World Trade Center Photo

The Twin Towers (WTC) UFO Video

Editor's Note: This video has been exposed as a hoax. Barbara S. has admitted that she filled the role of the tourist as an actress, and the UFO in the scene was computer generated.

How it started?

Letter to Sci-Fi Channel

Letter Sent from Barbara S. from New York to Sci-Fi Channel

A writer's viewpoint

The video below is the most amazing video ever taken of a UFO! It contains a UFO sighting at the World Trade Center July 24th 2000. One year one month and 18 days before 911 occurred. The UFO eerily hangs near the World Trade Center at the impact spot where the second jet was caught on film hitting the towers!

We've done more analysis than you can imagine on this 19 second clip. Hi Resolution scans of frames looking for tell tale signs of digital manipulation. It is not there! The images appear as a real video should. No high resolution digital choppiness! The clip starts off PRE 911 with a panaromic view of New York City and the Twin Towers from a helicopter. A woman points to the towers and says, "Whats that?"

A UFO is clearly seen peeking in and out from behind the WTC at the exact spot the second plane would later crash into on 911! When the cameraman zooms in, the UFO takes off at an incredible speed. A few seconds goes by and the camera refocuses in on the UFO at a far distance. The UFO then does a 360 degree reversal! It heads right for the helicopter and a CLOSE UP of the UFO is taken by the video camera! The UFO then quickly zooms above the helicopter and right into orbit!

D.E. Alexander Freelance Investigative Journalist and Author

May 29th 2002

edited by B. J.

The following images were taken from the World Trade Center video.

World Trade Center Photograph

Photo 1, The WTC can clearly be seen in this photo.

World Trade Center Photograph Photo 2, The UFO is partially visible behind the WTC.
World Trade Center Photograph

Photo 3, The UFO begins to move away from the WTC.

World Trade Center Photograph

Photo 4, Here is the CLOSE UP of the object.

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