley Park and Orland Park areas. Those sightings took place on August 21, 2004, and October 31, 2004.

Mr. Maranto of Mufon Illinois said there were hundred of witnesses and dozens of video tapes and still images. The investigation is ongoing, but sounds very interesting in that the second time the sightings took place, there were people who had been told how to video tape and how to measure distance, etc. There were also people communicating by telephone from different vantage points.This sounds so exciting and I am anxious to hear what they come up with after going through all the video tapes and photos.

Tom Ferrario of Mufon Missouri spoke of some interesting cases from the state of Missouri. He also made mention of the fact that Mufon is looking for divers.

Paul Von Ward was the final speaker. He was promoting his new book “Gods, Genes, and Consciousness. He provided an outline for this book which appears to be very interesting in content. His website address to get more information on the book or to order it is: www.vonward.com

The conference made me even more interested in the study of UFOs aliens and USOs.

I have a lot of research to do, and much exciting reading ahead!

written by UFO Casebook Investigator, Linda Strickland.

source & references:

UFO Casebook Investigator, Linda Strickland.

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