Unknown Object Photographed in Talent, Oregon
This Tuesday, June 12, 2007, in Talent Oregon, I was observing the heavy chemtrails that were beginning to be sprayed and decided to take some photos with my HP Photosmart M415 5.2 megapixel camera, hoping to perhaps catch one of the silver "spheres" appearing in so many photos, taken both purposefully and by "accident" (I don't believe in coincidence - too much synchronicity has taught me otherwise). Throughout the course of the afternoon I took dozens of photographs of the sky, the chemtrail planes, my family and my cats. I did not download the photos into my computer until late that night.

Late in the afternoon, before viewing the photos I had taken during the day, I was watching yet another chemtrail plane laying a swath of who-knows-what when I noticed a very dark spot that seemed to actually be within the trail of the plane itself, following perhaps 4"-5" behind, as one holds their fingers at arms length. I lost sight of the plane and its companion in the trees in my backyard after watching it for about 30 seconds. The pair were traveling NNW-SSE.

While I actually saw that dark spot trailing a jet in its chemtrail (and did not have my camera at that moment to get a shot of it) the objects I did get pictures of I did NOT see at the time of the shot being taken! I read this more and more in reports of UFOs, that the person taking the picture never saw the "craft". I can't help but think there is an interdimensional quality to these vehicles, and was very gratified that, while I did not get to photograph that specific craft, I did see in action what I had apparently already taken photographs of earlier in the day!

As for the photos: the best photo is shot toward the W-SW probably about 4-5pm (the time in my camera is haywire and I haven't yet figured it out; it registers as some 8-9 hours early I think). The other is likely within the same hour or two period of time, and is taken toward the NE. I have shot over 3000 pix with this camera at this point in time and am quite attentive to what I get. I have never gotten such an anomaly in my photography before. I find it very interesting as well that all of the objects, the two photographed and the one I saw, are black, or very dark. When was the last time you can recall seeing a black plane go by? These photos are not consistent with a bug, bird, plane, or balloon, all of which I have good samples of.

I welcome any photographic analysis you desire to perform. I only have the HP program that came with my camera, but with that I sense that it is an object and is appropriately lit for likely position and time of day. Please feel free to contact.

And by the way, while I was watching the chemtrails being sprayed I was putting forth the conscious intent that they not continue, as I am an aware being with free-will that should not be usurped in such an insidious fashion, and I was welcoming any possible assistance that could be provided!

My name is Frank W. Dunlap, and I am a shaman/chef and paranormal photographer (non-professional, just seeking a bit of truth and the greater mysteries that always follow suit!!!) in the Rogue Valley.


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