UFO & Alien Downloads

The ten executable files below are really unique.They come from the ColX company which produces FREE interactive programs that bring a new and exciting world of entertainment and fun to your desktop. The ColX uses a host of pictures and sounds, alongside animation, to create highly original downloads. You'll love these. None of the files is over 599 KBs.

With their hovering spacecraft and wide eyes, you'd expect aliens to be easy to distinguish. However, what happens if they amongst us already? Have they been with us since the beginning of the human race? Or were they responsible for 'planting' the human race on this planet? Take a look at this out of this world ColX
Perform your very own dissection of the Roswell Alien from the comfort of your PC! Cool 3D animation and great sound effects. What's in an alien's head? Do they have a heart? Answer these questions and more from this interactive ColX
Puerto Rican goatsucker? No it's not an insult, it's the mystery of a strange monster that caused pandemonium in South America in 1995. This ColX explores this fanged live stock chomping creature. Includes cool animation too!
Aliens land and their spaceships leave bizarre unfathomably perfect huge circular based patterns in cornfields across the UK. Or are they the work of mystical artists trying to create an aura about their work? Either way this ColX explores the different crop-embedded patterns that have taken the world by surprise
This flying beast petrified locals in West Virginia in the winter of 1966. Well, wouldn't you be scared if a winged monster with piercing red eyes flew past you on a winter's night? Can a man fly, is this flying phenomenon a freak of nature, or did Aliens leave one of their native animals behind? You decide.
Explore the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramids of Cairo, Egypt, with the Pyramid Colx. These gargantuan constructions of a lost civilisation and way of life house mystify us, as we try and understand the ancient Egyptians history. This Gold card features realistic 3D animations of the Sarcophagus of Khufu, and interesting information on the interior of this ancient burial chamber.
Marked as the most significant UFO case in modern British history. This cool ColX, takes you through this sighting, the press statements and the audio clips. Aliens in the UK? You better believe it!!
The crash-landing that took the world by story. The USAF discounts this as an innocent weather balloon, however those directly related to the case claim otherwise. Cool 3D crash animation. Why not download the sister card Grey Alien Autopsy too?
This impressive ColX, takes you through the druidic world, and shows you one of the UK's oldest traces of civilisation, with this sun worshiping astronomical aligned monument. Also see the history of this card and how it came into being. Who did movw these massive rocks to this special location?
Don't forget about Nessie. Examine some of the sightings of this 21st century dinosaur from 1934 through to the current day, with cool 3D animation. Has this species survived the ice ages and through the millennia? Distinguish the hoaxes from the possible 'real' photos and decide for yourself whether the Loch Ness Monster exists.


The following screensavers are unique to the UFO Casebook. They were made from our own images, and the zip files have all you need to run the savers. Most of them are around 600 KB, and download pretty fast. Each saver has four unique UFO/Alien images. They are a FREE download.

UFO Casebook Screensaver 1

UFO Casebook Screensaver 2

UFO Casebook Screensaver 3

UFO Casebook Screensaver 4

UFO Casebook Screensaver 5

UFO Casebook Screensaver 6