Alleged photograph of Alien from Toluca, Mexico
Toluca Alien

The UFO Casebook received the posted image along with account on 04-19-05. I will try to get confirmation from another source on this, but we will just have to wait and see if anyone can lend any additional information to either confirm or deny the bizarre story contained below. The incident allegedly occurred in 2001. (B J)

I do not believe in extraterrestrial life, but when these photos came to me, I did not know what to say...

The story goes like this: Farmers shook with fear when confronted by strange alien creatures. They took their machetes and killed a whole family of them. I had already dug up some of the bodies, and taken photos of them, when a swarm of soldiers arrived. The soldiers took everything there.

A daughter of one of farmers kept one roll of the film hidden in her clothes until the soldiers had cleared the area. She, accompanied by a relative, later revealed the photographs in Toluca.

These beings appear mutilated. They have 4 fingers; apparently they have lungs, also. You can see that they have teeth, but like an animal's.

I am not lying, this is the truth.

(The text account above has been edited in places to make the translation from Spanish to English easier to understand.)

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